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What color lambo you getting Fantomchads?

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I'm a bit annoyed lads, I kept trying to buy the dip, and it keeps going down. I've put a weeks wages in 3 times in a row and it keeps falling. Where is the fucking bottom?

I'm fine accumulating but I don't know when

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>2 sell offs
pump incoming?

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ignore the filename lmao its ftm

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Just put another weeks worth of pay into this. Dump imminent lol

t. 17.2k poorfag

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xrp is probably gonna pump too, once the normies jump off doge again

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the candles looks hella similar rn, i wonder which will go higher

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Just DCA don't spend your whole pay at once on it. If it dips a lot then buy more

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Well, it's true you've got a good-looking chart there. Oh wait, that's the chart for ROOM...

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lol too late, I bought a shitload and have no food money, luckily I'm fasting and have a full tank of gas in the car

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