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1 day old memecoin, you know the drill.
300k market cap, and liquidity locked. Burns as the prices pulls 2x 4x, etc. Burned 50% of the supply recently.

Telegram: @SadCatToken


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Only a real pajeet scammer would name their coin scat, kek

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ded coin

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Stay poor.

The idea behind this is solid as well so I'm in for the literal pump, dump, re-buy, and repeat.

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Sad cat is making me sad :(

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s-scat? really?

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i'm in, i'll take a billion

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i am
the elongated muskrat

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What's a suicide stack?

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1 mil

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$SCAT is a perfect name for this token, because it just won't stop dumping!

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Its a shitcoin with potential, tons of meme potential. SCAT > DOGE

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sure thing pal, keep telling yourself that while literally every other shitcoin does something except this one

>(24h: -63.84%)

fucking kek

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>chasing shitcoins that are already "doing" something
be sure to fomo back in after you chase those pumps, we will all make it

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