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How much MCDC do you have? WAGMI

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50k MCDC reporting in

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Unironically 300k

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74k checking in

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For those that want to get on the $MCDC moon mission, here's a guide

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1.1m mcdc , i always gamble on shitcoins late at night and occasionally wake up not regretting it, feels comfy manes.

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i'm never fucking selling btw diamond hands on mcdc

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200k Holding till it's the price of a Big Mac Meal

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I have less than 4k. All my money is tied up in Doge or in Gemini. I tried to put .18 eth in that i had available but only .1 went through. The fast option for gas was like $70.

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Only got 12k

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should I buy now? still salty because I tried to buy in at .015 to become a franchise owner friday and metamask just wouldnt let me. .07 cents isnt t-too m-mcLate right?

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Bro this will reflect the price of a Big Mac. You’re early. Still less than 500 wallets

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only 500k, I bought really early too. probably gonna rope myself for not buying more, already priced out of being able to go Ronald-mode

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apeing into some HUDL buddy

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doge... anon...

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how does 120k sound?

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Only 10k but i hope to get more soon

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> implying MCDC is better than HOGE
hoge.finance follows a similar meme approach and has only been around since yesterday. It already broke 1 million daily trading volume while your meme MCDC still crabs at 400k

I’d recommend to sell MCDC and go all in on HOGE if you want actual gains

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Never buy this Ponzi scheme made for 4chan

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ur memes are trash ngmi

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> implying
Stick to your loser coin then

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no, hes right. HOGE has no memes. MCDC is overflowing with meme magic and you know it.
forfeit your HOGE and join the winning side. You'll be lovin' it in no time with your 10x gains

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your the fucking loser, everyone ape into huddle.finance

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you shoulda said mclovin, huddle finance to the fucking moooooooooooooooooooon

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freeing wagies from cagies 1 mcdc at a time

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Look, anon, I know you spent a good amount of money on whatever huddle shit is. But MCDC is going to change the game. You had multiple days to buy.

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We broke 1 million on our moon day too, chart basically looks the same. Let me just liquidate my great early mcdc position and dump it into your already-pumped shitcoin though kek

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we havent even began

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It's never enough

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it never is. I'm loving it

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check em

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Franchise Owner here.
I cant stop thinking about the drive thru lady. Im becoming a McCoomer

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Im lovin it

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Hasn't even begun yet, 420+ holders, top wallets haven't sold a single McCoin

It's about to blow up, everyone needs atleast a suicide stack.

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Holy burgers
McLoving it
We will win

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what is a suicide stack of mcdc?

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Store manager

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tier listed: https://mcdcoin.finance/

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Exactly as many coins as I have

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I bought the dip.
I don't understand why these garbage coins pump.

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I bought both the bottom and the top.
My profits are the hamburger sandwiched between those fat buns.

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0. No more meme coins.

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Do you want to stay poor anon? Why haven't u bought yet???

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Got a nice 150k mcmake it stack

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should I panic sell? I think Im too late

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soon to be sandwiched between these >>28073846

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Party hasn't even started yet. Sell if you want to rope in the upcoming weeks.

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Cashier here, making my way up the latter slow and steady

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Do not invest in shitcoin made by 10 teens that are dumping on biz normies.


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>Do not invest
>Do not sell
Which is it, anon?

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What's the market cap of MCDC?