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>locked liquidity
>shilled on biz during presale
>hurled with scamcoin accusations at .005
>pumped 170x
>top wallets didnt sell
>dumped 100% because of TG problems
>Whales still didnt ssell
>Back up to .1
>Whales still didnt sell
>900k whale writes paragraph in TG about how he had the most money hes ever seen but decided to still hold
>dumping all day, whales still dont sell
>been on biz for the past 5 days since creation
>same shill team as rubic
>37m supply
>hit 5m market cap in 3 days
>37m mc = $1

all the whales know $1 is fud, swingies are the only ones dumping right now, and we all know what happens to swingies.

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it's going to moon soon

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Literally eating money cause you know you gonna make it back in no time, feelsgoodman

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me after eating 100000000 big macs because now i can afford them

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N... notice me, Ronald-chan

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I got a good feeling Mcbros

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we're all gonna fuckin make it

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all the mcpussy we could want

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This is what a real clown looks like
Health at every size is possible, invest in McD NOW

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I made enough money off this shitcoin to eat at mcdonalds every day for the rest of my life! Mcdc is solving world hunger rn

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Your buddy all revealed your FUD tactics. NGMI, Azad

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endless cashiersluts

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this actually makes me laugh

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Where to buy

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Feels good being a cashier

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checked , and mcdonalds pilled

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uniswap, but our twitter is @ coinmcdc
it has the telegram link in bio and its just easier to give info there

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My only question is, how does the actual McDonalds corporate office feel about some random guys on the internet using their super duper layered up and secured brand to scam random strangers on the internet out of their stimulus money? How is this not summoning a dangerously obvious lawsuit worth millions? Is this the final prank that get's 4chan shut down for good?

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mcnigger it's meme season we live in a clown world and the ultimate goal is to actually try and send us a cease & desist and be on cnbc to shut down a smart contract trading on uniswap

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Parody nothing they can do about it. if they do make a cry about it massive free publicity. Win-Win for McChads.

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Is there a discord or telegram?

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McDonald lawyers are probably scratching their head right now. Since they're one of the biggest corpo in the world, there's no way they still didn't know about MCDC and are probably working 24 shifts to find a solutions.
But guess what, they'll be able to do absolutely nothing. This is a decentralized world, no one actually owns the coins.
They can't put down 4chan because 4chan is not responsible, they can't do absolutely fucking nothing if not seethe and cry.
The only thing they'll probably do is buying the most absurd amount of coin to take them out of circulation, making the price skyrocket to incredible levels for whoever is holding it.
Long story short, join in if you want to be part of history. I don't think there's not much time before we hit mainstream media, and it will be total fucking madness once it happens.

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Come and join in the memes fren

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t dot me /McDonaldsCoinHQ

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not this shit again

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God speed my dudes. Sorry for the FUD. I'm just jealous that I couldn't buy in because of the ETH fees.

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frens, I have a noob question:
can you pay gas fees with mcdc or any other erc-20 token? or do I need eth deposited in my metamask at all times to trade my mcdc back to eth?

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This. It's gonna be hilarious.

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based. it will be like dumb starbucks

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eth. try to do big trades at a time because gas fees suck my dick