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What are your endgame goals in life? What would you like to spend money on?

I recently achieved my goal of $10M net worth at age 29. But I am a boring guy. Don't really like traveling. Don't have/want a gf. What should I spend my money on?

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Flesh light

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A personality

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spend every penny on 30 year old japanese sports cars

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>don't want to live
>don't want to die even more

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buy a child from eastern europe and mold him into your ideal image

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i want to raise a family. it would be nice to actually be able to spend time with your dog/kids instead of wagecucking all day.

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I just want my own fucking house somewhere warm

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don't spend money just because you have it. just take life easy knowing you'll never have any financial problems

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>Don't have/want a gf.
Get a bf then. It's pointless to have money with no one you like to share with.

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Exploring the galaxy

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I just want to make it so my Mom can retire already. She's 63 and will probably still be working for the foreseeable future.

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i will fund being a warlord with 9 children in the freshly reconquered territories

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I am extremely bored. I want to spend money. I usually go to all kinds of restaurants with a friend of mine but he committed suicide during christmas.

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House on the Mediterranean coast, apartment in some nice city, good car, not having to be employed for money, doing my hobbies.

I need around one million

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spend your money on a plane ticket to redddit and stop fucking up biz, a thread died for this faggot

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A family, a nice house with some land I can turn into my own little nature reserve - let it go a bit wild so I can see some insects. Enough money put away in different types of investments so by the time I die I can pass them on to the rest of the family so they won't have to worry about money. I mean imagine the compounding over a generation or two, when I teach my kids to be financially literate.
I'm not heavily into crypto so the chances of my multi-million wealth appearing out of thin air in a few years doesn't seem too likely, but if you invest early and sensibly you WILL make it, it's a mathematical fact. I'll just have to live my life in the meantime and most of the wealth will go to my children.
Or if I don't think my kids will use it well I might just buy some land and get a woodland planted on it, and look up some law trickery so it can't be touched or sold.

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couldn't you have saved him with that amount of money?

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You need a gf or bf
Start going to the gym if you don’t already
Challenge yourself with a strict diet

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Honor his memory by buying him MCDC. You can put a hardware wallet full of McD on his grave for the first death anniversary.
Even in death, your friend is gonna make it!

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I hightly doubt it. Already payed for everything we did. I don't really feel sad, just bored.
I've tried dating, everyone freaks tf out when they know I have money, and everyone I meet is dumb and bording.

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Bitches will get mad wet when you show them that you hold MCDC. You're gonna make it.

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Have a break then pick a new goal and work towards it.

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Do you know why he killed himself?

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His faggot friend didn't buy MCDC

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Tbh it sounds like you’re the dumb and boring one

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almost in the same situation need a 10x, poor family tho which I intend to help as much as i can besides that I just want to chill with my own space and play/make vidya. just want to do as much good as I can while still being able to invest and make more. I have a chronic kidney problem and my transplanted kidney is already on the way out, I don't know how easy it will be to get more. I suggest you do the same just try and leave a positive mark.

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It should literally be you who killed himself.
We are in the wrong timeline.

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Take a shit on Nelson Mandela’s grave

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Build a stone house and buy a big chunk of land out west.

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I would train all day every day but sundays. I would have my coaches work me for better techniques and have top tier nutritionists. I can live in a shack for all I care.
My sole motivation to earn money is so that I can train all day and pay the not so extravagant bills. I dont even want nice cars or big houses or a family.

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I'm similar except I have a gf.
But pretty boring besides it.
Also only 7 mil and already 32.

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He was depressed, I guess? He was one of the more intelligent people I've met, and it felt weird before he went for his christmas break when he told me thank you for everything etc.

He had a wife he always spoke highly of, I met her a few times, but after his suicide she contacted me, seeming not too sad about it all, ultimately requesting money from me.

I am 'bad' at emotions though, so I might be wrong.

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all I want is a nice house and enouhg money to live of dividends. I would live pretty much exactly how I live now but I want a house and I want to be financially free.

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An identity beyond what made you rich, you’ve got the benefit of getting to the end at 30 and the time to enjoy and find and explore your passions but it involves stepping outside and into new things.

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My endgame is
1 big mac = 1 MCDC

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Cri moar faggot.

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I’m wealthy and date, never tell anyone I have money though. They just figure it out when you have no real schedule, large house, nice cars. I’ve dated wealthy doctors, poor lawyers, etc. No one freaks out about wealth. You might need to date in nicer areas.

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a nice goat for the village

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On more UNN, of course

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Sounds like you’re a midwit psycho.

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You're a boring fuck. Do nothing and keep neeting.

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Or just continue investing and what you’re doing but be worth 50m at 40 but likely miserable, money is simply a tool to leverage to get what you want it’s not everything, the answer is always within it’s never in buying “stuff”

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I guess it was something deeper-lying then, but at least you were a small lighthouse in his life and made feel a bit better

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did you 2 bang?

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I just want to be free.
The thought of fancy goods is nice
But in truth, I just want to do as I please
I could I ironically do this with like 2M. Plan to live modestly.

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no no no wait till i make it....
prices are already high asf

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What’s the common variable

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He always seemed happy. Happier than me. I actually envied him.

You're making a good point, but even if it is me, why would I try to find other dates?

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What’s that TA app? Looks neat

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Post your stack and maybe I'll tell you

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CryptoKEK, literally just released


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Find out what it is you like doing and do that. If you really have 10m do rich guy hobbies like flying lessons, motorsports, sailing. Sounds like you need to find what you're passionate about.

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Meeting new people at 29 ain’t easy
You’re gonna have to throw yourself into uncomfortable activities to meet someone and/or develop your social skills
And I really am not one to talk desu, but I know this is the answer.
Find a hobby you’re passionate about first. You’ll connect with others on this hobby

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I can speak from experience when I say that the ones who seem the happiest are hurting the most

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Okay pedo

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Something I realised recently after being dumped by my gf is that all this crypto money is kind of meaningless when I compare it to the companionship and love that is now missing in my life

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Based and Dojofitpilled

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what's your hobby?

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I'm a 'foodie', and I like to paint when inspiration strikes. My hobby used to be earning money, which consumed me for years. Now I don't work any more.

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Bullshit. I made my first million this year and having financial security is 100% better than being poor and living with a cunty girlfriend who doesn’t respect you. I’m far more happy without having to drag her a long or get nagged by her. Is it a bit lonely sure sometimes, but it’s nothing compared to the despair I felt when I was with her every day

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I just want enough saved up to enjoy my time with my family. I don’t want millions, I just hope I can get to a point where we passively make $30k a year and we’re never at risk of losing our home or being unable to buy groceries.

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Invest in yourself. Hire celeb quality dietician and personal trainer and stylist. Use your new image to become more succesful.

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He said love, not a cunty girlfriend.

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A lot of you talk about training, but I have zero interest in this. And image/fame is also worthless to me.

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Give me 1 BTC I promise I’ll put it to good use and live a happy and fulfilling life on your behalf. You’ve figured out that money doesn’t bring fulfillment, only legacy and purpose does. If you don’t want to give me a btc to help me achieve my dreams here’s some alternative advice: find a creative/productive hobby that stimulates your brain. There is no better feeling on the planet than making something original that you are proud of, and can think to yourself “holy shit, I made that”. It’s 100x better than sex or making money.

Also, try psychedelics like acid or shrooms. It could give you the jumpstart you need to give you a different mindset. And before you write this off thinking “I don’t don’t do drugs”, it seems like you have nothing to lose. Given your current state of mind, you’re gonna end up killing your self within the decade.
All of this is assuming this thread isn’t a larp, which I’m about 80% sure it is

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does that mean you just like eating? or are you interested in cooking? maybe try on that, you dont have to spend your money if you dont feel like it

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How fucking retarded must you be that you need dietician? (pt and stylist are pretty useless too). Is this common in murica?

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Thank you for the advice.
Yes, I eat the most exclusive and weird shit I can get my hands on. Favourite dish I tried recently was fresh lizard ceviche. And you're right - I should learn to cook.

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I am almost 30 and I have 1M€ in crypto and around 250k€ in other investments and cash.

My end game goal is to buy a nice flat in the Mediterranean city close to where I was born, live there and have fun with my mates until I get a little bit older (40?) and then buy some land in the countryside close to my parents and live a quiet life building a family. I could probably do both right now but I am trying to figure out how a world post corona will work.