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Which non-Boomcoins are unironically not scams/ponzis/rugpulls?

Commonly shilled coins such as BAO, RBC, and GRT need not apply.

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Opacity - Decentralized cloud storage

Actual project with a real non-anon team, working product.
Get yourself 1TB/1year of cloud storage now for only 12 OPCT tokens ( around 70 cents total, market price for 1TB cloud is what $50-60? Good growth potential to that future floor )
Stupid low MC ( ~5m ) compared to filecoin or siacoin
Mobile app coming for mass adoption
Bruno ( Fucking OysterPearl lol ) is jailed for tax evasion and fraud, prison soon probably so no more being tainted by PRL
Listed on Kucoin and also avail on Uni, one for Cex fags who dont want gas fees rape, one for dex fags. Harder to manipulate price and no rugs since its not solely on uni

On the dip of the 2nd big pump over the last week now, nice cup and handle forming. ( TA in crypto kek ) Or you can wait for a better entry
Not a scam/ponzi/rug, may or may not be a shitcoin to you though

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the best thing is for the anons on 4 chin to get together, after their basket weaving, and work on making their own token and smart contract. There are simple ways to do this now.

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I heard ROSE is good

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RBC is a shitcoin that won't last more than a few months. GRT is actually legit. And I don't know enough to speak on Bao. Other coins I'd say are legit are avax and link

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DM me and awe can get started.

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one of the original rugpulls.

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lmao just make a general, no discord either

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I recall there was a project like this 3-4 years ago, don't remember the name. It's not necessarily a scam but it seems doomed to fail.
>pay for cloud storage using this shitcoin
>shitcoin is cheap so you get good value
>shitcoin is cheap so it attracts more buyers
>shitcoin shoots up in price
>no point in using shitcoin anymore to pay for cloud storage instead of real money
>shitcoin dies

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I have a shitload of $FIS.
Its a solid Idea and the Team is making pretty fast progress.

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Commonly shilled coins such as RBC and GRT need not apply.
You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

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Nyan v1 probably had the most extreme rug pull I've ever seen

now retards are buying v2

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you'll die poor

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Go check their team's last message to the community and tell me if that's not bullish af

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Filecoin(1.2b mc) and Siacoin(385m mc) is doing fine, if youre thinking of oysterpearl the CEO scammed everyone and is now sitting in jail, opct is the spiritual successor with a new team minus the greedy banana jew

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I'm actually glad you showed me this OP. Going to keep an eye on it for the next day or two. I've been in crypto since 2017 so I remember this project well.

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Np, hf DYOR
Maybe this will be better maybe it wont

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FEG. liquidity locked, 1% of every buy/sell is burned, 1% goes to holders. Super early hasn't pumped yet, project is a week old. Is it a no utility coin? Yes, but there's still money to be made.

Saying this as an early GRT/RBC adopter

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Checked. And MAYBE FXF. It's launching tomorrow and is supposed to be a wallet/exchange that aggregates prices from multiple other exchanges. It could be big but I honestly don't know.

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XCUR man. Surprised no one mentioned it.

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memes everywhere
wall street art before it was cool
listed on CG, CMC, curated on uniswap, about to be curated on matcha.xyz
no censorship or bullshit - and our dev made a decentralized twitter testnet.sav3.org
20+ sponsored digital artists cranking out NFTs, and selling them including a rot rap album
it doesn't get any better than this boys
58m supply
.006 cents per coin

$700k marketcap

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LTO Network

>Dutch government actively uses network
>UN uses network (google 'united nations lto network')
>GDPR compliant
>100% of staking dividends derived from network fees
>99.9% of network trafffic derived from actual utility of the network
>Deflationary supply
>Top 10 blockchain by daily transactions

Anyone who bothers to research it for 5min would be retarded to not at least hold a suicide stack

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AGI - SingularityNet
Ben Goertzel is a director of the project. He is one of the top people in the world in regard to AI. And he is the one who is developing AI robot named Sofia
2-3y ago he was on JRE podcast.

Current MCAP only $86 mill

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Ask me about ASKO

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i hope the last check i write bounces

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Except literally nobody cares about AI and its a meme

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I've been shilling this coin since it was 9c, currently it's sitting at 30c we'll see if this is the floor or not in a day or to

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LTO due to what /biz figured out this week. It was in the math all along.

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Take a look at $AERGO

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>RBC is a shitcoin that won't last more than a few months. GRT is actually legit.
Agree. RBC is a pajeet shitcoin. GRT is probably a top 5 or at least top 10 blue chip type of coin in the making. If you're looking at it now, you're starting to run out of time but can probably still make some good money going long with it.

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okay OP, I will give you a chance. SURF
listen to this AMA recorded by one of community members and tell me the dev is not genuine.

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$5m market cap/$5m liquidity
Loans, synthetics, stables and options coming soon. Don’t miss their ubi token airdrop on the 14th.

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I see the pajeet discord caught wind of this thread

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>pajeet discord
Actually do your own research for once, bud.

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now that a name i havnt heard in a while

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okay faggots I guess you don't want to make it but don't mislead others

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>dev is whiter than you
Kys stinky

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Read the older non-shill Rubic threads, Rubic is legit project with 1$ eom for Sure, conpare the number of holders from rbc and the rest and just get in

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Have you heard about this new Maker improved stuff called APOLLO?

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ocean protocol (OCEAN)


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Go take a look at CargoX, they are set to deliver in 2021. They have left their competitors behind and are the only one which are approved to issue digital documents.

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Have it on good authority that surf dev is white

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Alpha and Nervos are the top coins being talked about in china right now

Alpha just went 100x and Nervos is next

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SURF 1000% - you only need to look at the UI and what the devs have built to date to realise its special. GRT = dogshit, nothing but hype and it will die.

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$1.8 million market cap
25-150x leverage trading
Currently I think 30k tokens, max 100k
Based developer

DeFi protocol combining yield farming with a new use case: a decentralized leveraged trading platform with NFTs


Exchange and trading platform are coming back up after updates in about a week.

DYOR, I'm really not doing it justice.

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Come hang out and huddle at @huddlefinance
This is one of those projects that come out of no where and take the market by storm.

Based developer team, based system, communistic pre-sale happening soon.

You don't want to miss this one anon.

Medium articles explain everything DYOR

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telegram handle if anyone is interested

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This retards

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huddle.finance looks legit, heard they are releasing their latest medium soon too

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Nervous is already big though. You genuinely think it can shoot off that much? *I know nothing about it

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>LTO keeps pumping
>Meanwhile VIDT just keeps crabbing
It's not fair

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Guys! Such organized hate about SpaceSwap is just a proof that the project is great! Such hate is a sort of organised politics to dump the coin to buy it on it’s low

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DYOR guys

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Scam coin.
Anything attached to that WOR- Say No To Rugs Twitter shill is a scam coin.

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SpaceSwap has great potential. Those who don't sell their MILK2 tokens at low price during the FUD will profit

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This, never going below .08 again

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$mcdc the coin for all

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Unironically, MCDC.
If you still think it's a rugpull or scamcoin, look at the chart yourself

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locked liquidity

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mcdc holders are future elite

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Based and burgerpilled
Join us anons

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Liquidity is locked so the owners can't rug pull
check https://team.finance/view-coin/0x8937041C8C52a78c25aa54051F6a9dAdA23D42A2

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SURF is good. So is DEGO. Umbrella will go live this week or next week it will be good also. Obviously avoid MCDC and similar. Coins like SENT and Reef just seem to crab.

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CTASK, listed today on uniswap. Buy an ETH and thank me later


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i bought 6.5k RBC last night am I fucked?

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I bought CKB not RDC ignore me

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Nobody can explain what the token does other than it being able to be traded for another one of their useless tokens.

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Deflationary supply that gets burnt with every transaction. Started with 10mil tokens, now currently 9.5mil and less everyday.

3% of each transaction gets burnt and distributed to all holders (1.5% / 1.5%)

Coingecko and coinmarketcap listing within the next few days, currently in a dip. Biz gets shilled shitcoins after they've been mooned, here's your opportunity to make a ground floor entry. $5mil marketcap is over a 50x without factoring burns

ALL liquidity has been locked for 365 days

Possibly the best short term opportunity to go from 3 figures to 5-6 figures depending on how patient you are

Uniswap Info


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I'd say CryptoKEK and Surf (plus probably Katalyo) are all x5 EOM with app releases coming out in the next coming days. DYOR but these coins seem to be the ones to break out next.

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Everyone is telling you shitcoins.
Buy parsiq, wait 1 year, congrats.

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>what /biz figured out this week