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I got lucky on Rubic, now I want more. Gonna ape .5 eth into 5 other low cap moonshots. What am I buying biz, and why?

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Got 15000 but might grab another 15k, anything else?

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COR is at least a 10x and as much as 50x because we're getting in so early

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whenever Chinese New year ends chinks are going to send it to the moon

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Sell me on asko and/or cor, do they actually have potential? They both look like textbook P&Ds

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When people say DYOR, they mean it. If you don't you'll be fudded out of every promising project out there in its early form

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I too made out like a bandit by getting in on rubic early. Here’s a tip, thank me later

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Both have teams that are experienced, fully doxxed, and committed. They're probably the best coins for quick gains right now, aside from meme shit. Also, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH

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opendao (OPEN)

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SURF. UBI towel staking coming on the 14th, integrated stablecoin/lending platform in the works, and a huge marketing push.

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USA? Ammo
Rest of the world? Ammo

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get SLP (smallest mcap coin on Binance) and meme and shill the shit out of it. It has the most room to grow and easy access/low fees.

I have no idea how this absolute shitcoin made it to Binance but it did.

Don't just shill here, but Reddit and youtube etc

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100% in MCDC

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COR is up 350% today. Not buying yet. I'll wait for it to go back to 5c

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$mcdc has the same shill team as rubic

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$COR, look up the archived threads from earlier.
currently only 1c, low marketcap huge room for growth.

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7.5m marketcap isn't that low really, looking for something around 1m

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It's currently only 1c, why would you wait for it to go higher?

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next Aave with tiered lending

10m market cap

easy 10x

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Opacity - Decentralized cloud storage

Actual project with a real non-anon team, working product.
Get yourself 1TB/1year of cloud storage now for only 12 OPCT tokens ( around 50 cents total, market price for 1TB cloud is what $50-60? Good growth potential to that future floor )
Stupid low MC ( ~3m ) compared to filecoin or siacoin
Mobile app coming for mass adoption
Bruno ( Fucking OysterPearl lol ) is jailed for tax evasion and fraud, prison soon probably so no more being tainted by PRL
Listed on Kucoin and also avail on Uni, one for Cex fags who dont want gas fees rape, one for dex fags. Harder to manipulate price and no rugs since its not solely on uni

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Fuck I missed the ASKO dip

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Unironically XLM & XRP. Signs are strong, don’t ignore.

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You're disingenuous or retarded. Marketcap matters

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Mainnet releases today and its under 3m cap. Ez 50x

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pux is another one

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Unironically this, i want to put 10k dogecoins on it but i am hesitant fuck

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i like asking questions here then cross-checking them elsewhere. Most people probably are dyor'ing

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>Both have teams that are experienced, fully doxxed, and committed.
When the bullmarket bar is set so low all you have to do is just exist and you will make it.

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What price are you getting out of ASKO anon? I have 320,000 of them. Not to sure if I am just going to dump half when the mainnet drops or what I am going to do.

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Also this, been accumulating for the last week

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Ok, so more Asko and Coreto. Anything else? I've also got kek and opacity

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axia, 400k marketcap index funds with barely 700 wallets

liq locked and audited




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Ask yourself why the LTO generals have been so busy this past week. Only 900 make it stacks left on binance.

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CAP is a permissionless censorship resistant margin trading platform on Ethereum for ALL assets, including stocks, commodities, indexes, forex, cryptos etc. Traders use DAI to take long or short positions with leverage. Shared Liquidity Pool for assets that are listed. Natively designed Dark Feed Oracle Network where sources are anonymous so exploiters can't manipulate the Oracle and it can't be shut down. Already 39 assets available for trading on mainnet and more are added every week. Traders trade against the Treasury (smart contract), which receives losses and pays out profits, so no need to rely on 3rd party LPs. Treasury is self-sustainable and expected to grow over time as more traders lose than win. Community run and developed. Many volunteer contributors and ~20 VCs are interested (they are in the TG or following the twitter).

CAP $11 Million Fully Diluted Valuation
Competitors are:
PERP $1.1 Billion Fully Diluted Valuation
MIR $1.7 Billion Fully Diluted Valuation
SNX $4.3 Billion Fully Diluted Valuation

This means a 100x potential is there as long as people start using it to trade.

Some notable people interested in CAP:

Test mainnet protoype here: https://cap.eth.link/
Open source code: https://github.com/capfina
List of available assets: https://docs.cap.exchange/getting-started/assets-tradables

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supply : 630 407 / 3 788 239

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This Chinese are about to pump the shit out this because it's integral to their colonization of Africa, they have already started using as currency in Nigeria. They're no fees, no need to mine, transactions are instant.

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China also loves eating out at McDonalds

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Think bigger. MCDC:

>gets popular on biz
>not too much fud bc rug-proof and obvious shitcoin plus everybody loves the meme
>slowly creeps to rebbit
>violently gains exposure
>boomers start buying thinking it’s official coin of McD
>McDonalds Inc. serves cease and desist to Vitalik
>Pajeets + others create other restaurant tokens like BurgerKing etc
>Some may achieve success but nothing like McDCoin
>1 MCDC = 1 Big Mac
>McDonalds buys ownership wallet of McDonaldsCoin for 6B and integrate it into their growing blockchain systems in the year 2027

The MCDC Contract Address (for adding the coin to your wallet) is:

Buy on Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x8937041c8c52a78c25aa54051f6a9dada23d42a2

Track on DexTools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x76d629ebad7fdf703ed5923f41f20c472e8f23e3

Explore on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0x8937041c8c52a78c25aa54051f6a9dada23d42a2

Liquidity locking is a "rug pull scam" prevention tactic. If you have any MCDC in your wallet, you can use https://team.finance to verify that the liquidity is locked until Feb 3 2022. Feel free to ask chat members for screenshots if you don't own any MCDC yet.

Official Website: https://mcdcoin.finance

This is OUR shitcoin

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what price do i get to fuck the mcdonaldscoin girl anon

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Everyone who made it on RBC is moving to ASKO, see


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MCDC. It's programmed into reality, you can't lose.

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ten(10) MCDC

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PLEASE anons. i want to shove my big mac inside of her and fill her up with my special sauce

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that's all? damn i guess i'm gonna have a lot of mcdonaldscoins girls then!

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this. iykyk

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cant believe none of you faggots mentioned Barnbridge yet

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0x *** * M0nero

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I like this one. Dropped 1 ETH.

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>2.5M MC
>MASSIVE partner list, pic related
>no anon team
>huge upside in oin/eth, pic related
>ERC20 on Uniswap

while people buy mc donalds token, sad cat token and winnie pooh token, there is this gem still around. Bought my bag yesterday

They are trying to be the MKR for alt coin chains, they have created a SNX like minting system where you can stake the OIN to get a stable coin, they also do some more stuff

MKR MC: $2,300,000,000
SNX MC: $2,890,000,000
OIN MC: $2,500,000

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Wmbtc launch 22h00 gmt new born of metawhale protocole after mwg

FERA the v2 platform incoming and dedicated non anon team.

CNFI first credit visa card (not debit like all the others) with crypto as collateral.

Coreto even if you miss lower prices (piked few hors ago but still room)

Yfte is a ysdai fork with good news incoming.

Wmg because when people gonna understand what metawhale protocol is inteded to do those are gonna be huge.....

Pria for the same reasons above

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>less than 5 transactions per hour

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gas free dex

token used for profit sharing

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ez moon

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this one looks good but kinda looks like it already mooned a bit

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3 failed transactions in a row

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You can't shill Rari here, biz is destined to miss out on the pump to $100.

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This one could be huge