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Staking is probably a long way off. Abritrum keeps getting delayed.
OCR is meant to start rolling out soon but im not sure it’ll matter much seeing as LINK already secures most the market yet the market doesn't reflect it.

Is there anything happening this side of summer that will prevent it bleeding back to 10k sats?

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>ID: turd
You faggot lol. Props for subtle fud tho

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I wonder this more every day. It's one thing to miss a deadline but the total drawing in of communication with the community makes me feel like they've suffered some large setbacks.

In my opinion they got screwed when oracle pulled out. They probably needed that for staking.

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Only thing on the horizon is more pain and suffering. I for one and considering roping soon

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no dev anons sharing breadcrumbs either
holding feels like more of a leap of faith than going all in during 2018

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I miss this also

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I'm expecting staking Q3 this year.

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crtl+f chainlink in there. Feeds are going on l2 soon. Don't know about staking but honestly hoping it comes after the defiL2 bullrun and subsequent bear market as retail capitulates

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> "Layer 2 solutions soon!"
Been hearing this for over a year and tbqh it was only mildly exciting back then, now it's not even a consolation prize.

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Ethereum is literally unusable right now, and has been for weeks now. Look at nodes running Chainlink right now, they are all losing 20 to 50k USD per day

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Until we have staking investing in link is 100% speculation. The whole purpose of holding link is APY from staking. I believe strongly in link but if staking won’t happen soon I’m moving my link into a project that does have staking with great returns already, which is The Graph. That’s not meant as “so hurry up you burger-eating scammer”, I fully believe Sergey will deliver and I’m not saying he’s slow. I’m just saying I can’t afford waiting much longer given the opportunity cost presented by GRT.

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They probably don't post them anymore because 90% of link discussion here is just fud.

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You can use it on Synthetix right now, or you can have fun staying poor, it's your choice really

turns out porting your entire interdependent system of complex smart contracts storing billions of dollars in value isn't the walk in the park that retail brainlets/bagholders think it is

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Sure, i spend hundreds a week with gas costs. Nonetheless L2 isn't anything amazing and most contenders estimated a product early last year. By now they're competing with Eth actually just solving layer one, which is a fucking accomplishment given how unmotivated the eth team is.

For an example of that look at the utter state of the ethdenver tumblrcon going on right now.

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I bought in at 2017 and now LINK makes up like 80% of my crypto portfolio. I want to sell some LINK to buy something else - what should it be?

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The worst part is you can’t question these things because hordes of cultists arrive screaming “FUD”.

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thank you. i hope they can figure out secure composability/transferability between between l2 optimistic rollup networks, with eth mainchain serving as a "proof of reserve" repository for coordination between snx rollup, aave rollup, uniswap rollup, etc

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as you can see OP is getting normal replies.
Your threads are just shit.

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Losing oracle was a major setback that hasn’t been realized yet. Oracle would have Shepparded link along but they disappeared as did Microsoft. Team is probably still reeling from this trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces.

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Such as?

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very fair points and overall top 1% of IQ among posts I read on this board

Rollups are going to be very hard to pull off, but much easier than rebuilding everything that exists on eth on another chain. What most zombie chain bagholders dont account for is that you can copy paste code but you can't copy paste liquidity, and I feel at least the eth ecosystem understands this. I feel that most protocols will follow wherever UNI goes, and that is on optimism, You can try their UNIpig demo which is what SNX to go all in on optimism as a scaling solution

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Yea what the fuck happened to Oracle?

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band will eat link up

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muh institutions were always a meme
the whole oracle thing was just a single brazilian grifter trying to dump an ico on retards
no companies are using blockchain and won't be for a very long time

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This man made Bitcoin and will make Chainlink a $1000 coin soon.

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Literally I would love to know. Can some defender pls tell us what the fuck happened to November or q3 2020 Oracle. Also what of those 50 projects or some shut Fernando shilled

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wen stakeing

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My thinking is that they were hoping for things like arbitrum, tsigs and mixicles to all be ready. When they weren't the system simply wasn't capable of managing oracle. So they pulled out and accordingly staking didn't have the required clients.

I'm sure they'll repursue oracle when the network is more mature, though i wonder if mixicles has been dropped altogether.

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>band will eat link up

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The oracle integration was very substantial - the startups was always some basement sub-sub-department run by Ribiero where he just gave himself and some dodgy scams kick backs. That was literally a humilitation.

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Oracle has always been a nothingburger ever since they published gravelcoin lmao. My hopes were always on e.g. Microsoft and Docusign

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A riddle:
>My portfolio lost half its bitcoin value in 6 months without me reacting in any way because I believe in the power of memes.
>I keep hodling an Ethereum token which reached an obscene market cap despite the fact that its value proposition is native to other blockchains.
>I'm never selling.
>Pic related is shilling my coin
Which cryptocurrency do I hold?

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Used to be hyped for Arbitrum now theres other l2s outpacing them. Fucking team do something. Hands dowm sergey is the top man in this space but fuck man its been really disappointing so far with push backs after push backs.
>inb4 sell ur stack
No ive been all in for too long. No point selling.

Also doesnt help that nigger whales are suppressing the price constantly since fucking 2 dollars. Other shitcoins continuously break aths everyday but link barely even manages to stay a cunt hair above new aths. It was so fucking easy to just hold and chill months ago but ever since we entered the bull run its been torture... looking at aave vs link chart is suicide inducing

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Nobody is actually working on scaling.

Neither ETH itself nor any of the dozens of L2 projects are actually doing anything.
All these years and still absolutely none of them have actually released anything.

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Enterprise moves incredibly slow. Wouldn't surprise me if they did in fact start the integration process, but think about how many legacy systems have to be updated and boomers need to be briefed on new tech. Have you ever tried to help your parents use a new printer? Now try to help them understand the future of finance

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frenando says hi

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Arbritrum is the worst of them all. It would be the best for us if it comes out on top but they have been hyping it like the worst pajeet for a year now. In some ways im glad they might be beaten by the eth team and rendered almost totally useless.

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It’s because there are so many basedboys and homosexuals in crypto who are lazy af and communist (think that fat guy who announced he’s a bisexual, a chainlink advisor). They lack the killer business instinct that’s why progress is so painfully slow they just sit around or dance to weird songs. Although I do believe Sergey has strong work ethic and business instinct but he’s just one guy. It’s not enough.

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Man, remember two weeks ago when they posted pic related?
Holy fuck I couldn't believe it, SOMETHING was actually going to happen!

Then the next day they announced this whole thing was just to launch another testnet lmao.
Honestly it's getting hard to tolerate anymore.

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Looks like I had my hopes up too high. I can vividly remember the threads 2019 winter when we were discussing the implications of arbitrum. That was the last good link thread I remember on this board and fucking nothing came out of it

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In the nicest way possible, you don't understand shit about this space. Enterprise adoption was always just a meanningless hype fest to dump shitcoins on normies.

I bought link because I believed in swift etc. But in the years since, I actually learned what you can actually do with blockchains and the tradeoffs around them. Enterprise has NO fucking use for this shit at all. We are much more likely to kill enterprises than get 'adopted' by them.

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man all these breadcrumbs and all we have to show for is a price tracker

kinda disappointed guys ngl

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>My portfolio lost half its bitcoin value in 6 months
I remember this being a really big fudding point because there was literally nothing else you could say about it lmao. Try harder. We've heard it all before.

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All the og marines who fucked off to twitter did the right thing. I was too busy being braindead all in link and missed out entire defi summer and now the big defi bull run. Just to think i was here when aave snx were shilled for cheap and picked nothing up because I loved link more than anything. I have stockholm syndrome for this shitcoin

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Exactly. At some point i'm sure it will come but the embarrassing "soon guys! teehee" has ruined any goodwill i had towards them. Let's just see the state of optimism this ethdenver and see if they're going to cuck offchain labs.

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your fault for setting up those expectations in the first place. You're retarded if you ever thought enterprises would use a public ledger and not just make their own lol

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>facts don't real!

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The defi summer was overblown. To make any profit you had to be risking at least 4k link stacks to farm and constantly watching the pools in order to pull out at just the right moment. All whilst dealing with obnoxious as fuck eastern euros on discords trying to hide their precious "alpha".

It was a time consuming risky chore and in the end, even putting 5k link at a time into weird as shit sites i only came out with about $600 profit.

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Seriously think OCR is coming Tuesday. Also, pic related.

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Just imagine how much you're missing out by not staking link with bancor until then.

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or you farmed YFI and 100x'd and fucked off afterthat

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I've been here every day for three years and bought link on my first day migrating to biz. Maybe I don't understand enterprise as well as others but I understand the general consensus of the board and in my own opinion like you said defi may be an enterprise killer and it's been steadily rising. I don't think enterprise can't use the same tech and I think the smart ones will integrate or be swallowed

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>link is bad because bitcoin increased in value

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Sure there were some real winners of course but not as often as you'd believe and it was extremely time consuming.

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Who the fuck cares about sats value?
Sats themselves are valued in fiat.

>> No.28021326

OCR allows for a price feed to only need 1 ETH call per update instead of 1 for each node. If lowering the price per feed 20x isn't a good enough advantage then I don't fucking know. 10k Chainlink = 21 BTC EOY

>> No.28021360

I was really hoping L2 would be available before the bull run started. I mean that would kick off crazy stuff. But this shit is probably not coming out till the bear market. Is there any thoughts that it will come this year?

>> No.28021363

>what is decentralisation

>> No.28021368

Fiat is subject to inflation and this year dollar real world purchasing power has dropped by something like 30%. If you're not measuring against sats or gold you're measuring against water.

>> No.28021518

>Fiat is subject to inflation
It's not meant to be an investment.

>If you're not measuring against sats or gold you're measuring against water.
It's useless to measure against sats or gold, because both are measured in fiat.

>> No.28021764

Well fiat is measured equally against other things. Value is inherently a relational quality. If we're wanting to get a good picture of a particular asset's value over time you want something akin to a control, something that is less variable.

>> No.28021897

>Well fiat is measured equally against other things.
lol no it's not.
If you want to use gold, BTC, bulk grain, ... to "buy" something, both parties will look at the current fiat value first before making the trade.

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For a retard what the fuck is l2 as it relates to link?

>> No.28021937

spotted the idiot.

>> No.28021961

youre right, thats why Chainlink Devs hold over 40% of the supply lol what the fuck is this

>> No.28021982

lmao, cope.

When BTC "moons", it's because it's gaining fiat value.

>> No.28022044

Layer2 involves Link in that many layer2 solutions require LINK oracles to function, and also because LINK node operators can change things up a bit and save a ton on gas.

>> No.28022087

cheaper oracle calls, more usecases for oracles

>> No.28022122

If Sergey had sold all or most of the tokens in 2017, there would be very few left to distribute within the actual network.
The current distribution fosters decentralization.

>> No.28022151

What’s the value of usd that link secures at this time. I remember it was 7B in late December. Has that increased at all recently? Also how many transactions per day (thinking of Ben cowens chart

>> No.28022226

>10k link = 21 BTC
nice, that would be nearly a 30% increase since August 2020

>> No.28022266

So L2 is what eth2 is working on? Seems like it’s an inevitability right. We’re just in the dark ages now and we’re at 25 which ain’t bad?

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... but great memes otherwise desu

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That's wonderful, how profitable are the nodes now? Even WITH Chainlink subsidizing them, and not even considering their infra costs

>> No.28022312

if you count WBTC and renBTC with proof of reserve then over $10 billlion

>> No.28022368

lmao if you're actually not trolling you have no clue what you're talking about

>> No.28022394

did you buy in at like $18? nobody that got in before $1 is crying

>> No.28022424

So that’s the worth then right and that’s the mcap. will we just follow that all the way then? Is there no speculation priced on top of that

>> No.28022526

Keep coping when this falls out of top 10 and Sergey dumps 1.5 mil every 2 days. Definitely a good enterprise choice

>> No.28022556

Hope I dont see the day aave surpasses link but that seems inevitable at this point anyways

>> No.28022572

I accept your concession of defeat lol.

>> No.28022640

Wtf does the aave token do? Fucking mark cuban was shilling it and Cuban has basically no idea what link is which was surprising as fuck.

>> No.28022650

He is trolling. Dont feed him. He already got banned on another site :)

>> No.28022681

where are you getting this figure? this is the biggest factor in link's growth

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Fiat still has no inherent value - it is quite obviously determined by what it can be exchanged for.

>> No.28022831

Nice counter argument. good luck anon

>> No.28022845

defipulse, and me knowing who chainlink works with

>> No.28022858

I bought most of my stack at $0.60, average buy a bit higher as i never stopped buying. Have 14k. Next seethe please.

>> No.28022885

Is arbitrum still needed if uni and co use optimistic roll ups?

>> No.28022907

Fiat is what everything is priced in.

Says the faggot who had no counter argument.

>> No.28022933

Collins speaking now btw

He's talking about what the oracle problem is lmao.

>> No.28023000

My argument:
>centralized shitcoin
>ceo dumps on market every week

Your argument:

>> No.28023007

You're being intentionally retarded and it's not worth continuing, i think you know that.

>> No.28023022

Not really.

Just like Chainlink, Arbitrum is practically making sure they get overtaken by refusing to release a god damn thing.
Their only saving grace is everyone else is doing the same thing.

>> No.28023023

I hope not I’m so sick of this piece of shit Ed Felton who promised November. I hope someone educates that bastard what lying to us means. The community needs more teeth. People should get after him on twitter to send a message nobody should fuck w and lie to the marines.

>> No.28023038


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we have Chainlink Academy coming! will you enroll, anon?

>> No.28023111

>huge announcement coming soon, watch this space!
it's fucking tiresome

>> No.28023114

Do try to refute lol.

If you want to use bullets, gold, BTC, a house, a pallet of bricks, ... to buy something from someone; both parties will first check the current fiat value before making this trade.
Fiat is what everything is valued in.

>> No.28023149

The amount of demoralization fudders in here is unbearable. For all you other idiots, go ahead and sell so chads like me can get your links for cheap. LINK recently hit 400k wallets, over 15B in total value secured in DeFi alone and if you have ever been paying attention to Sergeys chats, you would know that he is moving the entire space of blockchain one industry at a time. We’ve seen the potential of DeFi, now it’s up to the L2s to scale ETH for more users. That being said we’re moving on De-insurance. Highly suggest you look at what Etherisc and the partnership with link is doing for insurance. You missed AAVE, YFI, and SNX? Go buy some fucking DIP, just don’t sell your link for it.

>> No.28023280

It was honestly a massive dick move.

>> No.28023327

That fiat has no inherent value - the value is in what goods it can be exchanged for. That's the value, hence why various purchasing power analyses can be performed to give hard value numbers. You could if you wanted value everything in loaves of breads - bitcoin has a value in bread loaves. Value is relational. This is literally some basic stuff anon, im quite serious in not knowing if you're just trying to be obtuse to get a response or don't get it but it's so fundamental it's a waste of a discussion to have. If you don't get this stuff it's not /biz/ you need to be on.

>> No.28023703

Jesus calm down

>> No.28023728

Fiat is the yardstick for all value.

You can't buy ANYTHING without consulting the fiat value.
Even crypto to crypto; how much of crypto X you can buy with crypto Y depends on the fiat value of both.

>> No.28023821

>your investment increasing 800% in value is bad because it isn't as valuable in the commodity I think is important
If you're having trouble understanding why your fud is shit, you might just be retarded.

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File: 299 KB, 1000x562, 1603550150802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But optimistic roll ups do not use link. What are we going to do bros?

>> No.28023834

I can buy multiple cryptos without fiat as a medium. Arbitrage exists. Come on anon.

>> No.28023876

My argument is the better tokens are balanced between hodlers and actual network operators, the more decentralized the token distribution is.

>> No.28023891

Oh noooo, a whole year??? That's such a long time, thats so sad :(

>> No.28023918

not really on his part, it's your fault for falling for shills and having unrealistic expectations

even when they go on mainnet it will take months/years to port over

>> No.28023945

>I can buy multiple cryptos without fiat as a medium.
I didn't say otherwise.

>> No.28024041

Launching a new Twitter handle called "Arbitrum" and saying "watch this space" implies Arbitrum the product is launching.

Doing this just for another testnet is creating empty hype.

>> No.28024057

He literally said to expect maynet by EOY2020 in his smartcon talk. Ed was the shill and unrealistic expectations were believing him I guess.

>> No.28024058

yea, what an annoying asshole
> 17 posts by this user

>> No.28024061

There were all these breadcrumbs before about why coinbase didn’t have a eth btc pair, so what was the reason for that?

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> imagine being in link instead of ETH

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File: 312 KB, 730x606, carrot_on_a_stick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Any day now marines!

>> No.28024131

I meant link btc

>> No.28024193

Im telling you... if we end this bull run with link being sub 3 figures I wholly believe there will be some unhinged anons who will try to "take matters into their own hands". Dont underestimate the mentally ill amongst our ranks. Would be a damn shame if anything happened in minecraft but I wouldnt be surprised. Keep yourselves in check guys. Stay fit and dont do anything stupid.

>> No.28024213

This it’s so crazy. What do people have to say about it

>> No.28024262

Zlot-white. Also your 88 gets says it all since both max supply is 8888

>> No.28024303

Nobody is doing anything stupid but for reals the team can’t just not release anything and stay silent. Many people have 6 and 7 figs invested and expect some performance not just a bunch of failed promises. It’s getting sickening and the team needs to be made aware of that

>> No.28024401

Wat? Sergey had no idea oracle was doing anything. He was like “umm ok whatever”, while frenardo or whoever was yapping on and on. It was just some oracle low level dev attention whoreing.

>> No.28024485

>any form of incorrect data can sabotage the entire oracle network
>nodes with staked link could lose it all
Staking needs to be 100% perfect before releasing it. Which only shows how dedicated the team is to being the standard oracle network. And based on the amount of fud over the past 24 hours, I’d say now is definitely time to load up if you haven’t already.

>> No.28024505

Not much. It's just painful at this point.

>> No.28024545

Private blockchains are bearish for every coin except link kek

>> No.28024617


This. Don’t forget they are able to fund this operation because we keep buying link. We are entitled to more instead of just blogposts.

>> No.28024631

It's like lightning network

>> No.28024717

Imagine being engaged in a thread with multiple discussions lmao

>> No.28024791

Is it time for me to sell LINK? Invested in 2017 as a poorfag. Accumulated 1370 around 0.17. Now worth $35k ish. Is it time to finally accept maximum gains from this and sell? What would you anons do?

>> No.28024794

There's no way oracle was planning to incorporate link without extensive discussions with the link team.

>> No.28024919

no way man, sell off 5000USD worth, keep the rest in a wallet. put 1000USD into 5 nice coins. done.

>> No.28025002

It's like literally everything related to scaling in blockchain.

Dozens of projects with many hundreds of millions of dollars combined have been working on "scaling" for years, and absolutely NONE of them have actually delivered anything.

Remember OMG? Their main claim to fame was Plasma, this was in 2017.
Plasma was the reason Vitalik shilled them.

Where's Plasma today, you ask?

It's mindboggling.

>> No.28025026

I don't get this as well. Why is the Aave token needed? Can't you just have the same lending protocol without the token? Like I could launch my own Aave by forking it and cutting out the token to then cut out the extra fees no?

>> No.28025106

Bsv scales

>> No.28025223

Because it has no traffic.

>> No.28025372

Is Etherisc really a good potential investment?

>> No.28025424

Yes. It’s time for you to find something else you didn’t put enough in to really make it. Imagine you went all in aave or runic early. Need to watch for shit like that. Link might give some of us a 3-4x but we have 7figs in so that is good. But you’re too late dawg trust me find something else

>> No.28025615

No that wouldn't being scaling then would it

>> No.28025669

Wondering the same

>> No.28025713

>team owns....83% of the tokens
>"We promise we will only use these to develop the Etherisc foundation"
Take on that risk as you will

>> No.28025894

They all say that until they actually get traffic.

>> No.28026035

It has traffic you fucking retard, look at the graph
It's the only one that's median fees don't go up with increasing transactions

>> No.28026049

Fernando says fiscal 2020 Q3 for oracle actually ends in March 2021

>> No.28026067
File: 110 KB, 646x1041, opti vs arbi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28026137
File: 38 KB, 632x385, oracle fiscal year.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28026265

There is a known law in computer engineering that whenever someone gives a time frame for something to be done you need to raise the time frame by 1 unit of measure and add 1. That's when the project will be done and why sergey never releases time targets

>> No.28026295

BSV claims to have as about as many transactions per day as Bitcoin.
If you actually believe this, then holy shit do I feel sorry for you.

>> No.28026359

So 1 month = 1 year + 1 month ?

>> No.28026427

It's a public blockchain you moron you can check. The cognitive dissonance with you regards is unfathomable

>> No.28026541

Yeah, that is something Vitalik said on a lex Friedman podcast though so take it as you will

>> No.28026553

And there is no way on earth it has anything close to Bitcoin's transactions.

>> No.28026575

The slide literally said CY.

>> No.28026591

Wheres the video to gif related? I can’t find it anywhere

>> No.28026650

Chainlink is a literally backed by the WEF, the league of billionaires, and you faggots are still fudding and demoralizing.
Sell and go eat bugs, faggot.

>> No.28026691

>The data is wrong
No it isn't I don't think you know what a blockchain is

>> No.28026783

>BSV has about the same amount of traffic as Bitcoin
This is you.

>> No.28026895

They can’t help it. Weird to think that people with millions of dollars still come on /biz/ to demoralisation post

>> No.28027235

Is this craig?


>> No.28027350

Has to be fud. I guess there are some people trying to hide the gravy from others.

>> No.28027580

Crypto millionaire here I enjoy doing that but for reals I’m only a millionaire thanks to biz I like contributing. Also I’m like 1.7M so that’s not really the lwave biz time, that comes at 3M+ I’d say.

>> No.28027635

Is Chainlink worth buying? It hasn't really done anything the past couple years, or only if you got in crazy early.

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File: 332 KB, 1387x1020, 1558491168394.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are paid shills, we werent supposed to find LINK

>> No.28028005

it'd help if sir gay actually communicated more and kept us in the fucking loop instead of doing his exact same goddamn slides that he's been doing for years.

>> No.28028144

>literally 100x in last couple years
>hasnt done anything

>> No.28028146

Imagine that 1 slide deck worth 10B.

>> No.28028176

So, what's to say it's going to 100x again?

>> No.28028454

Well it’s done it once, so now it knows how to.

>> No.28028955

You do realize that bounces are a thing right?

>> No.28029044
File: 1.74 MB, 500x519, 88951CA9-7C63-4D65-8CBA-1725803083DF.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anon, the fud is spicy today but imagine losing sight of the ultimate necessity for oracles. Appreciate your comment.

>> No.28029059

This is the most cognizant comment in this thread.

>> No.28029254

So did oracle actually break off with chainlink or is this just a case of not having heard much lately?

>> No.28029331

no one knows, most in this thread are charlatans and/or are fudding out of impatience

>> No.28029459
File: 37 KB, 512x512, 941137FE-DF07-4930-8EAD-84035E7CED45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go ahead, bet against me

>> No.28029609

turdYa. Ya ya ya he is a turd

>> No.28029760

Hahahhaa it will not. Maybe it goes 2-3x. Think about it that mean 240x or 360x. That’s absurd.

>> No.28029831

Which is why you look for something else. Betting on link now without a current position makes no sense. Look at aave or rubic

>> No.28029884

No one was supposed to find out

>> No.28029982

Niqqa we literally found out on day 1 what do you mean we weren’t supposed to find out.

>> No.28030170

This hurts the most. I could have made it if I diversified into shit like AVAX, SNX, and AAVE

>> No.28030368

[email protected] id. you stupid turd LMAO

>> No.28030372

Yep. Even more if we went to ducking the most obvious play into BTC. I had 70 btc worth and now that is 33. Would have 2.5M. Can’t predict it though I do get that but fuck if I didn’t think we’d already be back to near ath sats. We’re such a shit sat position it’s sickening.

>> No.28030620

I thought it would correct against BTC and I didn't want to pay taxes. I thought it would be close to a wash on gains. Good god was I wrong.

>> No.28031553

Same I was at 950k at that point would have been on the hoook for like 350k taxes so didn’t do it but damn I’d be so much further ahead right now. Tbh I bought in 2017 and totally KYC, anyone w any idea how I can do this without taxes, just pop it on aave and borrow against it in the future?

>> No.28031641

Non-KYC that is.

>> No.28031782

I'm going to livestream my suicide when dogecoin passes us. years of pain for a memecoin to moon past us.

>> No.28032385

Kek @ all these pink ID's

>> No.28033000

Who cares. If Link crashes 90% I still have 500 dollar a month with a job and it would be possible to accumulate at better prices

>> No.28033426

Sure it will idiot. Poor fags not allowed here

>> No.28033598

Imagine still holding on to Sergei’s personal Big Mac fund. You retards have just been passed by a literal memecoin.

>> No.28033840

>oracle pulled out
When did this happen?

>> No.28034047

he made it up

>> No.28034238

um anon...i

>> No.28034334

It has not happened, though it's been almost two years since any meaningful information on the matter.

>> No.28034452

>If Link crashes 90%
>I still have 500 dollar a month
>Green ID
>Pink ID

>> No.28034998

I just sent Ed Felton a bill for 80 btc. He is the reason I didnt sell to BTC. They owe me 2M at a minimum.

>> No.28035588

Man the fucking FUD with this token is unreal. I have never seen anything dragged through the mud so much as link has and yet it was the best performing crypto of 2020. Why are retards even bothering keeping up with FUDing it when all of us from 2017 are up 16000%? Find something else that's actually worth the FUD because you all lost the moment you didn't buy 3 fucking years ago. Oh, I guess because its a meme to FUD the best performing crypto asset of 2020 now, haha. Go kick rocks faggots.

>> No.28035734

Why buy link when doge is making gains? Idc about blockchain nigga I'm tryna make these gainz. Y'all over here talking about ed fucktard and sirgay, I don't give a shit about them. Dogs are cooler

>> No.28036073

People say the same shit about XRP. I don't think it means much at all when Elon Musk alone can take doge coin to the number 8 slot.

>> No.28036298

What if I told you that the team doesn't give a fuck about you small stack investors who have "6 or 7" figures invested. You can sell at any time. You can fuck off and they wouldn't flinch. Just because you bought link it doesn't mean that LINK team should update you on their progress.

>> No.28036379

I think some of it is FUD but I think most of it is just the fact that the majority of people that hold this are toxic. They're entitled neets that want to be handed millions of dollars on a silver platter. They have no one to complain to about this so they come here to cry, like the ungrateful little bitches they are. What they don't realise is that even if they do 'make it', they NEVER make it. They'll never be happy and they'll remain alone

>> No.28036434

this. you fags think you're some kinda big shot with 6-7 figs. learn your place on the totem pole. it's second from bottom, right above niggers.

>> No.28036502

>I spend most of my days pooping on a street in Mumbai.
And that's where I stopped reading.

>> No.28036536

they rub shoulders with sergey. So if you trust sergey, that would mean you have to trust etherisc. But there are others, none seem to be on the level of etherisc.

>> No.28036580

dare i say, checked?

>> No.28036637

the other thing is that because they are losers, they suffer from self sabotage. the fudding of their own bags is an expression of that. again they are simply toxic people like this dumbass.

>> No.28036785

Actually I would say that these retards that demand updates are worse then niggers. Niggers leave you the fuck alone, meanwhile these "neets" will spam you on every step possible with memes, begging for info...

>> No.28036850

>pooping on the street isn't just a lifestyle choice, it's my culture.

>> No.28036978

yeah you're definitely a nulinker

>> No.28037146

You've been bragging about your alternative street pooping lifestyle and Mumbai adventures since 2017.

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