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Do I tell anybody to, or do I keep it to myself?

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tell once you've buyed

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Just tell me anon, I’ll keep it a secret

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It's Chainlink

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can confirm. i have identified op's source. pic related.

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what's the coin? we won't repeat. What's in this thread stays in this thread.

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I know what coin you're thinking of OP.
I put $13k in last night. Ready to retire.

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tell us so we can FUD it

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What do you plan on doing day to day during early retirement?

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DYOR faggot

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Comfiest hold ever, MCDC

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Going to have a harem of ladyboys

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The only way to live

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It's MCDC, right anon?

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accept the ronald pill fren. we're going places

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Stay poor, pajeet
You still have time

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What, are you afraid other people will buy it and drive the price higher? Retard

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Revolt against the Clown World

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kekd >>27988179
a man of fine tastes i see

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Is it mcdc?

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2021 the world is ours
McPoopa I'm loving it

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Let me spill the beans


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How's the weather in Mumbai?

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tell us and then I'll 404 the thread :)

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>don't mention it, keep accumulating while its still under the radar
>once it starts mooning, THEN you shill it for maximum gains

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how can you be sure that a low mkcap coin is gonna moon, what if all the accumulating goes to waste? im looking at encrypgen for example. the project could moon hard if it succeeds but can also crash if it doesnt

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If legit, then this is the answer. Split addresses as well so people don't get scared by the whale.

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Utter shitcoin. This DentaCoin 2021 shit

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I think I have an idea what coin you're talking about

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OP you have our attention, spill the beans

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This obviously.

You can meme a shitcoin to x20 your initial buy price and yeet

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Probably OIN which has a doxed team, a massive partner list, is audited and sits at just 2.5M mc

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Is it Mooncoin? (MOON)

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