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I’ve got a question for the McDonald’s coin. The coin blew tf up so fast and I’m assuming it’s because the supply is limited and the original price was super small. At a fraction of a fraction of a penny. And my question is... as the price of MCDC rises, will it get harder for it to reach $1? It’s at 8 cents rn but will each milestone be harder and harder to reach? Will hitting 20cents be harder than when we reached 10cents? And so on.

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Well it won't be hard to his 15 cents again. 50 cents easy by EOW. Dollar is possible if it gets some traction elsewhere. Just throw in an ETH and you will for sure get 5X

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the coin is too new and look at its progress, it should tell you something the only way is up

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It literally skirted just under 18 cents last night as if it was nothing, strapped in and waiting for the next big take off.

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It doesn't matter. McDonalds will buy it and the price will go to $135.

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Agreed. $MCDC is hitting highs I didn't know where this was possible before. MCDC is showing haters what it means to be AMA coin. They have T-Shirts and high dev public credible.

You can expect another 2x within the next tomorrow, so don't wait, dump your worthless shit coins and scam coins and turn them into MCDC today.

Don't be a loser and miss out like last time, buy MCDC $MCDC now.

Here we gooooooo!

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The original price was based on the value set in the presale contract. As soon as the presale funds run out, no more coin can be bought for this cheap price, so people start paying extra to buy it on Uniswap instead.
Your question is hard to answer because it doesn't really make sense, anon. I can't tell what you're actually asking.
What do you mean by "will it get harder for it to reach $1"?
You need to think about what coin price is actually a measure of. It reflects the value of the entirety of the asset, divided by the number that exist (37 million tokens).
When we're at a $0.10 price, MCDC has a market cap of $3.7 million

Are you asking me whether it takes more (incoming) money to go from $0.20 to $0.30 than it does to go from $0.10 to $0.20? If so, no.
But does it take more money to go from $0.10 to $1.00 than it did to go from $0.01 to $0.10?
Yes, certainly.
They're both a 10x, but that only matters with regard to the impact that it has on an individual investor attempting to make the same amount of gains from the same principal investment. Looking at two different 10x coin gains and trying to compare them is almost useless. It's way more rational to compare arithmetic increases, not geometric.

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I’m making the McCall right now. I’m telling the McFamily I love them. WAGAMI

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I have a stack of 50K mcdc and I’m comfy as long we hit like 50 cents before the rug pull.
I’d be ecstatic if we hit $1 bro. But I think you’re a little too enthusiastic. We’re in a bear market and people like to speculate and say that things will only go up which can have a bad effect on people’s confidence when prices don’t rise as quick as they want them to.
I’m ready
So basically what I’m asking is: will it take more traffic and more purchases to reach each subsequent milestone than the last. So we hit 10 cents last night and we crabbed back to like 7 cents now. But Will it take even more purchases to go back to 10 cents, and then 20 cents? I’m not that experienced of a trader so I don’t 100% understand how this shit works.

I’m assuming The price was mooning because it was so cheap. so a 1ETH buy at $0.001 could cause a moon. But now that we’re at 10 cents, will a 1ETH buy cause as big of a moon? I’m smooth brained so pls don’t bully me.

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Holding til this goes viral !

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Obvious scam coin

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>locked liquidity
>top wallets not selling
>strong and transparent community

Ok nocoiner

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>green id
>kind enough to explain
based anon

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