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it's just a temporary price correction, r-right?

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Kek holy shit rip

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this thing was literally a ponzi scam.

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Hey here's an idea, how about you don't "invest" in coins named after a food you fuckin brainlet

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it actually is a correction

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wow it still has a lot to drop according to memechart
i say it stops bleeding at 0008

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Not just that it's literally called DUMPling

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can you retarded spastic spergs stop using 4chan lingo memes and racism on the discord? try to remain classy yeah?

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The fuck did you expect? It to go up 50% every single day until it hit 1000$ a coin and you would be a Billionare?
It is a solid coin idea but there really isn't any product out yet to see if it will actually be worth anything. If you are in it for short term gains and didn't get in a month ago you have brain damage.

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I think so and am hodling. Do you think sushi would just go for any project?

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it's where it was like 4 days ago. you guys are very stupid

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Buy tosa before tuesday

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Why Tuesday huh

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we will see fellow dumpling,as for now i am acooming and fudding

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Post link so I can call you a nigger there

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We reached $0.00125. it's back into the gain mode now.

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Your bros are ranjesh.
My bros are genius

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for the rugpull