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Been quietly farming this for a week now.
DYOR (protip: go to their github and look at contributors).

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Also been farming comfy. Based dev and great code

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Sold some Link for this. APY 600%. I am become comfy.

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Might seem retarded but,

Bitcoin bridge, closest contender is Ren, go compare market caps, do the maths.

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Oh nice to see a great project finally shilled here!

I entered TRDL 2 days ago too!!!
Little advise to my retard friends, DO NOT BUY vBTC on Uniswap, instead buy it on bitcoin.com or any exchange, and THEN burn BTC and mint vBTC.
You will have more vBTC at the end and will get $TRDL token in rewards (decent amount).

Happy farming, enjoying my 800% APY.
Next week, crypto influencers are gonna promote this under the radar project!

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>dead Discord
>dead Telegram
stop shilling your bags faggot

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There isn't even a fucking discord retard

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>protip: go to their github and look at contributors

Just spill the beans if you're going to shill.

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lmao, you can’t get what is scam and what is pearl
why are u here lil boi? wanna eat this rubbish? c’mon - check it
I will be smarter and wait for playcent nft release, my purse will be safe

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yeah there isn't a link to their Discord on the website or anything. kill yourself you scamming piece of shit

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There actually is you dumb fuck. Shows the research you did lmao.

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wtf am i looking for

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I'll spell it out for you my retarded friend:

1. You go to their most recently updated github repo and look at top contributors. https://github.com/strudel-finance/monorepo/graphs/contributors

Top two devs:
1. JohannBarbie - legit dude. Look him up on linkedin. He took over after dude on bottom got hired as core Sushi dev
2. Clearwood - Started this project and got hired as core Sushi dev

I just presented you clowns with a project that is loads better than 99% of the crap here. The dev is NOT anon and hasn't been pump n dumped yet.

You can take it from here right? Or do I have to baby you some more

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>thinks the Discord from before the takeover is relevant.
Stay poor faggots

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Have Fun Staying Without $TRDL
Under 1M marketcap with 2M daily volume..
This will fly when ElonTrades and ElliotTrades will post about it next week

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No commits since Nov. lol

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Go back to bed, my retarded child. Let the adults speak here

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Fuck all these jeets posting, just join the TG there are some # commands there that show the whole roadmap and shit, it just got acquired by Nerds (2 weeks~ ago).

In a few weeks I will make a new thread and laugh at those who didn't buy.

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Thanks. I actually bought already, but just wanted you to shill better. I'm down, but comfy holding based off all the swirling rumors and CT fags like Spider talking about it.

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Can you not read. IDGAF what Clearwood is doing lol.

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Apparently I can't. No clue what you're on about anymore but you do you man. Don't buy it if you don't like it..... plenty of other good projects around

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Checked, also Spider still has his bags, might wanna wait till he sells he's weakhanded as fuck.

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I have been accumulating on these prices. I am sure this is only the bottom. we reached 6 dollar this week. Imagine what we will see when marketing starts and more people know about this project

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no thanks I'd rather buy another meme pump and dump coin where I end up getting dumped on

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Based bizbro

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new team that acquired this Strudel. The original developer is now a core sushi developer. the bridge is also open between btc and vbtc.
big partnerships are coming like Bso and in talks with Sushi. And dont forget Andre will surely like this project. Vitalik himself once tweeted that we would need a trusthless bridge. Strudel now has this with vbtc.

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For farming this token is ok, for hodl i wont advise this. Sell pressure will be huge on $TRDL

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Better buy some Strudel at this bottom price of 2 dollars. we went to 6 dollars already a couple of times this week and i am sure we will go even higher once this project fiets more visibility. marketing has not started. Remember SNOW. One tweet and boom this token will not see these low prices anymore. Just a matter of time that this will happen.

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Developed by Sushi dev.

$TRDL will easily hit $20m mc.

$30 on the way!

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Sir that's like saying UNI isn't worth holding because it's a retarded governance farming token

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Wtf is nerd and what have they ever done . Literally the entire "team" are a bunch of whos. Couldn't find shit on any of them. All the twitter account shilling this joined few months ago. Not saying its a scam but beware if you thinking of buying this.

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Smells like curry, Amandeep is that you?

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I hold a good amount of TRDL and bought some more today at around 2 dollars. also been farming since 4 days with vBTC-eth and farmed 136 TRDL so far. current apy around 700% for vBTC-eth LP and 800% for TRDL-eth LP farm.

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Who knows, I forgot their previous projects but they're capable enough with the right connections. imo decent enough lads that will bring more usecases to vBTC and therefore TRDL. Doubt they'll rug.

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yeah, farm has been consistent. just let the farm run until more people join and dont sell TRDL until 10x or until influencers start talking about it more

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yes, obv do your own research. nothing is ever safe in crypto. im just saying this is probably 99% than most of those other anon projects i've seen shilled here. like all those [your-token]-ampl-rebase token