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Do you really think this will hit $1k?

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No it already pumped

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Probably at the same time that ETH hits 10k

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easily lol
bcash hit like 3k and it literally doesnt do anything and has a lower supply probably like 5k

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Did you really think it would hit $500? 1k is only a 2x from ath.

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$1000 is FUD. This will be at least $5000 EOY.

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More like when eth hits 3-5k
In 2-3months

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Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Also look at some of the lower caps like HANDY (5c soon I think) or SYLO

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this will hit 1k before summer

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I can't afford aave these prices, I'd rather go for some micro/small caps. I see more potential for pumps in them.

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Exactly, it's all about finding those gems.

If you want exposure to DeFi blue chips - its all about DPI

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I only have around 1200 dollars in this as I’m new to crypto but it seemed legit. Just wanted to say thanks to you anons for telling me about it.. got in around 300. Hoping I can make some money on it. How do you guys seriously dump 5-10k on some of these coins though that literally might go nowhere. I make around 60k a year at my wage slave job and have no kids. Wish I had your balls to dump lots before it pumps. Anyways you think it will be worth my investment? Thanks again all you guys.

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What Does AAVE Stand For Again?

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aave is a safe bet you wont make life changing money at this point but you definitely wont lose money provided you're taking ur security seriously. idk how old you are but making 60k with no kids, anon i would be going balls deep in crypto right now hurry up before its too late

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It is written. It is done.

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African American Vernacular English

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I concur... go balls deep.

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I’m such a newfag to it though. Seems daunting. As far security goes and I’m in the US. I wanted to kinda go hard in a small shitcoin but I’m retarded when it comes to using that uniswap thing. Just using that Coinbase thing like a retard. Everyone here has been super helpful. In regards to security what do you mean exactly? I’m using a vpn and keeping it in a wallet but it’s super confusing on lots of these coins how to buy them and then I guess convert them to Eth ? Is that the go to ? Sorry again for all the questions. I wish sometimes I could send you guys some $ just for all the help. You guys are seriously badass. I’m either going to lose or lot or possibly make some. I’m liking the fact it’s not super fucked like wall street and I’m going to start putting in the work. Anyways for the gay blogpost.

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What would you go into? Just got in two weeks ago. Dump a bunch in btc or go for the big payers which if I understand are the more riskier alt coins? I am in a position to lose 1-2k I guess. I have been on /pol for years and never bothered to even check out biz. I’m soooo late the party. Oh and I’m 33years old whoever asked.

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It's easy to be confident in a bull market. Go on coingecko and look at how much everything has pumped since December. You could've thrown money at anything and came out ahead.

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Easily $1k. It basically is a credit card. It’ll do that easy and I don’t own any.

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Only sure about BOR and ETH both hitting 1k$ again.

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I don't even own any, regretfully, but this going to 1k is not a matter of if, but when. It could crab for months though so the opportunity cost isn't worth it for a 2x

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It’ll be 1k in a month or two. 5-10k by end of year, or sooner.

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