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every fucking thread on the catalog is just some cut and pasted spammy hysterical fomo trap scamcoin.
when did this place become a billboard for the internets dregs? its nothing like this on other crypto boards elsewhere?
is it because pajeets see this as an american board and think theyre all rich and stupid?

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Speaking of scamcoins, is there any way I can get my hands on 1 HOTDOG and one Niggercoin (NGGR)?
Would be like collecting artifacts.

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when has it not been this way, now fuck off back to plebbit faggot

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This is how alt season begins

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Cool i with the antisemitic remarks bro.

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OP, it's literally always been like this. It's worse than normal because we're in a bull cycle, but prime 2017 was way worse.

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Welp I bought into the hype and got some rubics. Hope I don't end up regretting it.

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what is this you are implying sir..

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Id agree but theres a lot going on. Youre just lazy and assumptive.

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July-aug last year was pretty bad. Tons of DeFi shitcoins and rugpulls. It's much more manageable now.

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Let me guess you came here 2 weeks ago when it was all stock market threads

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>is it because pajeets see this as an american board and think theyre all rich and stupid?
I'd believe it

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biz was always scamcoin the general

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>act now & i will throw in the use of my vagene for one day only ser

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That's a man.

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it's all happening a lot faster this time, because everybody's sure they've already seen it in 2017 and can outsmart the market

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You will miss it once the market crashes and all the pajeets disappear.