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>top wallets are hodling
>only Pajeets and swingies selling
>100x gains yesterday and top wallets didn’t dump.
You’re going to miss the easiest 50-100x of your life

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because its a useless piece of shit, already pumped to oblivion that will die in a few days just like any other meme shitcoin
much obvious?

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>I’m a seething faggit because I missed an opportunity to dump bags after 100x gains
Buy now or forever cope

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I already took a 20x from this. How's the curry tonight?

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get on BKNG while its still extremely early
easy 100-500x seriously

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My pull has been rugged

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hoge is unironically just better guys
$1mil fully diluted mcap
1% burn every swap
1% distributed to holders every swap
100% of tokens added to liquidity at launch
100% of liquidity locked

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So let me get thiss straight
You are insinuating that OP, who you must assume is one of the devs or whales of MCDC (who havent sold) is a pajeet, whilst boasting about how you swung a 20x pump and dump. Gtfo ranjeet

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These are all literally HOGE and BKNG samefag pajeets fudding to shill their actual pump and dump scam coins lmfao

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>top wallets are hodling

that's because they bought it for next to nothing in the presell and are waiting for the right price to dump on the newfags falling for this shitcoin

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This honestly. If you can’t see the writing on the wall with this coin at this point then you might be legit fucking retarded

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Why would they wait retard? They already literally made 170x since presale? What fucking better point than .18 cents would be better to dump? Now? After the tg got deleted and dumbfags sold all their bags? You're literally a BKNG fudder, GTFO.

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"They bought it for next to nothing in the presale so that means they are fine with making less money than they could have off of their pump and dump scheme in the name of making it look like its not a pump and dump after we already dumped" Do you not see how retarded that sounds?