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>Pajeets now realize this isn’t a rug pull.
>swingies constantly dump and then priced out
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The 24/7 shilling will eventually stop because this is going to explode and when it does you’ll wonder why the fuck you didn’t get in.

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I bought 10k

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Based anon

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it's just not a good meme, especially when it's already gone 100x.

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Is the plan here just to get normies to think they can trade it in for a Big Mac?

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based just bought 10k more

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100x is fud

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we dont have to make them think it, eow 1 mcdc = 1 big mac

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Checked fucking based

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Sorry poorfag. You won't catch me putting even one McDollar into a literal meme coin. You zoomers really are shit at investing.

>t. Wealthy Bong

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anon im 3x since yesterday already
it has 37mil circulating it can go sooo much higher on meme value alone

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stay poor. ngmi

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nice waist

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This has huge meme potential

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man, im not new to pnd's, it's just not worth it for such a lame meme

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>even store manager tier is making it
so glad i got to experience this with you anons

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just wait til normies find it

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Is Reddit in on it?

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I would also if I could afford it 10k will still be life changing for me $1 or bust

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no yet. There have only been a couple of small threads so far. The big shilling will start soon

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I hope they will find it out soon, those fools will make us rich