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RBC Chad's i don't feel so good, my rubic are loosing their cubic ?

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Market is taking a nosedive.
Welcome to crypto

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> Anons first dip



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Haven't you heard? It's over..

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why wont you listen?
told you yesterday that were at top levels and a retrace arc is incoming to 60/50 to as low as 45/40c before crabbing to 70/77/80 and new top at 1.77/80
so far to a t

also, my rubic stays cubic

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It's called a dip.

Every market in the entire world has them, especially crypto.

Just hold, don't panic sell - go and enjoy life and come back in a few days time. You'll see it go back up again, especially as Rubic is a genuine project and not some shitcoin meme that comes up every few days.

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Also to add: 50k stack RUBICHAD here, and I ain't fucking selling - I'm going to double up to 100k if this dips further.

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redpill me on Rubic's l2 scaling plans?

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Lol you really think that shit is legit? Rubic is a pump and dump, son.

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market reacted to AMA, very bearish sentiment, the team is huge on promises buy won't deliver. inb4 binance smartcchain, that was shill to get newfags to buy, it's over bois take the little profit you can and move on.

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Yes clearly the Rubic dev AMA with 1k views is why Bitcoin dropped 7.5%

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Anything to back that up? Things go up and down. Doesn't always equate to a P&D. Been in this shit since 2016 and bet that RBC in the next year or so stays above $1. Then you can screenshot this and put it up on your wall to look at and see who's right.

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Imagine not holding until RBC is listed on bigger exchanges, and to see whether or not the team fulfils their Q1 targets.

It's like leaving a cinema shouting "this film is shit!" half way through the Toyota ads before the film.

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>pls stay pubic
i need some hopium chads

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why? It'll likely go to .20 and all the thirsty fags who have been laying down the FUD will finally get a chance to buy in. Either way, imma hodl until the end of the year, so it could fucking loop de loop until then for all I care.

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a bit of an expensive movie, but I guess I see the point.
t. bagholding

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i eat dips for breakfast you faggots

watch this

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market is shitting itself
i absolutely fucking love rubic and it IS going to $5 EOY, but its correcting to 20 cents first unfortunately. sell or hold, up to you

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>It's like leaving a cinema shouting "this film is shit!" half way through the Toyota ads before the film.

Damn I miss when movie theaters were like $5 for an adult and they were crowded with the smell of popcorn and arcade quarters. Thank you for coming to Loews!

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Unironically this. Volatile shit coins get hit the hardest when this happens.

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Rubic is 10$ soon ,, bulls time

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I just bought some is it gonna go back up?

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why is that

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yes sell it all right now

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>its correcting to 20 cents first unfortunately. sell or hold, up to you
Yeah, that's what I mean. I will happily hold because I don't have the time to play swingie anyway, but anyone screaming about how RBC is over is either a bandwagoning idiot or aching to buy in.

Without a doubt.

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Just bought more

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We all sold the obvious double top right? Might by back in sub 10c

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Checked. Can't believe this is true.

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Welcome to investing in zero value assets

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literally every of the 15 coins in my portfolio is going down lmao

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>to as low as 45/40c
Well we aint at 40c anymore are we u dumb nigger? BTC is completely cucking everything right now

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i was asleep
>t. eurofag

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it will go below 20c


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rubicucks... you all laughed at me... called me a fool... told me to stay poor...
I am here.
I am here and you WILL apologize to me NOW!

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We're almost at support level (somewhere in the 18-20c range). We're about to see if it's a crash and burn or just a crash.

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ASKO going beast mode and ignoring the red - at least that's lookin solid if it's in your portfolio

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Cool it seems like a good long term project

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Yah, I think oh I could have sold, had more money (poorfag) to flip on something else, and bought rubic again when it started going back up BUT I also hurt my wrist so these past few days of being by my computer will be done soon and when I'm back at work, I won't be able to do dumb shit like that anyway. Best to not get into the habit. Don't wanna swing trade with just a 4 hour late afternoon window.

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admittedly. ive been owned by the jeets and discord trannies who conned me into buying this piece of shit.

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This is so unbelievably oversold. Throwing more in right now fellas. IYKYK

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It really does. And when BTC/ETH shit themselves like this, it's not surprising that a coin that makes such quick gain like RBC shits itself too. Surprised by ASKO though, that seems to be recovering uncannily quickly.

It's always tempting, but unless you're a whale or incredibly lucky, the old adage remains true. Swingies get the rope.

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thats what you get

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I blame Trevon. I think he fucks with anything just to be a dick.

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>Sold 18k at 35c after buying in at .018 to cover my initial and take 50% profits
>still hold 200k
I feel pretty good myself

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no way rubic is a scam???? call me surprised cant wait untill this shit dies

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ASKO's down 30% from yesterday's high. It may crash too

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stop selling

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it's a legit project that was used for pnd
long term it will probably go up again, eventually it may reach the prices it reached this run
>Surprised by ASKO though, that seems to be recovering uncannily quickly.
ASKO has been heavily shilled here in the last day or so, it's clearly being pnd'd. don't know enough about it to say if it also has legitimate prospects.

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The fact that the amount of people holding this token on either scan should let you know this crash isn't because everyone is selling. It's whales taking gains from a new, high risk alt coin in anticipation of a market crash

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>ain’t fucking selling
>I’m going to double down because I don’t know what sunk cost fallacy
did ledditors who got scammed on gme come here to get scammed on rubic

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My only hope is that it stays dead until Tuesday morning. If I can buy a suicide stack at .1 I'd be a very, very happy boy.

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>might crash down to 20 cents

>> No.28007348

Potentially sure and yet on an incredibly red day, it's 24h is up 100.38% including hitting a new ATH a few hours ago so depends on if you're looking at it from a glass half empty or half full perspective

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RBC recovered yesterday night until europoors woke up. Then it dipped twice and then crashed when americans woke up and saw what happened and panic sold.

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>it's clearly being pnd'd
I thought so too, until I took a look at it. It's looking increasingly good to me. Got some big names in, going live on Monday on some exchange or other (forget which) and on the 13th, their ASKOlend system gets up and running.

They got listed on bilaxy, which means big chink money, if they manage to pull it off. I'd recommend a modest stack, even if you sell at $1.

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It crashes every morning (UK time) becaue europoors have been swinging it. I guess today's BTC/ETH dip made the burgers panic sell too.

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That was a good bounce

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Uniswap having massive liquidity depth problems isn't helping
>1 RBC/USDC = $0.5071
>10,000 RBC/USDC = $0.3865

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>ASKO has been heavily shilled here in the last day or so, it's clearly being pnd'd
reminds me of a certain coin, hmm... it couldn't be rbc?

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>grandpa shits the bed again
whats new
well be back in a month i guess

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And you guys were telling me that it wasn't too late to buy in at 60 cents
Thankfully I didn't listen to you or I would be screwed

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I think I'll just go do something else

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it dumped long before morning in europe

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wait what it's up 10 cents????

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Is there a reason for the dump?

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Everything crashed today, because BTC/ETH prices shit the bed

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this is the worst time to not have money lying around. this shitcoin dumped 68% in a day. such an easy fucking buy if you have the capital lying around

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ok which one of you niggers just pumped up the price? wanted to buy the dip and suddenly it's up 10 cents again

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this. It got oversold

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holy shit tried to get rid of my stack at the bottom. trade wouldnt go through on metamask lol.

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yes the coin is a pump and dump scam

>> No.28008389

ded cat bounce

>> No.28008410

don't worry there will be another opportunity for you to completely squander your money away

>> No.28008421

>whales buying into a dead cat bounce
You're not smart

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Still $1 eow

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I don't feel so cubic bros...

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what can be said except losers chase losers

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That’s a reallll nice bounce

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>all my other shit coins down 10%
>rubic down 50%


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Just bought the dip

This product is good and seller should feel bad

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Bounced higher than I expected, 25c.

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it was already in a big dump before btc and MAINLY eth started dipping. The stars aligned perfectly for anyone eyeing this coin. If anyone wanted to get in cheap on this coin and still didn't buy at least a portion on that 67% dip then you are quite fucking literally never ever going to make it

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Let's just hope that faggot masseffect bought back in. Just to stop his bitch whining.

>> No.28009093

anon what do you mean..
i took the opportunity and bought 8k more cubes..

>> No.28009107

>Let's just hope that faggot masseffect bought back in. Just to stop his bitch whining.
Let's hope the fucker didn't buy in because he wanted to see 19c or some shit LOL

>> No.28009119

just bought the dip too after closing at a higher price point. whewwwww BTC is up like 7% net too as it was down 6% and hour ago but up 1%

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Anon... I can't buy in, my money's still processing on Binance and won't clear until tomorrow night. I prayed for an opportunity to buy in and it's here, but I can't do anything about it.

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>67% dip

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PRQ, a fully working and useful project, just recently pumped from nothing to over 30 cents. Then dumped back under 10 cents, got its shit fucked up and restored during coinmetro's hack, and catapulted past $1.50. You didn't think it'd be a straight line up did you?

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>UNI, an exchange token, dropped from $8 to $3 in a day and many people panic sold. It now sits comfortably at nearly $20 a few months later

>RBC, an exchange token, dropped from $0.80 to $0.30 in a day and many people panic sold. _______________

fill in the blank

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It's okay anon, we're in the same boat. Let's be fucking miserable together

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Is dextools broken for anyone else? It's not showing all the trades and showing the wrong price

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>goes to .27
>want to put 1ETH into it
>metamask all effed up
>9/10 returns "no quotes available"
>1/10 wants highest gas fees I've ever seen

I like the streetshitter vibe of this thing, but rubicexchange and metamask are "I am Sam" level garbage.

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>this product is good
he fell for the memes

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the fuck happened justn ow

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>Let's be fucking miserable together
If this shit somehow stays at .2 or .3 by tomorrow night that's a sign from fuckin' god that we both need to GET CUBIC, DUDE.

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Feels fucking good doesn't it? Increased my stack from 15k to 25k.

>> No.28009466

Already recouped my initial investment. Sitting on 1.4k till $1.5 minimum.

>> No.28009533

Eth double topped a few weeks ago and nothing came of it.

>> No.28009657


For sure but imma have to be much more weary in taking profits during ATH when it makes it's way back up so I can double my bag again when it retraces

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kek, imagine being this whale though

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>baby's first Sunday meltdown

you guys will be desensitized sooner than you expected, strong hands will make it, as always

>> No.28009736

Back at.45 now

>> No.28009862

Be nice. That whale chipped in so we could increase our stacks, anon.

>> No.28009924


He was the hero we needed - he knew that it was time to help out just a little

>> No.28009934

what a fucking retard

>> No.28010139

>that turnaround candle
its going sub 20 sorry guys

>> No.28010409

>selling $80,000 at the literal bottom, before it pumps up by 15 cents

thats gotta sting

>> No.28010495

This is why you hold while the actual product improves

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this is fucking insanity

>> No.28010635

i have never seen anything like that unless it was heavily manipulated

>> No.28010738

marketcap for it is still incredibly tiny so sales of double digit ETH make that candle move fast. I still think it'll go up today considering we're seeing a bit of recovery from the big daddy BTC/ETH candles

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File: 51 KB, 831x510, Screenshot_2021-02-08 KTLYO $0 33432503 - Pair Explorer - DEXTools.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You want to see manipulated, look at this shit LOL.

>> No.28010789

>unless it was heavily manipulated
what if i told you that you are on 4chin and that this shitcoin has been manipulated going on a solid month already?

>> No.28010866


Gee you don't think the token that has a dozen shill threads up every hour would do something like that, do you?

>> No.28011042

have you looked at the holders list? the token is pretty well spread out...

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Please stay down until Tuesday please stay down until Tuesday

>> No.28012825

if you can't see this obvious trend reversal coming you have no business in altcoins, .70 incoming soon enough

>> No.28013246

I saw some people posting trade history for this earlier. Where can I view that?

>> No.28013384

Just bought 500 rubics at .49
How much will that be at the peak?

>> No.28013671


How does $25,000 sound EOY?

>> No.28014126

Etherscan or dextools

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