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It was a pajeet p&d

You didnt get dumped on did you?

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you arent actually still holding, are you?

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you did know it was a pajeet pnd right?

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That's pretty bad

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Bought at one cent and still holding. Just trying to shake out newfags to buy more

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the woman in the team has the typical slav gold digger gace

every ukrainian village has a pig like here, and she will always take your incel money

the AMA was a sell signsl

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About ready to buy more!

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its almost like it was a pump and dump all along

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You realize you could've made 60x your money, right. Was that just not good enough for you? Lmao

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project is still alive, but its an unproven project with big ambitions. So if you're bag holding right now might be worth continuing to hold and gamble on what they can do. The speculation brought this price higher than its true value atm though.

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based, it's not even close to where most of biz entered. everyone complaining bought the top. kek

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How did you spot this project? Obvi the massive runup was collusion, but these things usually aren't without some organic legs of their own

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Newfags always learn this the hard way esp when it's a pnd shilledn by our jannies

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don't care
still in %400 profit

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yes, sell your bags, please

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that was last months pnd
we've moved onto asko this month
then dump that eom and we will move onto the next
thats what they are called shitcoin flavours of the month

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cant wait to buy more, pajeet

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>Bought at 1 cent
>Didnt sell at 80x profit
you are nigger brain

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More of biz should learn to TA, most obvious double top pattern I've ever seen. Managed to dump my stack at 75c. If we go sub 10c I might dip my toes in again. Long term there's no future in Rubic, I'm not a fudder, just an oldfag who's been through some shit

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LMAO it's over. bought at and 14c sold last night, the /biz/ euphoria made it clear it was time to sell

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take your meds you just got lucky schizo

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>applying TA to the asset in price discovery phase

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Sold at the top for all in on Asko, no regrets I am so smart

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B-but why?

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show me your 6 figure hell blockfolio, rubic holders. oh wait it's 5 figures now? soon to be 4

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Seems to have worked for me so....

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I can't wait until you guys get fired for literally achilles heeling your own token with your hubris by excessively marketing it so that it scares aware crypto veterans with diamond hands and attracts a bunch of overly emotional FOMOing retards that sell at the first sign of trouble

It's fucking hilarious

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Survivorship bias. For every success story like yours, there are ten more people who tried to game this shit with TA and failed. Just a reality.

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Couldn’t have predicted this dump, I would’ve been stupid to sell there.

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all of the whales are in fighting in their discords

they're rug pulling each other to secure their 6 to 7 figure meme gains


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When you invest with your head more than your emotions, you'll start to see better gains, just advice feel free to tell me to go fuck myself haha

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I sold my 375 RBC at the top. Feels good to exit at the right time for once. Even if I'm still poor.

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1 minute chart TA in accumulation phase lol

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Despite the crash holders have gone up about 1%. The whales are taking profit but everyone is here to stay. Don't panic

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Still up 300% LMAO

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Stop buying coins that are ONLY on DEXs and shilled heavily here. Fucking retards.

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>80x return on my investment on obvious pnd coin is not enough
You deseve it

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My gains are fine. It's not an emotion vs reason thing. But congrats on your own gains regardless, I am glad you got out.

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no way
another obvious scam spam shilled on /biz/
has died?
what wow i can't believe it

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Back to .5c we go anons. Hope you didn’t panic sell or try to swing

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implying price reflects the projects livelihood? the devs are literally just starting to work on improving the project. my advice is is cop these cheap bags before it shoots up again in a month once their new features are working

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you probably spent more on the fees
that's why I don't even bother to check charts for small mcap coins I hold as longterm investment

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I just bought $7k more worth of Rubic during the crash.. Do you know why? Because I'm not a retard like you with no ability to look ahead. Because this shit is GOING TO RECOVER.

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Pigs get slaughtered go read a fucking book and come back

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>Bought at .08 cents and stuck it all in liquidity
>All this volume just giving me more money in fees as shit normalizes and we slow grow up through May

Feels good being so early that a pump n dump still leaves me up 3x

See you niggers in the Spring when this pumps again.

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>most of biz
>less than $12 million absolute peak 24 hour volume

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1. Everything is dumping rn
2. It still has almost as many Holders as before
3. The Projekt is still very promising

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>Couldn’t have predicted this dump
Don't know, maybe except the extreme unorganic growth because of weeks of shilling to newfags without a proper correction after 30 cents?

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You're clearly retarded for not selling a x80

I bought 10k worth at 1c and sold it all at 25c, 250k total profit

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why do you think it's going to recover? Do you honestly thing this coin should be valued similarly to The Graph or ADA?

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This is just another opportunity for entry, once its listed on binance its going 2$+

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>p-pump and dump b-but it's over!
>whales just quadrupled his stack

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This . Still comfy AF

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>The Projekt is still very promising

No it's not

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Still x3 don't care lol

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It's on its way back up, lol.

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dubs of truth

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>why do you think it's going to recover? Do you honestly thing this coin should be valued similarly to The Graph or ADA?

>No it's not

>waiting 3 years for 5head project eth killer and adoption and google search on blockchain
>or the project designed to alleviate an immediate problem

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>they did the needful

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Fucking kek, I'm just glad all these obnoxious paid pepe edits have dropped off the face of the catalog

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You bought the dip anon, right?

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my rubic stays cubic, never selling, already a millionaire because of a green cube

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You're a paper millionaire and there will never be enough liquidity for you to cash out.

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You're overselling it.

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no, I already bought in sub 1 cent

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Oh you sweet new friends are about to experience your first dead cat bounce. Buckle up sweetie

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crap guys.. you almost got me to fomo in yesterday.. thankfully this wasnt on coinbase.

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This deserves to be valued similarly to Uniswap, Sushiswap, 1inch, or other similar projects. Maybe even higher than them, since none of those offer cross chain swaps

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Can we see what addresses sold the largest amount during this dump? And find out if they are developpers or not?

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LOL We are already back to 44 cents. What a shocker. I'm happy to see weak hands get shaken out of this. We need it for long term stability.

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bought at .50, dont care

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dead cat bounce, already back to 37c

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Oldfag here and that's not how this works anon. That 50% drop can't happen in an hour and just get corrected within an hour. Like everything else, Rubic is trying to artificially speed run through these important parts of creating a healthy, stable graph just like how it tried to artificially speed run building up a healthy community by appealing to apeing retards.

I'm not going to bother to explain it, I don't even know the fundamentals of Rubic - they may be good - but I know charts. There's a reason why smarter protocols want to build up over a longer period of time. It would be hilarious if the core protocol is actually really bullish but the marketing team was actually responsible for tanking this token. If you're smart you'd ride this wave to .5 and sell. But you probably bought the 800% pump, so you're not smart.

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That’s not how we spell this word.

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Holy brainlet, you would ve made 7 digits if you held a little longer, try not to rope. Nice gainz though

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He's Russian, leave him alone.

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You did see how this was being shilled right.
It had literally every pnd flag imaginable. Well done to anyone who profited.

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>he just now realized it was an indian p&d

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hold my 100k bag fsggots

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it was obviously a pajeet pnd. are you still holding?

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This, you niggers need to learn to invest with your money not your heart, you will get fucked on.

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I swear you FUDDERS think we can't see the trade history, it went back down because 3 whales dumped ~60ETH on it trying to keep it low.

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Where can I view that?

>> No.28011581

That's a well thought out response. Have a free (You)

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here's a metaphor that may make the rubic situation easier to understand:
think of yourself, the rubic buyer, as a designated shitting street
think of panjit and rajesh, the shills behind this coin, as a couple hindus who had extra-spicy curry for lunch

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