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>market is in freefall
>Rubic at .40
the upswing on this shit is going to be really high when we stabilize. Hope your bags are packed.

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I really hope this goes back to 20 cents again. My confirmation was a few minutes too slow to buy at that price.

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this dip is incredible and there is buy pressure around the .40 mark it seems. I wouldn't pray on a drop that low. Many of us plan to hold for a long time.

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No, i'm not suicidal.

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>the upswing on this shit is going to be really high when we stabilize.
are you just saying shit you heard on reddit? fucking cringe is off the charts.
there is no stabilizing, if you werent a fucking nigger brain youd be able to read a fucking chart you dipshit cunt
in all fields

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LMAO there was some girl in a thread yesterday who said she was reduced to tear because she bought near ATH and it dipped by 20%.
I hope she's ok.

I missed it too.
By the time I started moving stuff around it had already bounced back a lot.

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Lmfao why the fuck would I buy this at .40 when you all bought at .007 and would make fun of me for buying at like 50x?
Then when it crashes to 5 cents you faggots willl be like “im still comfy you didnt buy at the top did you”

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Let me make this clear while this thread is still new that anyone fuding this project rn is a swingie who was in on it yesterday. There are a lot of swingies right now i get it. But two days ago all fud was debunked just like it is now. The market is bleeding, rubic is not. And the people claiming the project has been effected are just swingies trying to increase their stacks. The price is steadily climbing and will continue to climb as bitcoin shows it can hold the line at 38k.

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live a little anon.

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anon.. this project has been getting shilled for a month now. This isn't some AKRO or COR pump and dump. This is a legit product. That works. With a real team that has done an AMA. Nobody is dumping anything. The market is. Don't listen to the swingies fudding. They are really trying to double their stack rn.

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ASKO not AKRO the shit is so scammy i couldn't even recall the name

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holders at ATH


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i might throw a few thousand at it and not look at it for months. This shit looks promising enough. All this short term shit is just useless fud and swingers.

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>LMAO there was some girl in a thread yesterday who said she was reduced to tear because she bought near ATH and it dipped by 20%.
>I hope she's ok.
fuck that dumb bitch

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how much did you buy?

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we're so early on RBC anyone that sells now will regret it for the rest of their short lives

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Was a bit startling seeing my £600 dip to around £330 but I'm ready for liftoff.

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checked and based

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Diamond hands bong friend, was down a fuckton as money as well but you haven't lost till you sell

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liftoff is tomorrow. Today is just holding the line. Easy accumulation period.

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kek this pic

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sirs please do the needful

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You will be.

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I watched £6,000 go to £3,000 today lad , but I’m still in I have another £3,000 RBC in uniswap LP and will get the 20% airdrop in may.

This is going back to $1

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And we're heading back up!!! This is seriously the last call for the rubjc train! Next stop is $1.50!!

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Just hold through these market dumps. If you really believe the project will do something than short term price action shouldn't phase you. Think bigger, months down the line.

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checked. the digits aren't stopping.

with how fast this shit climbs if you blink you might miss it. By next friday it could very well be at $1.50

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You better lose yourself in Rubic, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime

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It's a front-run bot. They fuck up occasionally.

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That's the liquidity pool bot, it's just the market maker

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Checked. I’m guessing there were a few paper handed newfags who want to make all their money overnight and then get out, who ended up panic selling at the bottom lol

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i was gonna buy more but my coinbase account is under review. anyone here got any idea how long that might take?

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It's funny how people actually thought rubic was gonna dump. But as soon as bitcoin holds 38k we go back to .45

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thanks. i increased my stack during this dip from 1.8k to 10k at .40

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did you submit KYC? including the invasive selfie?

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congrats, you just made thousands. Hold for a few months and reap massive rewards.

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Good sir
My village has new donkey and clean water running through tap!!

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you forgot to send them a hair sample and anal swab.

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Hey guys I've been gone a few days, why don't I see as many rubic threads as I did before I left? Are we still feeling cubic?

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i sent in my drivers licence, haven't been asked to do anything else

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it dipped all the way to .25 from .78
wtf, what was that about

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theyre gonna want you to do a selfie to run through their machine, then they'll speed it up

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bitcoin shit the bed. Just short term price action.

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shake out

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Double peak reversal, already recovered. We're going to the moon

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The shill trannies moved on to ASKO.

Rubic is comfy place now

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Can someone post the how to buy rubic infograph? I'm dumb

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First off. There was no fud.

We got too cocky. $0.78 was extremely unstable and whales tipped us over. here's an example of a whale increasing his stack.

But that's what's good. This person is interested in Rubic enough that they are holding around with 370k rubic.

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how do I buy rubic?

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Just a reminder that we touched .80 and this IS the dip rn.

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Plz do the pubic

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btw guys, the past 3 days my eyes have been so glued to the charts. I haven't fapped or played any games. This is fun as fuck.

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Good, 0.25 gave nocubers a chance to buy in

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you heard about the swingie who bought back in at a net loss of 120k rubic? The fud earlier must have been getting to the weak hands. If you're reading this, we are NEVER SELLING. This project is going to 1B marketcap. The team is real and delivers fast. If you see fud, it's swingies baiting you.

Not to mention the whole thing was a market correction anyway not even a rubic correction.

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Fuck that greedy cunt, hope he tries swinging the next ATH and loses half his stack

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based crypto addict. I too, have been trying to give up porn and gaming the last few days. We don't need those worthless addictions anon! Overcome it with an addiction that makes you money. Just feel free to unplug when you see red. The fud loses people money when things bleed. Rubic is a comfy hold.

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good advice. red is depressing to see, but last week i had less than $500. Yesterday I had $5600. I should be happy ive clasped $4000

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I lost 4k rubic swinging like a retard.
Lesson learned never selling again

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staying cubic

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Ok I am in... got 2k tokens am i going to make it? What is the suicide stack?


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yea it's all perspective. 500 or 5,000 we will still be powerless to the global elites. Just work on your emotional control and stop being attached to the numbers. Act rational and dyor on each project. Rubic is actually a functioning product that is only a month old really. Very small marketcap. Take adequate risk and don't freak out when bitcoin can't control itself (as it's the market mover).

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But it is not Runic an ETH token? Why should the fall of BTC price influence Rubic price?

So, if BTC goes to 25.000 USD , Runic also falls? Are all coins influenced by BTC price?

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fuck ... here we go again...8k more tokens to go i guess, going to dump that one girl for Valentines day so i can go all in.

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i've learned my lesson the hard way as well anon. Stay cubic and keep your head up. You are very early on this.

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so now that all the paper handed new faggots sold whats the next step in our master plan?

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I started in mid 2018 with $500 and I hit 75k When Bao hit .003 the other day. I sold too late and have taken a huge hit today so I am at about $55k I think.
You'll get used to seeing large swings.
One piece of advice: Keep the majority of your money in something, strong, stable and safe. If you play with all of it gambling on shitcoins you will take a couple of losses and you'll start throwing good money after bad. Before you know it it will fuck you.
Good luck.

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2k rbc is enough to get rich next round if you are patient and play your cards right.

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wait for the binance listing. Imagine there were people selling before then kek

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im doing heavy research 12 hrs a day reading. infact while markets are red im gonna study some more.

well shit man, don't feel too bad you're gonna join 6 figure hell soon.

i have to play with shitcoins a bit longer. this is my I have to make it or I am going to rope money. all i can say is. i'm only picking projects in defi category with serious teams.

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yea the bull run is not even half over, and literally all DeFi is doing insane numbers rn. Like 10x on every fuckin DeFi project. Definitely do a lot of research.

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150, everyone makes it

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It's over, we're moving on to xcur now. Rbc market cap is too high

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threw 5k at it what am i in for guys?

>> No.28023242

ok pajeet you and your village do that.

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>tfw can't buy in until my ETH gets released on coinbase

>> No.28023309

Just never sell and you'll be up 5x by the end of march.

>> No.28023337

Every day this coin has a bull, bear, and crab cycle due to whale behavior since it's still early

bullish- 8pm to midnight est
bearish- midnight to 5am
crab- 5am to 8pm

>> No.28023361

>i have to play with shitcoins a bit longer.
Fair enough but once you get to a figure you feel nervous over, say 20-30k, tuck a few grand into Chainlink. It's boring but it's pretty much guaranteed to always go up (eventually) and it feels so comfy and safe. If you get taken by surprise by the end of the bullrun (and 90% will, especially the newfags like yourself) your shitcoins will lose 95% of their value overnight and 90% of them will never get back to what they were worth. Chainlink will lost 70% of its value and it will bounce back quickly.

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actually good advice..

>> No.28023476

Aped in with some friends at 0.7.
5k rubics was the amount that we could afford all together.
All I want is to buy some guitar pedals and a nice amp by the end of the year.

>> No.28023566

you're gonna make it..

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>at 0.07

>> No.28023641

ngmi if your a consoomer bruh

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hope she killed herself

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you have to pay a 40% tax if you cash out

>> No.28023731

I don't really care bro, I just want to play guitar to be honest. Almost doesn't work at all so I guess it is all fine.

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>threw 5k at it what am i in for guys?
You're unironically invested in the future of crypto.
Rubic isn't going to be the biggest force in the world, or the thing that makes crypto mainstream, but its a vital part in what's to come.
Go read the one page off of their website. This is going to consume uniswap and replace it completely. In the short term, you can sell it for gains. That's fine, I can't fault someone for wanting to take profit whenever they can.
In 2 years time however, what do you think the world will look like assuming we avoid complete destruction?
5 years ago cryptocurrency was an obscure thing your cousin told you about because he read about bitcoin in a joystick article.
Today you have major institutions getting into the market and Samsung phones have Ethereum wallets on them.
Do not sell early like a retard and get priced out in the future. Buy everything with fundamentals and hodl.

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I'm not from the united states. From where I live you just have to pay taxes if you draw more than $6k a month.

>> No.28023816

only if you are a retard. I could train you faggots on how to cash out with no taxes but why should I?

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so i can stop posting "you have to pay a 40% tax if you cash out"

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>buying crypto
probably trans, definitely killed "her"self already

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what a king

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Rubic confirmed bullish

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>bitcoin dips back down below 38k
>rubic starts dropping

yea guys.. it's really "rubic dumping" isn't it. People will do anything to fud and swing a project.

>> No.28024043

Please do sir, do the needful more goat for village.

>> No.28024176

Does anyone have the ranking guide for stacks? How much for suicide stack?

>> No.28024229

Why isn't reddit interested in Rubic? they could pump our bags

>> No.28024309

10k supposedly.

>> No.28024326

They claim that it's 100k make it 10k suicide stack, but honestly I don't think you need 100k to make it if this becomes what it could. Uniswap is worth a shit ton marketcap compared to this. Just hold and see what happens

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>> No.28024396

we are still accumulating with every paycheck. Don't tell reddit until april when we are at 3-5$.

>> No.28024443

if you're good at something never do it for free

>> No.28024456

>Why isn't reddit interested in Rubic?
Why wasn't Reddit interested in Chainlink?
Because its a site for midwits who get conned into buying Doge

>> No.28024537

Yeah 50k could be never work again in your life make it level if rbc delivers. Ranks are pretty dumb outside memes regardless. research first, then invest what you are willing to. I happen to think 30k could make me a millionaire in 2 years of the project delivers and am very comfy.

>> No.28024543

Wow wait it's back in the 40s? I saw this thing collapsing all morning and hit 20s...wtf kek

>> No.28024602

DEXG is also supposedly multichain. Which will be the best dex? DEXG or Rubic?

>> No.28024618

Dump. It’s a scam. the people that bought below .10 don’t care, they can’t hurt as long as it’s over x20. You also have no idea if they’re swinging or just outright dumping on you. It’s an anonymous image board and they’re talking like any other low iq scam artist.

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I haven't been worried at all.

>> No.28024785

They're idiots.

>> No.28024872

you haven't bought back in yet? Do you know what happened to the guy who lost 128k swinging? Are you retarded?

>> No.28024901

You lost faggot. You swung and you lost. Get over it. The memes are too strong. It's unironically over for you.
Buy back in now or seethe forever, your choice.
1 dollar by Wednesday evening. 2 Dollars within 2 weeks.

>> No.28025008

Lol mad swingie ropes tonight guaranteed. Just bought another quick 5k, still comfiest hold on biz.

>> No.28025052

Do we have a date for relase on binance?

>> No.28025080

Based and cubepilled.

>> No.28025101

End of Feb, early March.

>> No.28025112

I've never seen a rugpull bouncing back so much in so little time. Maybe it's not a rugpull?

>> No.28025118

why wouldnt I just buy COR? much more room for 100x and actually has a useful product

>> No.28025132

it's not yet been announced

>> No.28025276

Gonna crab for weeks below $2. Enjoy locking up assets you could have used more efficiently. Your memes are fucking repulsive and I can already tell you this product is unremarkable, won’t last into next year. I hope more whales dump on you greedy fags

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File: 111 KB, 811x1014, rbc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jesus christ, shit is almost textbook kek

>> No.28025355

yea that AMA just screams rugpull, doesn't it?

LOL dude i was up last night and put 5k into that dev rugpull as well. Just cash out and break even man. Give it up. That shit is trash. It was fun while it lasted but the dev literally dumped 1.2M of them when we were up 3x, putting us back down to the original price. Just sell and come back to earth into a real project, like Rubic.

>> No.28025367

what is the minimum amount it makes sense to buy considering the high fees?

>> No.28025385

ok you retarded cum-guzzling faggot

>> No.28025398

Do whatever you want. I bought both.

>> No.28025441

stay mad buying bullshit like ASKO and COR and getting dumped on faggot. This project has already showed it's legitimacy.

>> No.28025516

>TA on a project that has 1 month of data
>Bitcoin has 10 years of data and Bitcoin TA is (barely) valid at all.

You swingies are fucking pathetic.

>> No.28025536

>crab for weeks below $2
So a 5x in the next few weeks? Bullish AF.

>won’t last into next year
Next year will be a bear market retard. Every single crypto will dump 90-99% the same way they did in 2018.

>> No.28025547

at least 1k dollars.

>> No.28025642

>Institutional investment and media attention.
>Nobody outside of biz knows about it.


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Compare fees by looking at tether->rubic swap method on Probit vs the eth gas using traditional metamask eth ->rbc swap method. Entirely depends on your stack price to see what's cheaper. If gas is less than 40 usd it's probably better to use eth if you are purchasing more than 1000 rbc.

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File: 16 KB, 335x468, IMG-20200617-WA0007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

numeral confirms it

>> No.28025726


>> No.28025759

>Next year will be a bear market retard
Is it for real? Newfag here, mind the newfagness

>> No.28025795

Fuck I hate swingies and their jewish easy money scheme.

>> No.28025806

they grasp for anything

yes he is right

>> No.28025845


PnD, it just pumped and now it’s dumped twice. You can’t deny it.

>> No.28026028

>Holders at an ATH

yea it was just like COR last night a 2 hour PnD! Or maybe.. rubic is actually a real project that has continued to grow because it's new

>> No.28026216

Damn so in 2022 we stacking

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I'll look more into this coin. This is my first time investing in crypto and I'm wary as fuck since some fucks were shilling ASKO to me and that god awful excuse of a white paper and website left a bad taste in my mouth.

>> No.28026285


>> No.28027229

love it. chainlink or aave was going to be one of my plays during bear market. but i am 100% with you. right now under 10k doesn't make me nervous like you say. I'm ready to lose it regardless. But if i make it to 25k i'm getting off smallcap shitcoins asap. And i'm half ready for the crash.

aye. any coins you're taking a peak at? i'm gonna look up some more tonight

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File: 79 KB, 828x868, photo_2021-01-25_18-06-53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>binance retweets them and lists their project.
>trending top seven crypto on twitter

stay poor fag

>> No.28027945

How are you studying cryptos? I got into researching cryptos about 2 weeks ago and bought some ether and bitcoin few days ago @ATH. I do wanna study this shit but my shit country (canada) doesn't allow me to buy a lot of the shit coins. Where can I research DeFi and shitcoin projects.
How does one identify between a shit project and a good one?

>> No.28028022

common sence ? knowledge about the tech and the market ? honestly, this shit isnt hard ...

>> No.28028422

can't wait for the binance listing

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Kek mad priced out swingie is obviously mad.

>> No.28028782

Imagine being so low iq that you actually sell BEFORE the listing. Absolute state of biztards.

>> No.28028901

dude. ASKO and COR are literal scam trash pump and dumps. The people who claim this shit isn't legit are people who sold too early. And the people fuding are people who are swinging. This is a legit DeFi project. Could yield some decent returns as the bull run commences. I see no reason to not get in while it's under $2.

>> No.28028916


>> No.28029095

Not buying your bags rajeesh. This coin is fucking dead.

>> No.28029210

it recovered just fine back to it's stable .40 mark from the market crash a few hours ago. Seems fine to me.

>> No.28029315

>down almost ~50% just TODAY
>it's recovered!
Lets see the wolf of wallstreet memes already bagholder.

>> No.28029410
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loving my rbc

>> No.28029507

are you fucking stupid? This week it went from .23 to .43 in one day. Then it crabbed in the .40s for a day. Then it went to .70. Today it crashed and stabilized back at .43. So how are healthy corrections and lines of support bad? You seriously haven't bought back in yet? It's not going back to .20 dumbass.

>> No.28029577

If you think this is going to 2x, you want enough that you get AT LEAST twice the return on gas fees.
Bear in mind the gas fees might get even more retarded, so you want enough that you get at least 4x the return on the current gas fees.
So multiply gas by 5 and that's the bare minimum worth investing IMO.

>> No.28029602

>she was reduced to tear
I told her to fuck off back to r eddit and that she didn't have the demeanor for this but then I felt bad but then I didn't feel bad and now I feel good.

>> No.28029629

>not going back to .20 dumbass.
At least we can agree on something. Once the devs unload the (((mystery))) wallets in the top 40 holders it'll be back in satoshi country.

>> No.28029650

ive seen it first hand but i sold at loss
1.5k euroshekels doen the drain

i have shit in tether now and not enough gas to buy anything really what do

>> No.28029729

Don't worry about Canada. You only need Ethereum to get started. Once you have ETH you can do some trading via DEXes like Rubic and Uniswap.

As for research. Lots of youtube for learning about blockchain and upcoming trends. Then every search engine imaginable to learn if it's important. Be careful with popular Youtubers and Twitter accounts. Influencers are dangerous people to listen to. They always say something like "THIS WILL MAKE YOU RICH." Then it's all buzzwords. Waste of time. They will dump on your first chance they get.

When you go on a telegram, make sure the developers/admins are not fucking around and giggling with moonboys. It shows that they're already rich and don't care about progress/transparency.

4chan is fun, but it's a lot of noise. I am paying attention to how projects get shilled. If it's just a copy pasta and list of links and buzzwords and anything like "you're gonna miss this one!" "next chainlink!" And no replies. Then they're bag holding.

don't even touch RBC til you've done some diligent research.

>> No.28029839

my bags are ready

>> No.28029913


Haha well technically it did go to like .25 and it got eaten up in a literal minute. Several double digit ETH orders came in right away

>> No.28030137

this. idiots that can't see this coming deserve to stay poor

>> No.28030152

it dumped from .80 to .40, why wouldn't you sell and rebuy?

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File: 338 KB, 1440x2276, 20210206_124914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Indeed. This is very very early. /biz/ oldfags realized this, thats why we all have an average buy-in price between $0.03 and $0.18, and stacks between 100k and 1M. Someone twitter crypto fag posted this, granted he is a fag, he's not wrong about Rubic.

>> No.28030328

rugpull pajeet scam.
slav ceo, bad english, project is super buggy and not audited.

stay away

>> No.28030341

>going to dump that one girl for Valentines day so i can go all in.
Based virgin

>> No.28030354
File: 43 KB, 800x479, 1595377495266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yea ik. At this point this shit is just an iq test. Clearly a low marketcap gem. I think i'm just gonna unplug from this shit after this thread and ride it up past the binance listing. I've debunked every argument and fud in this thread alone. Scroll up and read some of the bullshit these swingies are saying.

>> No.28030356

Or keep it for year and it’s a LT capital gain at 20%.

>> No.28030502

Alright, ty. Legit hating myself for not hoping onto rubic cuz I was researching and following it since it was 0.03 cents per coin. I would've done a more than 10x if I got in at that point. Regardless, gonna get my ether into uniswap most likely and buy this shitcoin even though there are numerous like it.
Hoping for this projects team to be reliant and have grit

>> No.28030560

My guess is whales dumping at 70 cents and making a 10x profit or more. Then people got nervous and triggered a firesale. But it’s a good project with actual merit so it rallied. It’ll make it

>> No.28030719

Yeah thats the conclusion I've come to as well. It really feels like a test for all mewfags and swingies. I just don't understand why they never learn...? You'd think after the 20th time selling at a loss they would finally learn to hodl, buy the dips, and be patient.

>> No.28030740

>I've debunked every argument and fud in this thread alone
>41 posts by the ID
Phew, lad, I'll say

>> No.28030743

I'm going to buy 2k RBC on Tuesday if it manages to stay within the .4/.5 area. Fingers are crossed, I'd buy now if I had the funds.

>> No.28030793

buy like 10K dude ..

>> No.28030826

This. Underrated post. This should be a full 365 day hold at the minimum for the taxes alone

>> No.28030976

yea i've said all that needs to be said. Buying more next paycheck and the one after that. Idc if it's 10 cents 50 cents 1 dollar or 2 dollars. If you believe that the returns will come in you stop caring about price or short term movement.

>> No.28031039

Do we not have to hold the converted ethererum for a year to avoid this?

>> No.28031064

Bold of you to assume I've even got enough money to do something like that. $500 is the most I'm willing to risk because I'm moving out of my parent's house in April so I've gotta be real careful about my account.

>> No.28031104

Because it’s more costly to do that unless you bought above .40.

>> No.28031207

Good for you brother.

>> No.28031241

Yup. RBC @ $2 EOM, $5 EOQ, $47 EOY, $143 EO2022

>> No.28031347
File: 24 KB, 512x512, 1612565043257.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, bought at $0.29 thanks to the faggot who sold.

>> No.28031532

Thanks, fren. WAGMI. The ideal is to buy in low, and start swinging to grow it big and strong. I might not start with a Make It Stack, but I'm damn sure going to cultivate one.

>> No.28031739

I want to buy more rubic but all my eth is locked up by kraken and coinbase for more days ahhhhhhhh
I need more than 777rubic I need to be cubic stack ahhhhh!!!!!!!! I need to buy this deep reeeeeeeee

>> No.28031934

what are gas prices rn i have been wanting to get in on this for a while now but way too poor for $130 gas fees

>> No.28032003

100% whales securing profits while ETH recovers the market

>> No.28032085

When I bought my 777 stack on rubic.exchange gas was like $35 if I remember right. I bought Friday I think, not sure if that matters I'm new to this don't know how much it fluctuates day per day yet

>> No.28032654

It looks like BTC is doing quite well since the dump this morning. The cruise back to .70 might be a beautiful one.

>> No.28032766
File: 494 KB, 898x1106, 1584225426191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28032801

that guy lost 120k rbc through panic selling and fomoing back in

>> No.28032895

yea imagine how his day is going losing 120k rubic in a swing trade. If he doesn't learn there he will learn the next time..

>> No.28032916
File: 453 KB, 1117x853, deriv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek never knew where the origin was from

>> No.28032951

They've got dead eyes.

>> No.28033430

I was hoping he would just stay out
swinging 300k+ is fucking degenerate

>> No.28033879
File: 186 KB, 1000x1000, 1612264086144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28034666
File: 33 KB, 500x421, Hodl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stack and Hodl

>> No.28034840

lmfaoo yea it is

>> No.28034952

Women can't into lowcaps.

>> No.28035065

yeah trust nobody, only yourself. that said i think this one can reach $5. but pretend im trying to rugpull you and decide for yourself.

>> No.28035388

So the shills are now fudding actively it would seem.

>> No.28036049

Sold yesterday. Can't wait to see tomorrow's cope.

>> No.28036057

checked wagmi

>> No.28036383

Yes, yours

>> No.28036446

>BTC pushing back to 39k
>ETH back to 1600
yea tomorrows cope is going to be people who didn't buy today. This shit was pumping .20 cents a day last week

>> No.28036493

fake shit

>> No.28036652

Couldn't come up with something that wasn't the most obvious and boring comeback. This is why low end of midwit are the eternal cucks of crypto.

>> No.28036875

>This is why low end of midwit are the eternal cucks of crypto
Yes, you are

>> No.28036988
File: 89 KB, 1080x444, Screenshot_20210208-004556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related will happen to Rubic

>> No.28037016

What do you mean by “risk”? This should be up a decent amount in April and you’ll make some bucks but it’s really best as a long term hold. If you need this $500 to get your own place you’d be better saving it for now.

>> No.28037122

Reassuring that I’m not the only one seeing that. There’s only like 5500 people who own rubic. A few guys with big dicks can move the market if they want. We just need to be patient and ride it out for a year or two while it takes off

>> No.28037128

Should I throw another $500 at now or wait for another dip, I missed the .20 dip because my Tether was stuck pending for a day.

>> No.28037147

based and checked

>> No.28037425
File: 208 KB, 1125x2436, 52B50742-DEB0-43CE-93DC-F2B9E109D003.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

feel pretty fucking dumb to get in ath like a high schooler and not waiting for a dip, could have doubled my bags fuuuu now im out of cash

>> No.28037626

Suicide stack there you doing good anon

>> No.28037676
File: 161 KB, 713x730, 1612546512140.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i think i caused this dump
sorry frens

>> No.28037748

thats ok, you made it

>> No.28037752

>so much green used in images
yep, it's a pajeet coin

>> No.28037798

yeah might want to double that hopefully next week if we still crab in 20-50 territory, can you ID how many more whale wallets out there thats active so we know their moves ahead of time

>> No.28037816

>only 6600 rubics
feels bad man

>> No.28037830

Anyone ever making that face always does

>> No.28038082

anons which bots you use to buy and sell without pushing price too much?
>brainlet boomer here

>> No.28038162


>> No.28038169

>What do you mean by “risk”?
I've already been burned on seeing ~$500 evaporate from AMC (retarded in hindsight, I know, but I was high on the atmosphere) and I don't want to see more cash leave my fingers. That's why the IDEAL is buying in at .2 - .3, because I know it won't go any lower than that. I took "don't invest more than you're willing to lose" to heart, and that means I'm looking at that $500 like it's going to be lost to me forever. Fairly short-sighted, sure, but I'm being cautious about this. I just hope my caution doesn't turn into FUD because I KNOW this will generate profit.

>> No.28038247

.40 unironically is the dip

>> No.28038643

>gets scammed of 500$
>immediately jumps onto the next scam
Looks like you need to get burned again until you learn your lesson

>> No.28038646
File: 627 KB, 1920x1080, 1612562732702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unironically this anons... Fundamentals didn't change

>> No.28038688

You have the right mindset. I doubt rubic drops below .30 again but even at .50 it’s a good purchase. It’s not a quick turnaround. If you are comfortable writing off that $500 right now and can still pay for everything you need to, go for it. You’ll make a lot more in a year or two because of it.

>> No.28038842

Loaded up 10k on these dips

>> No.28038994
File: 1.30 MB, 1920x1080, 1612710106560.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy the dip now or die faggots

>> No.28039287

>If you are comfortable writing off that $500 right now and can still pay for everything you need to, go for it. You’ll make a lot more in a year or two because of it.
Oh, absolutely. $500 in the scheme of things isn't going to change much finance-wise and even if I get into financial trouble, the money's right there as an investment. Buying in at .5 with $500 and hitting $1/share would pay for both my AMC losses and investment alone, and it sounds like we're poised to hit that by EOW.

But hey, a lot can happen between tonight and Tuesday morning (when my funds are cleared with Binance and I can actually transfer USDT to ProBit) and maybe it will dip to .3, in which case I could get away with a $300 investment and feel even more comfortable about things. Sounds poorfag as fuck, I know, but that's my situation.

>> No.28039531

Expanded my poverty stack another 200 RBC at the bottom. I swung on LINK and paid for it, RBC and GRT are doing right by me.

>> No.28040523

sirs..... i hope you buy the dip....


>> No.28040620

That's pretty based, not gonna lie.

>> No.28040622

sirs..... i hope you buyed the dip....


>> No.28040751
File: 325 KB, 905x1280, 1612316946382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking kekd

>> No.28040922

Bought the dip... like clockwork

>> No.28040989

Lmao with this kind of meme energy it can't fail..

>> No.28041011

>ChainLink is a cube-based coin
>Does great
>Rubic is a cube-based coin
>Shows promise

>> No.28041179

checked and based

>> No.28041313

Got grandma to throw in 2,000$

how do I buy this shit?

>> No.28041395

classless cousin fucking cracker

>> No.28041443




>> No.28041579

>how do I buy this shit?
Buy USDT on Binance, set up an account on ProBit, go to ProBit's wallet, go to Deposit, and copy the Address they give you for USDT's ERC-20 code. Then, go to Withdraw on Binance, paste the code after selecting USDT, and ta-da. You've done it.

>> No.28041811
File: 280 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210207-160437.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whales are buying back in rn, dip over. look at the ETH buy amounts.

>> No.28041814
File: 179 KB, 1280x720, iu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rube cube

>> No.28041857

Stop copy-pasting this everywhere you discord tranny fudder I'm not selling on a dip when I'm still up 10x+

>> No.28041909


>> No.28041955

I see a sell for 69 ETH...

>> No.28042095

they're selling the new bottom.. You cannot help these people. .40 is unironally the dip

>> No.28042202

I hope so man... I didn't get in at 2 cents like you did.

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