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loading 5x

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This is going to do an MCDC. Don't miss it bros. 1% redistributed to holders on every transaction.

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Coingecko and cmc when

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1000x incoming with the mcdc niggas

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congrats, anon. you’re gonna make it

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When people says "this is going to be the next -something-", be assured that something is good.

So thank you, I'm gonna load up of MCDC.

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Not MCDC, not interested.

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mcdc hasn’t started yet

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Why is the owner holding up so much supply

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mcdonalds pilled

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We already went past MCDC

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Who, Pajeet Roogpullah?

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MCDC was a 5x anon, sorry but you should probably sell before you get dumped on

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Doesn't mean you can't be loaded up on both

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Night of the long burgers
The new MCDC patrician caste BTFOing other shitcoin holders.

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>go to the uniswaps ser
>click maximum eth sers
>do the needful ser

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Seeing your comment, I went to look at the chart. It dipped a lot of times, but always recovered and seems like it's doing way better than other shitcoin... how can you say we went past it?

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Also, checked. Kek wills it

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>Lackluster jpeg meme scraped together with dickcheese and ball sweat in the span of 30 seconds
Now this is why I go with MCDC

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Fuck off ana you nigger

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> higher daily trading volume
> more holders
> higher market cap

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burn wallet homie

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u know u love me c;

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lol bad fake
Next time fix the scale on the right

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Holy shit

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more like -5x , didnt even shill before your retarded ass rug

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Dude there's literally a 420 eth sell... Thanks for introducing me to MCDC though, gonna buy a bag.

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You still have time anons

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that's a clone that duped retarded anons

this is actual HOGE; but hey i get it, gotta try to spread FUD because you got paid as a pajeet to spread it


or you're just that dumb

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fucking based

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OK where is the MCDC Telegram? This is obviously some coordinated shilling here.
MCDC NIGGERS are seething because their meme coin has lower market cap, lower trading volume and less performance than HOGE even though it has been around longer.

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WTF ANONS I am not receiving any new HOGE for nearly 12 hours now..