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> be you
> make $1m
> have to pay back $500k

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Well, where does the government gets the money to give me gibbs? from your pocket to mine, thank youuuuu <3

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that's regular income retard, cap gains aren't nearly as steep

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> have to pay back $500k
Just be thankful you're paying 500K today because next year it'll be 750K

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Elaborate for a brainlet like me desu

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two words: shell company

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50% in tax if you take back your investment of you cash out before one year

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> Be me
> Live in country with no capital gains tax
Life is good bros.

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You either live in a war torn shithole or literal illiterate thirld world country then retard, not exactly something to be proud of

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Some states also have no capital gains tax.

Use google you dumb nigger

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Wtf, thanks anon. See you in Florida

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>put your own money (which has already been jewed away by income taxes) on the line
>govkikes step in to steal your profits anyway

Surely if you’re investing in your own countries companies then those profits should be exempt? It would help stimulate the economy and encourage investing.

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New Zealand.

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How do I get gibs as a white man who lives with his gf

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that's not what this says. you would have to pay around $330k total. state and local taxes will also cuck you depending on where you live though. yes it's fucked up

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>your employer got taxed on capital
>your employer got "taxed" in a way of holding mandatory personnel to deal with retarded taxes all together
>your employer got taxed the second time when moving money as bank/transfer fees
>you got taxed on your wages
>you got taxed with bank/transfer fees when you do anything with money

>you make money
>you are taxed with commissions, interest rates etc
>you are probably taxed with bank/transfer fees to get it to your bank acct
>you are taxed by govt
>you are still taxed with bank fees as you use the money

>you lose money

yeah, this system is for sure solid as fuck

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You pay back ~320k brainlet.

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