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>tink tink tink
I have an announcement I'd like to make sirs. Please take a seat.

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ok what is it sir

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Gentlemen, this is a drill

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Everyone shut the fuck up

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Sorry my good sir but there is something that simply must be said.



That is all.

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lol thanks
Please post in /vr/ and tell them Sega Master System was just the name of a bundle with the light phase, and the original name was really the "SEGA System".
They get really mad, especially the jannies, even though it's a very true fact.

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>Waiting two posts
I'm never buying your scam coin, Parjinder

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Just made it! Go ahead, friend.

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Where is it? The "Sega System" post in /vr/?

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The floor is yours. Go ahead.

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Yes, agreed, we need that "Sega System" post in /vr/

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If it is a panjeet trying to sell me shit again I will be mad.
Go ahead, sir.

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/vr/ was right, you really are an autistic raging retard.

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