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Anyone know why?

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Cause king shitcoin is dropping once again? Piece of shit can't do anything but screw over the market.

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Brown hands pulling the rug you fucking idiot cunt

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Eth gas

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They are looking to drop the gas prices in a V3 release. I am waiting if UNI to dump more before I load up more bags.

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Just imagine fucking a unicorn
Nobody has to know, really

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Will it bounce back to 20$

>> No.28001914

Yellow hands pulling out of BTC. Fucking bug men.

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Its a pajeet scamcoin

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Eth doesn't scale and people are jumping ship to BSC where JulSwap is the equivalent to Uniswap. Julswap is pumping as we speak

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Probably. People are very bullish on it.
I like the project and the logo so personally I am holding.

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useless token

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It is one of the most popular DEXs out there.
I don't think it is a shitcoin because of that.

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Everything is dumping right now. But UNI had an incredibly run up over the past 1-2 months without any real correction, so that's probably why it's dumping a bit harder than other things right now. You'd still have to be a fool to abandon this when there's v3 and fee switch coming soon.

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Because eth drops, when ETH drops 10 percent and noone trades UNI, UNI drops by 10 percent aswell because its build on ETH

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If the fee switch is still getting activated then now is probably a good time to load up on more. I am curious why it's dropping though.

>> No.28002449

Came to ask the same. What happened to my sweet UNI?

>> No.28002453

It's a useless governance token.

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because defi is a giant ponzi

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Healthy correction dumb dumbs.

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you retarded or something? like this isn't even FUD it's just retardation
who knows, all i know is i'm buying the dip today. if V3 goes well, and if they implement fee switching, then i have to imagine it'll skyrocket

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A healthy correction would be 16 or 14

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Good support at 18.

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also, bad place to ask probably, but: should i load up on uni or aave? i'm leaning toward uni for the aforementioned reasons, but i can see aave doing very well too. tough choice

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This. I'm holding my bags at least until v3 hits. Any ETA?

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It is hard to say. I went full FOMO overdrive and bought. Of course this shit dipped right after. I bought some more around $18.00. I am personally going to wait for to dump really hard before I put more money in so I can build up more cash in the meantime.

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Do you seriously believe unibis worth more than maybe 2 bucks?

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So 18 isn't? Still healthy

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I do, but I ain't telling anyone on here

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interesting read on uniswap


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not a clue. hayden had said there was no ETA for V3, but most people/articles i've seen talking about it estimate later this year. all we know is it's coming
>I am personally going to wait for to dump really hard before I put more money in so I can build up more cash in the meantime.
see, i think this way too, but i've been watching everything moon for the past like 5 weeks with my thumb up my ass because i thought "nah this is the high it has to come back down", so i'm wary to do that again here kek

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I am just scared to buy the top for a mooning asset because I don't want to get fucked into obliviion. See photo for reference. But yeah I think BTC,ETH, XLM and NU are very strong right now. LINK and UNI are my spec plays.

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V3 release...lol
'Coming soon'...you'll see then! It'll be here soon! I swear on me mum's grave it'll be out soon! Soon! Soon...soon... it's coming mate....

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Everything is dumping. Well, most things.
My Cosmos, AVAX and BSC assets are still on the green.

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Someone stated at some point this year.
I would rather have them take their time than have them release something broken. In this for the long run.

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Actual this. cny drop and actual correction.

>> No.28005205

i'm honestly a little pissed because uni is my 2nd best performing asset after eth and i didn't even invest in it. happy for the free gainz and all, but shit
this is me watching uni crab at $3 thinking "oh this is interesting" then buying more at $18. fuckin hate myself

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Is it a really king shitcoin or it is just another 20 dollar stable coin?

>> No.28006035

Hard to tell.
Uniswap's development over time will probably decided this. Someone mentioned the first DEX to fix the gas problem will win [which is being developed in V3].

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Gods fucking damn uni team should solve gas problem right fucking now. I have Vitalik so fucking much.

>> No.28006427

Yes the sooner the better.

>> No.28006470

Still no specific timing on the switch / v.3 right?

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It is nice 30% correction if bitcoin doesn't pull something stupid

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it's releasing in two weeks

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I want to read about the release notes.

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This is where anons should start loading up on Uni, but they’re all chasing the token of the day and missing out. It’s like BNB back in the day

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not even worried about it, when v3 comes out itll hit $50 easy. i just wish transactions werent so screwed up on ethereum, if i had more money i would have bought more uni

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ETH fees are too high to buy more.
And I've lost gas fee when the transaction failed, because ETH dropped hard

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we should've been loading up since it hit $3 kek

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Running Man

>> No.28007983

Almost everyone uses it. What do you think? It'll go beyond 20 once market sentiment is better.

>> No.28008855

Nothing is coming up on google with Running Man. Does anyone have a link to this?

>> No.28008940

its on binance.us

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If they build uni on xDai stake the gas problem will be completely solved. Which is what they're gonna do. Do what you want with this information

>> No.28009072

also on cuckbase

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because they went with optimism instead of arbitrum

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UNI is going to 30.00 EOM. Stock up now, faggots.

>> No.28009393

Everything's dropping.

>> No.28009410

I've held my 400 free tokens all this time did I do good bros? Really regretting not selling the top but at least I didn't get the PS5

>> No.28009597

I am personally holding. I think this project has a lot of potential to grow.

>> No.28010122

yeah, worth holding for the prospect of collecting tx fees alone imo

>> No.28010262

people are waking up to the future of instant-finality, near-zero fee DEXs on the avalanche network

>> No.28010375

People realise there are better dexes

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>get 400 tokens for free
>forget about it
>"oh look they're 7400$"
>everyone sells

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