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Why do you hate your job? What specifically do you hate about it?

>t. have 6 employees

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I dont hate it. I basically only work to convince my parents I'm doing something, and I only work a few hours a week as a tutor.

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My boss.

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Not exclusively working with straight white males.

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That it pays so shit. That it robs me of my life. That I can't even afford a fucking house. That my superiors are literally retarded but they got a piece of paper saying they can into business so they're promoted over me.
That it's not a meritocracy at all.
That I'm paid the same as the resident retard who can't be bothered to show up to work half the fucking time.

But mostly, that I need it.

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What do you hate about him/her (I pray it's not a she)

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Despite it being a highly technical field, the people I work with aren't particularly bright. Some are, but there are all these people working in technical roles without a proper skill-set, or even the inclination to develop one.

I'm used to it now and mainly I just find it odd

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>having to wake up early
>having to pretend to be interested in what my coworkers/boss are saying
>being paid peanuts
>knowing that more and more positions are outsourced and filled by third worlders (pajeets)
>pretending to be okay with all of the above
mostly the waking up early part desu

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Lemme guess you’re a code monkey (But call yourself a software engineer) and surprised other code monkeys aren’t bright. If you were bright you’d be buying and sell businesses or working management.

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That as a person in the field troubleshooting and installing product, and interacting with customers have no input on how to better design product. I have over a decade of experience in the industry, have worked on our systems and competitors systems, and am one of few people in a couple of hundreds that has experience in the hardware, software and communications side of the business. I've been a customer and a 3rd party installer. But Rajesh, Faruk, Akasuki and Naveah with no experience are valued above me because muh diversity.

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lol bright people do not go into business, they go into art or STEM

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My biggest complaint about my job is that all of my superiors are boomers. Honestly the US government is going to be hilariously worthless in another decade when all of the old white dudes get replaced by 85 iq black women and immigrants. I would like that to happen sooner rather than later so I feel less compelled to live here.

I regret to inform you that every job, at every level, will be full of people that do, in fact, not know what they are doing. You're probably that person to someone else. I probably am too. Humans don't brain so good.

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It's more data analysis than programming

>working management

I like doing things rather than managing people

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Boss is a micromanager. My immediate supervisor is basically like a high school style snitch always ratting on people for stupid shit like being 5 mins late. Other than that it's all good

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Doing tedious bullshit nothing work

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im a minor civil servant, so my life is pretty much on easy mode. only thing that sucks is leadership is retarded due to being appointed

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When I do shit that I was not hired for.

I'm a Back end developer, somehow ended up doing some Angular 1 shit project because everyone else is too retarded to work on it.

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Domain specific languages written by people who should have had their hands cut off because they’re that bad at language design
>no tools
>”declarative” meaning everything just mutates a global data structure that you can’t see
>for loops are too “unintuitive” for the people the language originally targeted so people make loops by declaring custom data types and using recursion and combinators (I shit you not.)

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Job hop.

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The customers.
Most of them are retards. Only about 1% of them deserve the services we offer.

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It's the same story in most places I'm afraid. Diversity, inclusion and antibias will be the death of many US companies in the long run.

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because i'm getting other people right
because i hate 9-5 lifestyle and the rigid schedule
because i hate getting up early
because i hate being on the clock and forcing myself to always be productive
because i hate the stress
because i want to be comfy
because i want to pursue meaningful hobbies or interests
because i don't want to be a 40 year old wage slaver who can't survive with his check
because i don't want to wreck my body and psychological health from decades of stress

need i say more?

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>because i'm getting other people right

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Due to autism i would have preferred more distance and privacy at work. I was happiest and most productive when i had a big cubicle totally private, however those were my glory years. The stacys hammering home how unbusy i am made me finally snap and total office space stop trying which lead to now me sitting at home day trading never taking a job again

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>shit coworkers who don’t do their jobs properly which creates more work for me
>shit hours, either late night or early morning
>shit managers who don’t actually manage their staff properly
>customers treat you like shit

I want out of grocery store hell

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>lol bright people do not go into business, they go into art
I've been on this website since 2008 and this is quite honestly the worst post I've ever read.

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I've completed a Mechanical Engineering scholarship and could not find a job in the past 2 years. AMA

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To be fair, a lot of very rich people studied useless things like philosophy and arts.

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I work in a psych ward. I hate it. But sometimes it's chill and I get to spend 8 hours on biz, looking at charts, watching anime, etc. While getting 22/hr

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self employed, I do photography mostly and sell my services for 85$ an hour doing mostly linkedin photos, usually tack on extra 20 or so if they want minor cleaning up. best days its 500$+, shit days its literally one client. But I usually have a couple jobs a week

I hate shooting old bitches though

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Love my job. I stake in surf, make $165/day and shitpost on here. Biz will never learn.

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I hate my bitch nigger boss.
I have 5 other co workers, they're alright but my boss is an absolute faggot and spends all his time on 4chan.
I've been fucking his wife on the side though so that's nice.

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>more work for me
dont you get paid by the hour anyway? just work less hard if they are trying to force you to work harder than you should.

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cuz they were rich before, it's a fun project

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Basically I get punished for anything I do to get ahead or make my job easier/more efficient (I have a white collar office job for a big insurance company).
>work hard as soon as I start to get my day's work done in the first hour or two so I can slack off the rest of the day
>end up getting a bunch more bullshit dumped on me, and it's usually urgent stuff other people couldn't handle in time so it has to be done immediately instead of putting it off until tomorrow
>adjust by doing fucking nothing until I have a couple hours left in my shift and then I power through everything because it's too late in the day to be reassigned more work by the time I get done
They're getting the same productivity out of me no matter whether I do it at the beginning of my shift or the end. In addition to being preferable to me it would also be better from a business standpoint to do my work in the morning instead of the afternoon, but since I get punished for doing work early fuck it I'll wait until later in the day. They use days, not hours, to measure how quickly we get our work done so something finished at 9 AM or 4 PM looks exactly the same when management is determining how good of a wagie I am. But doing it at 4 means no more work ends arrives at anon's inbox while doing it at 9 means I have to take over for Bob Boomer who can't figure out how our remote work proxy functions and won't get anything done today.

I deeply relate to that rant from Office Space about how I don't give a fuck if Initech sells a few more units because it doesn't show up anywhere in my paycheck and my only motivation is to do just enough to keep management off my ass, which I have down to an art. Working hard gets you nowhere in my company. If hard work was rewarded with bonuses and promotions I'd bust my ass, but since it isn't I'm content to slack off and half ass my way through every single day.

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Wagie manager here. I figured it out. Negotiate a four day work week. Four days is enough to get any kind of work done. Also, detach 100% emotionally from your work and just see it as a trivial side thing you do while you do your main thing on the other three days. Also, take full advantage of all the benefits. Always eat at work and shit in their toilet. Be an ass to management and be kind to your staff. Be demanding. Know your worth. Keep in mind that the only reason you are working is so that you can take your paycheck and pump the next shit coin.

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i hate that wagecucks keep coming to my place and complain about their mundane wagecuck problems
that is, as a masterrace neet i consider browsing /biz/ my job

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Then just go into business yourself anon

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I like my job and my boss is based and redpilled

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I do administrative customs clearance for a major package delivery company. Most of the work is very repetitive, training has been poor so far and our managers have unironically had public fights with each other. The only reason I'm staying is because it took me three months to find a job after graduating from university college, and the pay is pretty good. My plan for now is just to keep my head down and spend my free time trading crypto and perhaps pursuing a master's degree a couple of months down the road.

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Shit fucking money. Wages don't keep up with cost of living. Bosses keep expecting you to produce more with shit resources and less time whilst compensating you with nothing.

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It’s too less work. I literally get payed for browsing 4chan. My workload is so low.. either so low that I am board to death or so high that I have to manage several tasks at the same time.

In the mornings I keep myself sane by telling myself it’s just this day, you can do this day, you will come home in a few hours, the pain will pass soon.

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What are the requirements for that kind of work, and is it available in cheaper parts of the country?

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Oh yeah, doing what?
Fucking landscaping?

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I don't hate my job because I'm not a communist, remember bootstraps and firm handshakes

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I don't really, all my colleagues are good friends and we go out drinking when we're not in lockdown, the pay is decent, gives me enough to live on and put some money into crypto every month, the only downside is incompetent power hungry middle managers who don't actually understand what they're meant to be doing, other than that it's fine.
Learn a trade guys

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He jerks off all day and gets paid for it.

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I don't
I just fuck around with stocks because it's raining and i can't prune my trees.

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Too many mexicans, niggers are only there to rob, it’s a bottom tier retail store above the level of gas station and I should do better for myself

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>forgetting your eye contact and thanking your boss for the opportunity to be in his employee

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>will be full of people that do, in fact, not know what they are doing.
Not him, but I've been in many companies, in all of them you wonder how millions are made because the average IQ seems to be about 50.

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Autists go into STEM, bright people take advantage of those who went into STEM

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delete this

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What do we do now?
>t. jobless civil engineer

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I'm new in sales and don't really like people. I can fake interest in things pretty well though, and apparently they think I'm going to be a good fit. Not convinced and not looking forward to taking customers out after lockdown is over.

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The 9-5:30 (last job was 9-6), for five days a week, leaving me with no free time. Will try and negotiate a four day week in a few months when I’m through my probation.

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take the cure for autism, it has been around for decades

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The people

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I start working at 8 am and finish at 18.30, all for measly 1700€ per month. I cant stand it anymore, Id rather die than spend another 5 years living this shitty life

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When I had a job I truly hated, it was because I worked with another programmer that was completely incompetent technically, but would get away with it with constant political machinations and generally being a sociopath. The final straw was when he started going in after I merged something and would merge a bunch of things on top to break it, then lie and say what I did was broken. He’d also steal things out of my branches that were in progress, commit them into his own branch, merge it and try to pass it off as his work. It was just too much energy dealing with someone that insane, and long-term I knew it would hurt my career because he was much better at politics than I was.
As long as you’re good at recognizing and eliminating cluster B types early you should be fine.

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I have a love/hate relationship with my job.

I get to work with hyper-exclusive cars, but the pay is literally grocery worker-tier.

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I don't hate my job. I don't do some officefag make-work bullshit.

The problem is my job field has been getting systematically cucked over the past few years due to diploma mills pumping out fucktons of unqualified grads riddled with debt and desperate for a job. This has been depressing wages. Nobody gets raises in years. New hires are paid less and less. Employees who have been with the company for years get laid off or otherwise pushed out in order to hire newfags for significantly cheaper. Workload continues to increase with bullshit expectations for no additional reward. Lower profit margins in the business for various reasons, corporate faggots giving you the squeeze, and so on.

It's not secure anymore. At any moment I could be let go, and then I'd be fucked if not for crypto. My goal is to become 100% financially independent. Ideally not having to wagecuck ever again. But at the very least to reaching a point where all money made is icing on the cake.

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i like my job, im the owner hired a good team, after filtering through many. but I hate talking to customers and dealing with their retarded questions. never show it cause a sale is sale. they can go f themselves

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4 day work weeks would be based

4 days is a decent medium between being a 3 day side hustle (ideal) and 5 day full time (wage slave).

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I hate my job, it is meaningless, I do not understand anything that's happening and it's communication is horrible since everybody works at home.

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I work in a library and its pretty comfy. Worst thing about it is my manager is an anally-retentive hag of a woman who implements her own cataloguing system on top of the dewey decimal system to feel more "in control". It's fucking pathetic, it perpetually makes my job harder and customers are constantly getting pissed off because nothing is in logical numerical order and no one understands her retarded arbitrary categories.

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