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Price go brrrrrrr

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holy fuck!!!! XLM chads, get in here!!!

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Bought at $0.25, just sold 1/4 of my holding. Beefy profits :)

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I just want more sats, no more fiat, fucks sake. Next time it hits 1000 im fucking selling this piece of shit.

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Nice trajectory, stellar snake

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XLM, only up. We were christened tonight in the schizo threads!

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You know why it's pumping right? Did you look at the charts the past 12 hours? It's going to dip down to .30-.32 again and crab until the same thing happens. Really nice transfer fees, I'm going to exploit this coin as long as that continues.

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You’ll just end up buying back in, anon!

Very glad to hear you made off with a profit though!

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Holy fuck you’re a stupid nigger. Xlm is going interstellar up to $3 this alt season. Fucking hell you’re retarded you pig nigger

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XLM is great

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If it dips back to $0.30 I definitely will be buying back in with my gains lol

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Fucking swingie scum off yourself

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holding 100,000 coins since .06 cents feelin comfy rn

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What's a reasonable price to expect?
t. got in around 0.30

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haha swing goes weeeee

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.40 lmfao

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>t. got in around 0.30
Same, i got in at .32. I'm just gonna wait until it reaches .45 or if im greedy .5

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.45 is greedy, just sell next time it meets resistance at 40

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the sell wall is gone bro. during the next week it;s gonna moon again. All the non-believers sold

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Where do I buy this I want to be rich too

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Binance, strap in quicj

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Motherfucker I just sold to break even after it kept on crabbing at 34-35.

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God damnnn this is comfy

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We are still early fags, I shouldn't have shilled before $1

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>eternal crab: the coin

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You might make it if you move it all into $ALEPH dip

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0.5 incoming if we break 0.4

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kek, imagine falling for shiterium scam peddler fud that gets posted in every thread.

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Last few months have been bullish, but yeah, still bagholding against bitcoin value of my bag bought in 2018.

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