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Hello /biz/. My name is Janet Yellen, renowned economist, previous Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the next Secretary of the US Treasury.

First off, thank you all for going all-in with your money on a token listed on an immutable public ledger. It has done wonders for simplifying the capital gains collection system. We're able to collect more money on a smaller budget than ever before!. Keep buying, and remember, you're all going to make it and that patriotic 42% tax will do wonders for your country.

I'm open to any questions. My moderation team will be reviewing them for appropriateness and passing them on to me. I have prepared a small "FAQ" in anticipation of some common questions.
>yes, we will be keeping interest rates low and printing more money
>land taxes and CGT rates on property sales will go up. Even if the dollar falls, your house will be taxed more because the unit of measurement has shrunk.
>all crypto exchanges allowed to operate or sell to US customers will have to implement an automatic tax withholding system that keeps 42% of all crypto transferred
>shares will also fall under the new capital gains tax regime, and we might implement a high-frequency transaction tax
>thanks to the magic of public ledgers, land titles databases, and shareholder listings, we think we can implement an "unrealized capital gains tax" and will shortly be releasing more information on that.
>No, we haven't yet figured out a way to tax people on gold holdings, discover who has how much gold, or implement a transaction tax when one person gives a piece of gold to another person in exchange for a good or service. DO NOT BUY GOLD.

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Sorry granmuh.

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What’s your favourite Talmud passage?

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Didn't God command you to use gold and silver as money with just weights and measures?

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Oy vey

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have sex incel

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how many Doge for that GILF?

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Will you be my mommy?

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Is it true you are the grandmother of Peter Schiff?

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>There is no community where everyone is rich, neither is there a community where everyone is poor.

The US dollar is technically still backed by the small amount of gold in Fort Knox. We just no longer say how many dollars you need to buy some that gold. The term "just" is very vague.


Also no. Peter Schiff is a crazy tinfoiler hat whom you should NOT listen to. Do not buy gold. You can't even do anything with it. They don't even pay interest like a Treasury Bond does. Buy things that are on a public ledger like shares, property or crypto. That way we can be sure you only get your fair share.

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tits or gtfo

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"Ma'at, help! This evil blob is claiming to be a Jew and is not, but does lie, just as I foretold in Revelation 3:9!"

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