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this is your last chance to make it

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read my lips.





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Why its pumping?

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Because we're at the peak of the current bubble. Why else would it ever pump.

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I have heard a few reason. Supply is nearly gone/ news is coming/ it is just the normal market pump/ greyscale.

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based based based and based +aocTitpilled

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Should have shopped Brendan’s head over the bald onlooker guy.

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i really dislike her wide gorilla nostrils

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I don't invest in it but I do get free BAT viewing their ads and donating them to based jootubers.

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I've looked into bat before, and i just bought in with 50€. I think it's a decent hedge against google. However i want to know if it has utility outside of brave.

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BAT is going back to 15¢ within the year. Bet your life on it.

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>if it has utility outside of brave

Not yet. Plan for the future is that it will, but who knows.

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I moved my entire portfolio into DAI this morning. Looks like stonewall resistance at 40k which means there's more downside to this current drop.
Before anyone tries to argue it's just a correction on a bull-run, this entire run-up has been parabolic. Bull triangles don't form like this on pure hype alone and there isn't enough news for it to sustain this kind of growth.

That being said, once it does fully correct I'll be moving about 30% of my portfolio into BAT and leaving it there. Solid stable coin with strong selling-point.

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>betting on the dollar
>betting on US continuing their financial hegemony

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Was thinking the same thing earlier. BAT can’t break resistance either. Seems like the rally is cooling off. Going to be a huge massive dump soon that will shake out lots of the dumb normies piling into DOGE off of Robinhood.

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Pumping back up to .42.

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Not for long-term gains you moron.
When the dump is over I'll probably re-adjust and go something like:
>30% BAT
>20% ETH
>20% BTC
>20% GRT
>10% XTZ

Might lower some of those other coins and add a bunch of alt coins, but I doubt it because alt-coin season is coming to an end. The real rebound will be felt in the big boys. BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH.

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If all net advertising was using BAT...

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Might as well be. Nobody pays attention to any other ads. I actually enjoy the non crypto Bat ads.

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Forget this washed up dumb shit. Buy DEC now for an easy 10x.

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No, Dec is shit and you know it.

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DEC is genuinely the future and you'll eat your own ass as you watch it 30x.

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Not even a real project.

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Just bought 10k more BAT.

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>25 million users
>Increasing monthly stream of revenue

This is the coin Buffet would buy if he bought crypto. Do you think he buys stocks that are pumping already? No. He buys stocks that are underpriced and overperforming.

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What's the new floor, anyways? Certainly it's gotta be above .30.

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anyways if BAT doesn’t break 44 cents in this break-out it’s fucking ogre and you should all sell while it’s above 35 cents because it’s going fucking DOWN

if it confidently breaks 44 cents then things get interesting and probably some big news gets released within the next 2 weeks

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Its breaking that today bud.

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Agree, BAT is a hidden gem but it’s been a painful hold so far so it won’t get the hype it deserves

No way. Still 16-20 cents unless there’s a serious break above 44 cents

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>Still 16-20 cents

The mean price hasn't been below .20 since last May, what are you talking about?

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What are we talking EOY?
I'm only holding 100 right now, probably gonna buy more.

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Yeah no shit retard. Look at the overall highs and lows, the floors aren’t short term lows you dumb fucker. The floor has been the 16-20 cents range for years, unless it breaks out of that range it WILL head back down to test that floor

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No it wont. Majority of holders bought in at .30+ no one is selling under that price again.

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good things come in iteration. stay tuned fren

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DEC is a cuck play by amateurs with no autist talent or bigbrain.

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