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Waiting for the coin to complete a hyper-bullish "golden arches" pattern. You can find it several other times in the coin's history.
This is the team's secret. This is how they coordinate. They know from the MCDC threads
that there are people who have infiltrated even their most private chats. So instead, one of them picks a time and starts manipulating the price into an "M".
Then, when the final leg of the "M" is completed, all of the team members buy a million dollars worth of MCDC, all in ETH. This new market activity triggers the coin to suddenly trend on a wide variety of services (mainly DexTools).
This trend will signal the beginnings of coordinated bot activity
yes BOTS, you can look back at the extremely early price history, while the presale was still going on, and find them.
These are bots build BY the team in order to drive the price up. Don't believe me? Look at the graph on DexTools. Before the coin ever even presold, there were a couple bots trading it on Uniswap for many times the actual presale price. This is because the devs BUILT the bots, and tested them on the testnet, but forgot to disable them before setting up the contract.
As soon as the $1M combined buy orders go in, these bots activate and dump in funds from a series of approx 900 different ETH wallets (this 900 number allows them to slip "under the radar" when it comes to the true meaning of christmas).
Whenever their final "golden arches" pattern is complete, you better have bought in already. It's honestly worth trying to catch the falling knife, you don't know how deep the "M" will go but it's certainly gonna shoot back up afterwards. But once it plateaus, you're gonna see the number of MCDC holders fucking skyrocket in a matter of minutes. It will look even crazier then the Biden mail-in vote counts from a few months ago. The amount of wallet growth will be so insane, so discontinuous, that there's no way it could have happened organically.

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"BURGERS could be here" he thought, "i've never been in this neighborhood before. There could be a MCDONALDS anywhere." The cool wind felt good against his bare chest. "I LOVE BURGERS" he thought. Rock and Roll McDonalds reverberated through his entire car making it pulsate even as the $9 wine circulated through his powerful thick veins and amplified his (merited) desire for BURGERS after dark. "With a car, you can go anywhere you want" he said to himself, out loud.

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I like mcnuggets, milkies, and money. You will never get your grubby hands on my 20k MCDC, DO YOU HEAR ME?!

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im lovin it

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2K MCDC'r ready for 1 MCDC = 1 BIG MAC here fren :)

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a big M pattern is bearish dude...

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You copied this entire post from
>>28043102 in >>28037500
If you read the context of the thread, it's very clear that this is an MCDC holder making fun of fudders.

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My sides! XDDD

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So does that mean MCDC = $1 EOD?

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Agreed. $MCDC is hitting highs I didn't know where this was possible before. HOGE is showing haters what it means to be AMA coin. They have T-Shirts and high dev public credible.

You can expect another 2x within the next tomorrow, so don't wait, dump your worthless shit coins and scam coins and turn them into MCDC today.

Don't be a loser and miss out like last time, buy MCDE $MCDC now.

Here we gooooooo!

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The Golden Arches are almost complete....

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Lol get rekt screenshotter
Thanks for showing you getting shit on so we can laugh at you more

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it's not Dejan, the time zones don't match. whatever cuck is doing this is probably pretty glad that people are so mad at Dejan though.

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We aren't building an m. We're forming a w. With a higher low. Look at the chart. Exactly 3 times we moon, retract 0.78 then moon again. We just hit .78 earlier today and are holding 8cents. Perfect fractal. Which is bullish as fuck.

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We’re all gonna make it boys. We’re all gonna make it.

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LMAO this is next level schizo posting

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we will find the cuck in due time and make an example of him. Dejan is literally a brown nigger, but this is another salty fag.

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The upside down arches.
Badabababa I'm loving it.

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Do it for her

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Weak FUD kek

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Did you just >>28046103

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So you're saying I should get in for the pump and get out before the dump?

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>a big M pattern is bearish dude...
They don't need to know that...ssssh

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This is LARP

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There is no dump

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Spamming telegram screenshots doesnt do anything, ass defect

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This is next level schizo shitposting. I fucks with this. I'll buy this token for sure.