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Mushrooms Finance

-integrated with Chainlink
-backed by yearn and Andre
-less than 5 million marketcap
-easy 10x in a month

easy money. you're welcome.

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checked. i've tried shilling this to biz with no luck, theyll buy our bags at 100 within the next 2 weeks

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in since 6 usd, its fuking in yfi ecosystem, litteraly 100usd coin lel

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5 for me though ive been dca higher here and there. this is literally the same setup as idle. it exploded when added to the yearn registry. same will happen with mm except more violently because of the low supply and its not a low apy normie coin like idle.

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>Announcing you’re going to try to dump on biz
Fuck out of here street shitter

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>i dont understand taking profit
have fun staying poor

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rn that 20 usd resistance tested so many times that it could break every moment and that break wud be uuuuuge as feck

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It's inevitable

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Keeper integration too

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better hurry the fuck up and accumulate quick. time is running out.

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cannot find token contract , link ?

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waiting for lord ande to tweet about it, imagine the pumpa

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dextools io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xbbf933c1af0e9798615099a37a17cafc6da87732

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didn't read anywhere about a connection between yearn/andre and mm, where did you hear about this OP?

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check their Twitter

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