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I know you epic /pol/lacks think its le funny XD to have someone says
>kill a nigger and skull fuck a jew
As your representative of a coin. But consider this: the only reason that piece of shit coin Ripple got any attention was because they had connections to google and banks.

What fucking major tech leaders are going to want anything to do with coin that is related to Moon Man? It would be like having Pepe coin go mainstream.


You might be thinking
>moon man has nothing do with ARK, you fucking faggot OP
And all i have to say is, he will one day. Moon man is the most popular ARK delegate currently, so ARK will have to acknowledge it. And i dont even know how they could hide it under the rug. There will be articles up ass the how ARK gain notoriety from a skin head becoming its poster child.

you don goofed.

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How is Lisk doing anyway? I hear it's a solid investment instead of this childish ARK bullshit.

I think I'm going to drop a few grand on it. Thanks for the heads up on ARK man.

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Hi Lisk dev 1
I'll keep tagging you fucks as you predictably pop up in this thread

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This is getting pathetic now Isabelle. Go suck a dick to unwind.

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Isn't moon a russian-jew?

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moon man isn't even the one who really runs the delegate, real owner is uncle chang.

Guess what, nobody cares, ark is built on democracy. If they dont like it they can vote for another delegate.

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We both have the private key so technically we both own and run it.

But you're right if people don't like what we're doing they are free to leave.

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I am (technically half-jew but because it's dad's side I'm hated by both jew-haters and technically can't be a jew according to "real jews".


Having a laugh @ OP. I've got no plans to work for ARK other than to casually contribute some code, and I don't go by Moon Man anywhere but this mongolian basket weaving forum.

We run it equally and both have equal control, but Chang has definitely been pulling more weight because he made the entire site himself (minus minor changes I made). So far I've only been doing the new payout script and managing the node itself (and handling PR). He gets most of the credit thus far.

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biz_classic is only the 5th biggest delegate, moon man is the less active partner, and moon man is just a name it's obviously not the same as the guy who made that video or even whoever wore the costume in the ancient ad. I have no ark and don't intend to get any, but this is bitcoin-bruteforce-tier FUD.

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ive lost about $300 from eth past couple days

i bought 1k ark at .43 cents

i want to die

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>I hate free money because the guy who runs it hurts my fee fees

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You think that's bad

I sold all my ARK at 92 cents, then rebought during the "dip" at 58 cents.

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Poorest fud attempt I've ever seen

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You need to put in more energy into others' lives and others' choices. Truly a mark of the superior man.

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Oh shit, you're jewish? FUUUUUUUUUUCK!
Just kidding, I'm gonna buy the dip, you people, you know how to make money!

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Made some OC to commemorate ARK being renamed to ARKKK.

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Wtf does that have to do with it? A node makes around 422 ARK daily, that's all

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Your autism doesn't get the sarcasm. The pic should have guide you.

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>I don't know how ARK works at all
Bet you're that "arkie" guy.

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how'd you get your trip to say your name

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He used his $4000 mining rig to bruteforce trips.

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I could theoretically generate a full 10-character tripcode in a few weeks but not worth it since that means I'm not mining. 7 characters takes a couple of minutes.

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you're fucking insane OP

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Higher resolution.

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Doge did second place on coinmarketcap, which is more than Ripple ever did specially since the devs create artificial scarcity, and it was the shitcoin to end shitcoins
I hate meme shit like Ark but you're just as bad with your appeal to brand names

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Look at this guy trying to have a conversation with the Lisk team

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Ripple actually hit 2nd place in May.

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the problem with ark is it's a currency which itself has value.

nobody wants yet another currency whose only point is to allow you to exchange one currency for another.

funding tokens like ark and most of the ico coins allow better more efficent projects to come along that don't use a token, by simply copying their ideas or code, and will almost always take over, because other than bagholders of ark, no user is going to want to use a more expensive took to exchange value that one which is cheaper.

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I'm so high right now that I can't tell if you're joking or not

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No, but my math was actually off. 10-characters is possible only using alphanumerics. With Unicode (which trips use), it would take 2 years with my current machine. It could be done in a few hours if someone were to pay a fuckton of money to rent a ridiculous amount of GPU power, but you get the point. I could do 9 characters in a realistic span of time though.

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Under artificial scarcity created by the devs, less than half of the tokens are actually in circulation but they're counted as part of the marketcap

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Nice just bought 100k of Lisk

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Also lmao at the FUD, if this coin reached $1 USD just off of speculation alone what do you think is going to happen when we hit another bull run and they start delivering

I'm not sure about all the claims that ARK will bring crypto into the mainstream by making it easy for normies in 2 years but it's very clear that many people believe in the success of the project, which means it'll get a valuation boosted just off of hope alone

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install triptools if youre not a windows or mac c*ck

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So tell me what makes Lisk valuable?

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5k ARK... I think I'm a small fish but I'm hopeful

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Try 110. lol

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nothing? who's using lisk for anything? its just another failed speculative currency, which i would bet on ask becoming as well.a

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I started with 200, have been buying down every dip. Im still down like $400

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>I know you epic /pol/lacks think its le funny XD to have someone says
>kill a nigger and skull fuck a jew




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Noice. There's still hope for me, I guess.
Just need this dip in last a bit longer.

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what the fuck your post my man
also fuck niggers too

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I knew something was sketchy about ark. Thanks OP.

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Thanks Satan. Absolutely flawless reasoning. Gonna dump all ARK immediately.

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Dayum son u've got a creepy ass face there.

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>meme shit like Ark
Yes Timmy, momma is proud of you, you special, special boy.

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Sounds like the shit MIT license argument Isobello made on github. It's called meritocracy, you inbred, participation trophy-holding shitstain. Moon man delivers and I support his role as a delegate.

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Are weekly payouts going out tonight?

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I bought 1500 at $1.

wake me up inside

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So he's half Jewish eh?

Why didn't you say so before

One must get 100k right now! This is a goldmine

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