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Asking for a friend....

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In minecraft?

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Why of course

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The "move to Thailand and disappear' strategy.

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this but vietnam with all my money on an thumb drive

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Sorry goyim. Gib 40% because you clicked a few buttons on the internet

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Just gonna not report anything related to crypto. I want to see what happens. This was my first year of actual trading. Figure I'd only have to pay a couple hundred tops because I didn't take much out at all, reinvested everything almost. Its way more than my stonks but I've put everything low-risk into stablecoins in USD coin basically and I'm just gonna cash out when I expat. The spic-nig cycle is over. They get nothing. Nothing!

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>Actually I'm not into getting raped in the asshole
Said no American ever. Goddamn foreigners are even worse I'm told.

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I'm pretty sure the bank just reports your deposits for the year and they compare that to your reported income and if there's a significant disparity they audit you

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Are there any exchanges that exist that won’t jew me and tell to tax fags about my transactions or is there any anonymous way to trade fiat for crypto at all (consistently)

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My strategy is to send a note to the IRS telling them to suck my dick.

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I am just gonna pretend I am deaf and shake my head and point to my ears like I always do...seems to work for most situations I want to get out of. I don't see why this will be different.

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This year i have stopped trading mostly. I plan to cash out a lump sum and set aside the taxes which I'll use to farm CRV until april 22

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This it's so evident if you've been around. I've been increasing my wallet this whole leg. Even with this rising only couple systems made fine staking, liquidity pools and even NFT options. I use only PoolzFinance now because of successful private round

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>send a note

That's called an 'invite' not a note. Just a tip. You can add that to your 'note' too. Just offer the tip.

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my yearly fishing trip I take with my stack
boat keeps sinking tho

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if you're in thailand you can LEGALLY not pay tax on foreign earned income. So crypto trading on a foreign exchange the deposits into an offshore bank account is perfectly fine with them. Just don't remit it into the country in the same year it was earned. No hiding necessary.

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better ways to trade fiat for assets anonymously anon

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My only concern is what happens when you need to renew your passport? Can you just go to the US embassy without issue?

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Buy physical gold directly with Bitcoin and sell it for cash.

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Genius anon.
Puerto Rico is a solid option as well.

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Skipping the pension plan and going to the return limit in an SEO.
This way, I'll get maximum tax returns and get my money back in shares after just 5 years instead of having to wait until I'm 60 years of age.
I can reinvest after 5 years, which turns into yearly if I do it every year and I avoid the inflationary costs (~2%/year). I also get a 30% discount on the purchase because I work in the company that hands out the shares.
Making way more money like this.

As for the cryptotrades, I'll likely get another special inspection from the taxes agency. Last time it resulted in a small fine for money laundering because I cashed out some funds on a foreign bank account and didn't prove where it came from.
There is no way they can trace it and it pisses them off. Makes me happy because i know that they know that I've got their system by the balls.
Will get myself a good lawyer and a forfeitary negotiation with the bank whenever I plan to cash out big, though.

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ill just pay

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basically dont have to report anything and you won't go to jail, my fren does it all the time and is millions.

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I used to wagie in a diner and all of the waitresses made >40k. Pretty decent for unskilled laborers. They were all single moms too unironically

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I had the state tax jew come after me for 10k I didn't owe for a year I was in college but otherwise neet with threats to pull funds from my bank. They're vicious vultures.

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And yes I got them to fuck off

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legal straight and narrow. din't fuck your future self over. it would be nice to be able to cash out

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i saw this coming and it still hurt

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How exactly do I pay taxes from trading profits? Do I just tally everything and then file what I owe during tax season?
Do I have to pay as I go?
In RH for example do I have to pay taxes on anything I've pulled from the account into my bank account? Or is it a taxable event just getting premiums from selling options?

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i contacted a tax consultant to be safe.
also im very lucky since any long crypto holds in my country are tax free.

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such as

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kek underrated

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lol if you do this you will never come back if you know what's good for you

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In Minecraft I’ll cash out right after taxes use that year to buy explosives and weapons that will make the Minecraft nuke mod look like a joke, damn I love Minecraft

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If anyone wants original AAA quality luxury fashion replicas at the best price visit https://luxuryvipboutique.com/

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Logo is nice but I wouldn’t buy those shoes for more than 40$

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Decentralised exchanges - DEX
Such as Uniswap or Stakenet
Stakenet DEX will be released next month and you can trade between BTC, LTC, ETH, ERC20 & XSN in a decentralised and an anonymous way.
>simply use no KYC exchanges weather its CEX or DEX.
btw DEX are the future, CEXes will be obsolete in the next few years. DEX Trading Volumes are increasing every month.

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What is a reputable source for this?

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Don't ask 4chan for tax advice

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