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What do you fags think? 100s of millions is users using their browser. Great private alternative to big tech google. Great team who have worked in crypto for nearly a decade. Price has been in accumulation for almost 2 years. Bat can plausibly break $1-2 like zrx just did. Why are you not in yet anon?

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never bought into this purely because of the tokenomics
it could have billions of users, but the BAT token is still worthless

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the only BAT I have is the ones that Brave gives me for its ads that I don't see because I have disabled notifications for it.

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The brave browser is garbage. I still see ads and they've done nothing about it. Also, when I turn off cookies and browse private on my computer, I see ads on my phone for the shit I searched up online. What the fuck?

Also hundreds of millions? I doubt that.

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that's exactly what decentr is solving anon
web3 isn't just about adverts, its the whole data economy

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Interesting, I'll look into that

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I have a small bit and I really like the tech/idea of what theyre doing. Their problem is they're doing fuck all to market it which is funny because they're changing the way browsers do advertising

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Keep letting google mine your data I guess

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I hate triangles. Shitty shape. I'm not into it.

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he shills this shit every bat thread, same images etc

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nevermind you're obviously a shill. Rewrite your script it reads like an infomercial.

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People on 4chan won’t get in because it’s not risky enough. They would rather put their $590 grocery money into rubic at .50 cents when it was less than a penny a few weeks ago.

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>pls bro
>dont buy dec bro
>buy bat bro, brendan eich is the man bro
>whales have been accumulating for 3 years bro its finally happening
>bro pls you get to earn rewards
>monthly active users is growing bro

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Its price will never go up. People will keep dumping what they earn using Brave.

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Hands down the worst crypto of all

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what script nigga i literally use brave browser

brave doesn't block the ads on facebook or reddit and they've done nothing about it for the last 2 years

i still like being able to go into in-browser TOR mode but the only reason i haven't changed to firefox is because im lazy

still a garbage browser and fuck you too nigga

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ive been meaning to transfer to firefox but ive got like a hundred bookmarks i want to keep and im just lazy

i moved over to firefox on my phone tho from safari

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kys bro

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BAT is absolutely useless
What a pathetic joke of a crypto

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I hold a few thousand BAT to support the project. Having a browser not made by big tech is worth more than big gains to me.

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Dec is a much better alternative

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Shit really never changes.

>"Anonymous" man walks into crowd around salesman
>Loudly comments:
>Gee, I'm unsatisfied with this X project for Y reasons.
>Well sir, serendipity! Haven't you heard that my handy project is known Y?
>Gee, that sounds nifty, I'll look into X!
>Crowd observes
>Golly, that product's for ME.
But can Decentr core a apple?


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Biz hates google and big tech and the technocracy but they won’t support a browser that doesn’t mine your data and could potentially eat into google as user base. Sometimes I think You all deserve the hell that big tech is building around you.

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i am supporting one

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firefox is actually worse than brave unless you spend a half hour slashing through the about:config jungle

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It's not an alternative because it doesn't fucking exist you bottomfeeding shills.

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link mainnet didn't exist in 2017
i'm guessing you didn't buy in?

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Is this you Lee? Or do you know Lee, the brilliant "Marketing Strategist" for this operation? Can you tell him how fucking capitalization works? And that attending jazz clubs as education does not inspire confidence in his pajeetcoin and is just cringey?

Not to mention even the Firefox extension link no longer even works. The add-on page is fucking gone. Anyone reading this post can verify both of these things, right now. Go look.

You. Are. A. Shill.

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We broke .36 next stop is the moon!

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weak fud
learn to reevaluate your investments
just because something was promising and innovative in 2017, it doesn't have to be now

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I think dec and bat can survive in the same world. So long as it’s a world free from google.

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lol 45 minutes to reply and that's the best you could come up with? Go fuck yourself, retard