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Solana announcement will pump PRQ to 3$

Ready for financial independency?

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please for the love of god stay low for another week i want to put another paycheck in

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4h and 24h looking good

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bitcoin pumps
>parsiq dumps
listing announced
>parsiq dumps
listing happens
>parsiq dumps
Ethdenver ama
>parsiq dumps
bitcoin dumps
>parsiq pumps

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty comfy

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just wait for the 72h...

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I still refuse to get my hopes up, been let down too many times by this piece of shit already

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Ok guys, I sold at 96c today. Enjoy your pump.

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Have to wait untill tomorrow until i can buy more

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Almost up to 1.30.
Hell yeah boys this is it. I hope.
I'm knocking on wood, don't worry.

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did you actually anon? please tell me you did ahahaha

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bet some faggot whale is getting ready to take a massive steaming dump

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yeah nah, im anticipating the dump back to 1$. wake me up when we actually break 2$ and the chink bots on Okex stop washtrading.

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Chink bots look to have stopped. It always starts around 1.15 to 1.20. But volume hasn't passed 5 mil today.

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been holding for weeks and finally sold at 1.25c today, this shit better not moon now.

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(for good)

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thank you sir for doing the needful and letting the pump begin

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please for the love of god

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Extremely glad it’s decoupled from buttcorn for now, wouldn’t surprise me if it shits the bed soon taking most of the market with it.

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stay away from tall buildings.

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To add, when the bot pumps we hit 20 mil volume as well.

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devs make mash

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kek, I was looking for that thread but couldn't find it

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solana, binance, huobi, IQ protocol... all Q1 nevermind the rest of the roadmap or the many other partnerships coming. $50 EOY.

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I don’t have enough parsnips

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kek, delude bagholders, this will go right back to a dollar

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shoo shoo tranny

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How many devs do you think contacted Analtoy after his ETHDenver showcase?

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I thought his showcase was the 9th???

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he had an initial presentation on the 5th, his full showcase is the 9th.

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Polkadot needs parsiq, it fills the only problem they do have about scalability.
Do what you want with this info.
Breadcrumbs #timetravellingwallet #parachains #branchchain

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Hope it does not pump to much until tomorrow, cant buy more today.

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can't wait for Linkies to jump in

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me too

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I said it before and I'll say it again, the best possible move in all of crypto would have been to sell all link at 20 and get into prq at 0.009 back in august

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Sorry guys I was just FUDing about the price manipulation yesterday to shake out the weak hands.
We needed some capitulation before pumping

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parsnip = arselick
$30 EOY

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Always envied LINKers for their comfyness.
But now i am more comfy than they will every be. We are so damn early, frens.
IQ protocol coming. Parsnip juice will fuel everything from ETH to VISA

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This segment at ETHdenver is going to be peak slav autism

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Do I sell my BNT for more parsnips?
Think BNT has good potential, but i believe in PRQ more

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>sirgay nazarov
some literal who gets his own segment while Anatoly Ressin has to do his with retards

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I wish I was here back in August. Would have been the only project I backed. I spent so much time on 4chan over the years I had to take a break and came back in December, lol. Only have like 1/7th the amount of Parsnips I want. Ah well, that's what I get for not remembering I'm here forever.

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People have no idea what is coming...

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Meh guess I'll just throw it all.
Fuck you retards I wanted (you)'s.

"One of the most intriguing use-cases for parachains is as a tool for scalability.It is possible to create parachains which have their own parachains, and so on.This creates a tree-like structure that can be used to perform highly distributed computations without reducing the overall burden on the root relay chain itself. The main problem is ensuring data availability — parachain blocks are meant to be accompanied with a proof of validity that remains available to anyone to check for at least a certain period of time. Validators are responsible for ensuring the proof for blocks they verify remains available. Unfortunately, it’s not possible (or at least very difficult) to prove that messages which were supposed to be sent haven’t been without moving the message on-chain. We can avert this problem with largely reputational guarantees: when relatively trusted parties pinpoint a validator as withholding data, they can be punished. This can also be generalized to a system of coin-votes or multi-layered courts. In order to reduce the effectiveness and practicality of malicious and false reports, each report of misbehavior should be accompanied by a non-refundable burn of funds. When enough people are watching a computation, as in the case of first-level parachains, necessary data will typically be available. Another strategy for mitigation involves designing parachains in such a way that stored value can be withdrawn when a chain appears to be stalled or attacked, although this is difficult when that chain executes smart contracts which lock funds or administer their own expenses autonomously."

>Multichain reality
>Anatoly's masterclass about chains and time.

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>I had to take a break
i hope you learned your lesson.

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I don’t understand what any of this means

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I mean, Anatoly had his own segment last friday

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never every did i feel so comfy holy shit

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essentially distributed computing requires a reliability or trust system, which parsiq solves through real time monitoring

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if you sell you will kys

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Been here since 2005. I have. I'll never leave this hellhole again. Besides, /biz/ is unironically the board that gives me that mid-2000s 4chan feeling. I had almost given up hope till I happened to come here in December because I was getting sick of my money just sitting in my bank and wanted to see what other lowlifes are doing with their money. Still comfy with my parsnips

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Look at how the conference is called.
Watch what Anatoly was talking about that everyone was so hyped and felt out of place now see who is also speaking at that segment and read what I've posted which is the problem they face.

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thanks for explaining it for my room temperature iq

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fucking hell, yeah im feeling the fomo

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Legitimately never selling fren. Even after taking profits this bullrun I will most likely leave about 3-5k PRQ in and come back in 10 years. Anatoly has insanely big plans

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np fren

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im about to liquidate my LINK and FOMO in parsiq bros

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Guys, should I get rid of some of my other coins and ape into MORE parsnips?

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Based Anatoly will make us rich beyond time and space

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I shoulda sold my GRT for more

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thank you for using your bad luck to our advantage anon, you will reap your rewards in the life after this

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checked 'n based

>> No.28016492

..... well, yeah. Jesus, who still holds on to that shitcoin?

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kek wills it

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I also took a break, from 2018 to 2020, came back right in time to get prq in august
>the board that gives me that mid-2000s 4chan feeling
I hate this board and i cant see why you like it
Used to make parsnip breads 6 months ago and got no replies
only a few anons were interested, 50% of the people here are not human, 25% are alright but still retarded, 20% are pretty smart-sih, 5% are the geniuses you keep hearing about, they never post, but i met a lot of them exclusively in prq/xcm/qnt threads
what pisses me of is how all of the retards are unable to find the good threads despite being on the same fucking website

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Cosmos and Dot? Woah

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Well, it's been a steady climb for me. And I have fond memories because I'm a filthy washingtonian so due to laws the only way I could buy Parsiq is through swaps. So when PRQ was at .3 I bought GRT at .3 when it released on cuckbase (one of the only allowed exchanges in my cucked state). Cuckbase allows you to loan against yourself if you get gains, so I was able to take off all my gains from GRT pumping to .73 that day and get 3k parsnips. Then GRT has been a steady climb and PRQ has been getting CHINA'D so I wanted to hedge my bets. I'm still pretty new so yeah.

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fuck the chinks bro. they fucking up my gains

>> No.28017064

>trying to force prqrew when its always been prqties

>> No.28017125

>I hate this board and i cant see why you like it
just the right mix of autism and sincerity, mixed with genuine happenings. all my other favorite boards are destroyed shells of themselves

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i've been on 4chan every day, for 17 years.
you need to realize that there is an extreme influx of plebbitfugee retards that do not understand the crypto economy or even take it seriously. they think pure dogshit meme coins will make them millionaires with what little they have left after the GMEocaust, because they see these extreme price fluctuations and assume crypto = casino.
now that's not entirely wrong but it's like why the fuck are you dumping hundreds of dollars in the nickel slots when you could be playing table games.
fuck them. hope they get rugged so hard they gotta hit up payday loans for kneepads.

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i've been holding prq for a couple of weeks but i might sell it for something more directly related to finance. i just can't see prq hitting say 5b market cap until 4-5+ years in the future. on the other hand, something like INJ could easily jump by a similar multiplier in a shorter time frame because it's directly related to defi rather than indirectly.

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use filters, duh

>> No.28017806

still not buying qnt and dna

>> No.28017928

>market cap
recently i've found this, it's from xrp schizo thread
quite interesting idea tb-h

>> No.28017959

Absolutely based and extremely redpilled.
I hate these dogecoin gambling plebbit fags so much.

>> No.28018096

here is my filter.

I also never bought any qnt.. which was a mistake..
and dna is more of a gamble, got some at 0.02, did a 3x in a short timeframe, pretty nice, looking to sell at 0.2 on basedmetro

>> No.28018105

>Filtered threads: 61

>> No.28018257

>filter: doge, gme
filtered threads: 37

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>bought link at 58 cents
>3 years later i bought parsiq at 56 cents
I will make sure to share my blessing with the poor starving childrens and shit

>> No.28018392

sure. thanks for sharing (srs). but - my point stands. just change "market cap" to "the amount of money that will flow into this coin". something directly DEFI will see much more money flowing into it than a project like prq. i'm open to arguments.

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>bought link at 58 cents
>3 years later i bought parsiq at 56 cents
I will make sure to share my blessing with the poor starving childrens and shit

>> No.28018441

alright aped in bros. wish me luck, byebye stinky linky

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Never, and I mean NEVER listen to an XRP schizo.
They are unironically some of the most stupid people in crypto. I've tried having rational conversations with them, and you NEVER get a coherent answer.
Their "mc is a meme" bullshit is one of the most retarded things I've ever heard, and they unironically believe it.

>> No.28018619

>Solana announcement will pump PRQ to 3$
I've made my calculation. This isn't a meme.
Hope they'll announce it before the Binance listing.

>> No.28018818

yes, i agree they are fucking weird... but their schizophrenia, which i believe some of them unironically have, enables them to "think" different.
really read it, don't search for information that only confirm your views

>> No.28018864

but i don’t have enough parsnips yet
i only have a measly 3k

>> No.28018893

Not sure why I read all that, was at 70% and thought oh well, sunk cost
this whole ripple spiel is what I pressure pol is

everyone can see its shit, then some people think but what if there is more to it, so they spend their time with mental gymnastics, and WOW its actually worth $2000 lads!!

yeah, meanwhile the big fish are smoking cigars looking down on the same people they are selling useless coins to..


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did the wash trading stop or some shit? fucking mooning

>> No.28019208

schizophrenia does not make you some kind of savant, you are just insane and that's it. you think everything in the universe is a sign specially crafted for you and your life only. it's just dumb. when link cultists unironically believe saturn has something to do with link, they are plain delusional, not "thinking different". lmao
autism > schizophrenia

>> No.28019251

read Deleuze bro

>> No.28019330

>autism > schizophrenia

>> No.28019441


update, i sold. perhaps in a different timeline another anon would be browsing this thread who would have said the magic combination of words to make me hold and eventually make it from my prq. but alas, we must do with the timeline that we have. good luck bros.

>> No.28019480

thanks for your sacrifice anon, now that you sold we can moon

>> No.28019509

Yes, mentioned this above but it literally did after people threw a justified shitfit yesterday.

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Its k INJ will also be integrated

>> No.28019604

I hope you're not serious...
If so, make sure you use that money you just made to buy a nice rope.

>> No.28019658

Checked, yes sell everything for parsnips and you'll make it desu

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i know, i know, but the majority of linkers fall for the memes that were posted by schizos (not autists), only ~10% bought because they were able to understand the qualities of the link

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Look at this shit with no huge news as soon as they stop botting

>> No.28021819

Cant wait to dump all my dna into this when i can sell it tommorrow on coinmetro

>> No.28021893

Guys I have around 4k SOL

Is Solana a scam?

>> No.28022347

just dumped my last 10k
see u at $1

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>> No.28022422

lmao swingie btfo

>> No.28022618

lmao hope this is a LARP for your sake dude

>> No.28023015

>tell the Parsiq team the chinks are suppressing the price on Okex
>team says they'll do something about it
>chinks suddenly stop
>price goes up
Name a more based crypto team than this. I'll wait.

>> No.28023120

I got nothing

>> No.28023161

fuck yeah PRQ

>> No.28023186

>Name a more based crypto team than this. I'll wait.
I have one
>ask kevin what good projects are
>says parsiq and explains why (price 0.009)
>buy parsiq
>wtf im rich now
thanks kevin :)

>> No.28023206

have a lot of faith in this team, can’t go wrong with autistic slavs

>> No.28023273

Fucking dangerously based

>> No.28023310

And THIS autistic slav is the most based one of the bunch.

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>> No.28023456

only thing giving me swingie anxiety rn

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>> No.28023520

Let's fucking moon $PRQ believers!

>> No.28023527

tik tok, new ATH coming

>> No.28023544

glad you sold mate?

>> No.28023628

Finally out of that fucking endless triangle, up and away

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this guy sold and now its going up
everyone thank this anon

>> No.28023747

Fuck bros, I'm really starting to feel the fomo.
I think all the big boys in crypto are starting to realize that integrating with Parsiq is going to be essential for completing defi. Guys, I'm unironically really feeling like I'm riding the new Link, but literally better. This is going into the top 5, no doubt.

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just imagine the buy pressure with the IQ protocol implementation

>> No.28024048

What im into with my 20k snips

>> No.28024060

Wont lie was getting a little frustrated with this crab. Parsiq is making such big steps forward, but PRQ isnt following, and is still undervalued as fuck.

What will it take for crypto to realise how much value this has.

>> No.28024072

hows $20 million sound?

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>> No.28024394

imo this is delusion. oracles are very necessary to the ecosystem. notifications are not. not to mention in terms of potential for market cap growth - the value of link is directly tied to the value of the contracts in the ecosystem using it. prq has no such mechanism

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File: 118 KB, 800x450, pepepunch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.28024479

>He thinks it's just notifications
This is a based PRQ Chad thread and we're riding past $1.30 already.
But I respect the FUD hustle.

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>> No.28024541

>He still thinks parsiq is a notifier

>> No.28024580

kek, I remember this post.... oh boy, poor lad

>> No.28024609

>good luck bros.
>comes back seething
god damn those tears taste good man.

>> No.28024861

Imagine selling as soon as it breaks out of a 3 week consolidation lmao this poster will be roping when we hit $2 EOW

>> No.28024977


i'm not really too bothered about my investment, but i'm still interested


that's fair enough if it does more. but none of the solutions that i see on https://www.parsiq.net/en/solutions hint at anything that will require a lot of capital. what, you think this things going to hit 50b market cap just providing tools to crypto traders, or as a bit of saas for crypto companies? i just don't see where the money is going to come from here.

>> No.28025134

you told them?

>> No.28025173


>> No.28025283

I told you anon, hope your really aped in

>> No.28025291

>i just don't see where the money is going to come from here.
it's the cloudflare of defi.

>> No.28025383

holy shit i sold at 1.20 and thought i could buy in later
pass the fucking rope

>> No.28025411

had to ape in with those dubs, dont worry anon. WAGMI

>> No.28025522
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those prices, ridiculous...

>> No.28025802

And people were crying about wanting more exchanges lmao. Pretty sure Uniswap only coins do better overall

>> No.28025812

Alright bro's, I'm a poorlet and only have 2k Parsnips. Is there anything else you think might have even anywhere close to the same potential that might be worth taking a peek at?
I can start investing small amounts every few weeks from now on. XCM was always my big one and I trust Kevin, but am a bit put off by the "CEX being invalidated by DEX" business.

>> No.28025824


>> No.28025914

Will this go down until 1.2 again, cant buy until tomorrow reeeeeeee

>> No.28025932

LTO and DEXG were in the same report as PRQ back when PRQ/LTO were sub 15c.

>> No.28026155

Good call. I did have my eye on LTO as well and it's thankfully just crabbing along even worse than PRQ. Appreciate DEXG as well, I'll look into it!

>> No.28026237
File: 1.69 MB, 580x326, 1437506023760.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't fuck with me, are you for real?

>> No.28026318

>coin just randomly pumps after a major dump


>> No.28026386
File: 33 KB, 512x512, 260EA2AC-94EE-4D46-B1EA-E5E3609BD253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek this is the definition of seethe.
Somebody screencap this white boy for the $5 waiting room thread

>> No.28026406
File: 34 KB, 920x518, prq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does any of you prq fags own pic rel?
if so, why?

>> No.28026479

Normally it’s me fueling the Rocket with sell orders. But thanks for your duty this time!

>> No.28026598

lmao dude i don't care, if there's something i'm missing you're welcome to advise me, if not that's okay too

>> No.28026747

you're already way ahead of biz fren, just listen kev and look into qnt if you want

>> No.28026975

I made some pretty good poorfag money slinging shitcoins this week, and I didn't sell 1 single parsnip

>> No.28026985

we're going to hit $1.70 EOD aren't we

>> No.28027072
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somebody is watching

>> No.28027135

It means to buy parsnips sir

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holy shit is the team finally making mash?

>> No.28027285

They jumped in last August

>> No.28027366

PRQ allows Dapps to create smart triggers for smart contracts in real time. It seems unimpressive. But in this time frame blockchains are unstable. Multiple potential chains can exist until one becomes deemed the official chain. How can you programmatically act on the latest transactions with certainty when they may not be cannon? PRQ solves this.

>> No.28027414


>> No.28028101

nope, but I admire him

>> No.28028639

It will be back to 1.10 by end of day

>> No.28028812


>> No.28028962

hmm ok. thanks for taking the time to explain that. however, i still don't see this as a source of billions of dollars. as an investor, it seems like it will be more profitable to invest in projects that are directly tied to finance, as that's where the money will be. whilst this function of prq's sounds great, and while i like everything i've heard about prq, i haven't seen any good counters to this point yet. it's very possible my understanding is just too limited though

>> No.28029051

then short it, smartass

>> No.28029094

at this point, i'd be surprised if it wasn't

>> No.28029116

yesterday two guys literally made 50 post how manipulated and wrong prq is, today it is 35% up.

it is always the same game. increase of fudds against prq has been the biggest bullish sign shortterm. fuck all fudders, ynwmi, faggots.
you can buy my stack at 20 $ assholes.

>> No.28029126

already did, all this pump was mostly 4 whales doing 20 eth buys, everyone else is going to dump

>> No.28029190


>> No.28029418

knew a whale would take a massive dump, every fucking time

>> No.28029751

whale will still be BTFO 3d4 wallet is an ant brain

>> No.28030008

Nah you dumb faggots, Uniswap was just overbought, exchanges were still at 1.30 prices.
These 'whales' are not dumping on you for no reason, its just arbitrage.

Use your brain or at least do some etherscan investigation

>> No.28030106

>Use your brain
Used it too much to buy PRQ in the first place. Thanks anon, I wasn't keeping tabs on what the others were at.

>> No.28030224

PRQ is listed on some seriously low volume shit exchanges like EXMO that cant keep up with Uniswap price, they are always lagging behind hardcore until a big player decides to arb 20 eth worth of PRQ. So on Dextools it just looks like a whale dumping.

Honestly fucking exchanges they have been nothing but misery for PRQ

>> No.28030230

this is unironically true. whales aren't doing shit, exchanges were just off by ~5%-15% for the entire pump.

>> No.28030789

Just a russian rugpull, just a pajeet coin, just a wallet... Pleaaaase stop buying my paycheck will not arive until 15th. My financial freedom is sliping away with every cent of price increase. Aaaaaaa

>> No.28030821
File: 249 KB, 1440x1989, Screenshot_20210207-215618__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, how do you call this pattern?

>> No.28030896


>> No.28031142
File: 21 KB, 836x475, 523253253253253253253.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you think its going down from there you're absolutely retarded.
Do you realize how bullish this pattern looks?

>> No.28031153

i call it lemme get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh double cheeseburger meal coke to drink annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddddddddddddd ten mcnuggets with hot mustard.

>> No.28031221


>> No.28031368


>> No.28031841

keep dreaming swingerino
2 dollar support in the next 3 days

>> No.28033601

I'd just be happy with $1.20 or so support now considering the wash trading is over and we have news coming up. I think that's reasonable.

>> No.28033641


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