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>not selling

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based. one coin to destroy all meme coins.


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The economic elite are going to prop up some gay random stock (AMC) to distract us from the Gold Mine of shitcoins. The shepard doesn't want his goy getting too far from his sight.

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That's right bitch you're going to give me that hamburger for free

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That is a man

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Its a picture, it has no sex nor age.

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>Its a picture, it has no sex nor age.
is that your defence in court when they find your harddrive?
it depicts a man

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>selling before 1 MCDC = 1 Big Mac

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>RBC dies when the MCDC shilling begins
okay you guys are pretty good ill give you that. next time you shill another coin im in

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the shill has just begun, dont fomo in at 50 cents.

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Did we stop with rubic after it shot up to 20c then crabbed around 7-10 for a week, or did we do another 10x before all was said and done? Stay out at your own risk

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