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Why's $MCDC so comfy bros?

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imagine if she farted right then and there and you felt the warmth touch your nostrils

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Because it’s a pump and dump scam and y ou know when the dump begins.

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There's a godtier shop of this

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It cost $50k AUD to bang her at one point, think she retired now. She pioneered the whole sugar baby thing for IG thots

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Wtf?! That's my sister!

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Are there even jannies in this shithole anymore? I say we start reporting all of those mcdonald shitcoin threads for spam

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Stay poor fag

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whats the market cap

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Give a name

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I would go down on all fours and sniff the shit out of that butt even though it's in public

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Imagine a turd just dropped rn hahaha

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holy fuck that melting face

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Why do I want to smell and cum at the same time

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Just want to say that this kind of ass is so much hotter than the giant cartoonish asses that everyone posts on here all the time. If you like large asses, you're a nigger.

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You know why.

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A lot of boys discovered their sexuality that day

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Scientifically low test lmao

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$1 end of the month

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I have just the right amount of testosterone to make me a successful and intelligent heterosexual white male, unlike niggers who have higher testosterone at the expense of intelligence. Having the testosterone levels of a nigger is not something anyone should be proud of.

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about 5mil

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Is working at McDonald's more or less embarrassing than being a hooker?

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Based. People here like hambeasts a little too much.

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The better question is: which offers more job security?

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Better question: Will I make more gains waging for mcdonalds or hodling MCDC?

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Hookers make significantly more money. Honestly, I have more respect for whores than fast food workers.
>Make you feel good
>Give what you pay for
>Encourage you to be safe for both of you
Fast Food Workers
>Make you feel like shit later with their poison food
>Always forget the fucking straws
>Literally want you to eat poison and die
For me? It's whores.

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very nice cope. nothing to do with race. test is what makes men, men. you wish you had more

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Oof that was some high oestrogen emotion

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>t. unga bunga

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He's also literally a nigger worshipper. Blacks don't have higher test lmao, they have higher oestrogen which is the cause of anger. It's what causes roid rage from test conversion.

He's just off fantasizing on his own about small asses and niggerdick kek.

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>worldwide restaurant empire
I think waging but that's a damn good question.

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I'm thinkin Arby's personally

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Found the better edit boys

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i just want to have sex.. too bad all women are whores

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I hate this slut shit. Only horny youngfags find sluts appealing.

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I would offer to be her human seat while she orders, and tell her ill pay for her whole meal if she farts in my mouth while ordering.

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how is that even nearly better you fucking bleb

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Have sex with a whore

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Based and redpilled.

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Eh it depends. Niggers like actual just fat asses with no care for proportion. I like a nice smooth round bubbly cute butt that feels so soft and bouncy on my face and dick. The kind of ass that has no cellulite but when she sits on my face I still can't breathe at all besides her braps ofc.

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>just want sex
>all women are whores
Doesn't that work out fine then? It's easy to get pussy. I just want a women I can trust and build a relationship with.

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This. Black people have higher levels of estrogen and cortisol (stress hormone) which makes them more violent and niggerlike.

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God my face belongs right in that little cleft under her asscheeks between her thighs: the BRAP reception zone.

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many such cases

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Yes baby

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Good job discord pajeets

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God damn bros

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If you spent any time in the Rubic channels, you'd see that the creator of this token (CommaClub) is a schizophrenic with multiple alt accounts (Grimace MCDC, The Hamburglar, PnkPromise) shilling this shit who WILL dump on you without remorse.

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No don't say this or they'll tell you;
>stay poor!
>no coiner lmao!

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These sorts of women are too dangerous to keep. People who base their entire self-worth on looks is pathetic. Women that show their ass in public are degenerate.

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>1 post by this id
You seem awfully nervous sirs

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>3 posts by this ID

Why do you defend this shitcoin so much?

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He actually believes that this dumb shit will hit $125 USD, and then he can sell it to McDonalds (who are probably already working towards C&Ding him because they're associating a PND with a global franchise) and McDonalds will kneel. He hijacks the Rubic Slack Channel and pins MCDC publicity stunt ideas to the channel and then seethes when people tell him to leave it in the dead MCDC channel. It's a dangerous level of delusion that will lose a lot of good people's money.

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>1 post by this ID
sir how many vpns do you have? I can’t possibly compete. I’m sorry but we can’t dump to let you in below 5c, do the needful and buy now :)

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You really seem like a schizophrenic idiot indeed, the whole board hates your shitcoin spamming how about you get the fuck outta here and go back to infiniyrugz where you belong ?

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brapjeets are worse than footfags

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Everyone knows that the goal of MCDC is to be a 1 Big Mac stablecoin.

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>he thinks everyone itt is his discord tranny boogeyman
show me on the doll where the bad man hurt you, fren

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Would it kill you to use the same ip twice and be a little less obvious?

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>6 posts by this ID

Would it kill you to stop pushing this worthless shitcoin?

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Another one kek you are relentless, the fud is officially more coordinated than the shill

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Pro-tip to any newfags our there that are new to biz/4chan:

You can put filters that hide shitcoin spamming. Just put MCDC, Mcdonalds, RBC, LIT, Lition, Rubic etc... it will make your experience on this board much better

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You really are one schizophrenic fuck
>g-guys all the fud is from ONE single person! It's impossible that so many anons would dislike my shitcoin!

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Not according to its creator, it's not ;^)

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Fucking LMAO

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>some single-minded schizo is allegedly spending all his time shilling a shitcoin that I hold a small amount of and already took profits out of
>this is a bad thing for me

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I saw it in the chat as well, fuck this Comma faggot

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Alright fuck it I'm cutting my losses. See you guys on the next shitcoin

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If all women are whores then why can’t you have sex

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Oof... thank God I sold that shitcoin

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Doesn't like a man with ambition... damn.

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McHodling all the way

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Alright I just bought 10k more, thanks for the dip McFudders

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Send the McElite telegram link

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>Alright I just bought 10k more, thanks for the dip McFudders

You know we can see the buys/sells right? You didnt buy more

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Oh fuck no my schizo posting is exposed

>> No.28033925

More like your low IQ got exposed

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kek this, you can actually recognize CommaClub's writing patterns now. It's actually pretty hilarious scrolling up through the chat history now and seeing him have conversations with his (now confirmed) MCDC alt accounts before they were exposed.The schizo was actually talking to himself for a whole week.

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Delete this post we're a legit community I'm not alone

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>none of the top holders selling
weak fud stay poor
stay poor