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Have no family no finance's biz is my family has done more for me then anyone or anything. Please cheer me up as I'm in a major dark place in my life. I love you guys!

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Fuck, I haven't seen this AJ pic in a while

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I hope things get better soon, anon. Happy birthday!

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Thankyou anon

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Happy birthday OP! Here's to you and fucking over jannies!

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Happy birthday fren. If you ever need to speak to someone, always reach out. Check out releasetechnique.com.
Have a great day and treat yourself.

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this is not your personal hugbox faggot

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Post wallet fren, I'm a brokefag myself but might be able to throw you a gift in a few days.

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Happy Birthday anon, have a nice meal and browse a humour thread. It's your day king.

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Thanking all positive anons you have made me smile

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All good anon I don't expect handouts. We are in the same boat all I ask is that you prosper

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