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if you would only know the absolute monster of a shit storm that is about to happen.

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Holding on to my 500k MCDCs stack

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CFLD introduces McDonald’s smart supply chain to Central China’s Hubei

>The McDonald's Supply Smart Contract Industrial Park, with a planned area of over 300,000 square meters, is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2023, with an annual output value of nearly 1.5 billion MCDC. With the arrival of McDonald's and its core suppliers, it will continue to attract both upstream and downstream enterprises in the urban food, cryptocurrency and dining supply chain.

Very bullish

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Only a 10k here, but I'll never sell

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we're coming for each and everysingle one of you. we know you're reading this.

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this is about more than making a quick buck. this is so much more than that. you've been warned

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This is gonna be fucking crazy

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who is behind this shitcoin and what the fuck is going on?

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Our goals are beyond your comprehension

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we are gonna show the kikes what monetized autism can do

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Shitquake, Randy!

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all i can say is. gme was fucking childsplay. you're very well off getting atleast a suicide stack

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Beautiful hair genetics. Reagan style

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I didn't buy into this but what you guys are doing I thinks is VERY based, godspeed!

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What's with all these McDonalds threads? No links or info or anything, just memes. Why?

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you are still so damn early tho my friend

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hold me I’m scared
what’s the sui stack and where is it listed, uni?

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Very nice friend

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New meme coin.

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based dubs
imo suicide stack is atleast 5k, this shit is gonna go fucking crazy. go to mcdcoin(.)finance for all the dataills

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I don't know what the fuck is going on but I like the memes

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Franchise owner here. I am also fucking my Cashier.
McDonalds will never be the same.

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This coin is garbage and pure faggotry. The jews will always be better, stronger, and more noble than you dirt sucking little parasites with your filthy, cock cheese coin

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Yes Anon, the menu is on the next post, I'm glad you made it

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based and checked

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You can get any one of those for only 1MCDC

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we hodlin it

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why does this look so well put-together? who is funding you?

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Trailer: https://youtu.be/2fuWsx9yJZk

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took me a min but i found it

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ba da ba ba ba bah McHoldin' it

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>he doesnt know
Just wait nigger, we are taking the system down.

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Autism is
McBased as fug

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The chinese government: https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1210748.shtml
This coin is going down in history

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kek, i'm funding myself to fucking make it. believe me bro just buy now. between now and 2 weeks you actually want to rope yourself. the actual campaign hasnt even started yet

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there are links retard
it's a meme coin but it's a good one

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seems like someone's been dumped, poor anon

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Where's the schizo russian hebrew who thinks he saw through the charade by realizing it's not an official McDonalds coin? I know you're here! POST YOUR PASTA

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Post nose, kikes

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>the actual campaign hasnt even started yet
Don’t make me fomo in anon, it looks on dextools like this already did a 100x in the past 3 days

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It's going to be BIBLICAL
You still have time, ANONS

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See if top wallets have sold or not. See you later, retard

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yes anon but it has only existed for like 3 days too
i bought in yesterday and am already nearly 3x

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Anytime before $1 is very early.

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do I get a complimentary blonde qt if I buy 10k?

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MCDC is about the community
If it were over the top wallets would've dumped and taken their x100 away with them, McFren

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you really have no idea do you?

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I'm 10x and still accumulating. This is getting ridiculous, the only fud is the short term 1$ target price

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Franchise owners & above only.

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how do i find the telegram for this piece of shit?

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Fuck I don’t have that kind of disposable income, can I have a brunette for 20k?

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I believe this must be the most pathetic coin I've seen on /biz/ yet.

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Check them. Kek is here

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It’s a coordinated pump and dump on biz. It’s so fucking transparent, they all copy paste the same shit about top holders not selling. Anons, you’d better not buy into this you’re going to get rugged mark my words

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Have it your way buddy

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FUCK i sent that to the wrong person, it was meant to be for >>27992754

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post white hands

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How much do the top holders hold? Could they all dump without dumping on each other? I wanna ape in because it seems like there’s momentum but idk

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locked liquidity for a whole year

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I won't rat but you will make out in the green.

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I'm pretty sure everyone can make money out of this. No one is dumping that unlike the other shitty rugpulls.

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Fuck it I’ll ape if you guys prove liquidity is locked

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Can any charitable soul tell me the context?

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i dont have the link but ive seen it on unicrypt check the website mcdc.finance i think

it's on the website. dont trust me just copy it direct

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we're coming for each and everysingle fucking one of them for fucking up generations worth because of their greed

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Doesn't show up on Uniswap app

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It literally says so on the dextools, don't take our word for it.

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You have to add the custom token 0x8937041C8C52a78c25aa54051F6a9dAdA23D42A2

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I can get on board with this, fuck covid lockdowns

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30 dollars in gas fees for 500 coins lmao

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I really can't wait for mcd to actually aknowledge this

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Aaahh... I cashed out of this scam at a 2.5x in total. Thanks MCDC Pump & Dump gang. I dont know what your target value is but it's been very nice to ride your coat tails.

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based mcfren

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you're the idiot who thinks he banked for making 0.2 eth kek

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If McDonalds really does find out and make a statement, it will be the biggest moon ever

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A shit storm in a good way for those that have it?

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>30 dollars for 5000 dollars.
Sounds weet to me

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Lol. Your wife will be breed by a McChad.

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How long do these transactions take?

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You may have to speed it up with more gas

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I sent like 12 bucks

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you can check how long it takes on etherscan

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Paid and cleared everything to swap one token into MCDC but still not seeing any coin in my MetaMask wallet, or on the tracker. Weird.

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>goes up 220% in 3 weeks
>fallen 40%
rofl guys it's totally over
don’t follow these trash tokens
follow xsn and get rewards without losing risks

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Already cashed out though.

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I don't think it went through, now it's 85$ dollars in fees damn.

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Did you add the token to your metamask?

>> No.27996829

Yeah, MCDC is tracked. Either it's taking a super long time and things are synced or it didn't go through, etherscan shows it not going through.

>> No.27996913

Yeah I see it now, failed transaction but of course they collect gas fees

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that sucks dude try higher gas or slippage

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ETH is cancer

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this looks really, really dumb. How many should I buy

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upgrade to storemanager atleast

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You decide. See >>27993423