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COR $0.12 waiting room

>fully diluted $3.5 million market cap
>non-anonymous team
>only been out for a few months, has defi features like staking already working
>started development back in 2019, not just a cash grab made recently
>hasn’t had a major pump yet

You know the drill boys. This is the next 10x, 10-20 million MC within the next week easy. Don’t say you weren’t warned




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What's the SUI stack for this? Considering getting in anons

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Why does cringegecko update the price so infrequently

Someone give me an alternative immediately or I'll get very very angry

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If it’s still going up in 12 hours I’m in. There’s two possibilities: this dumps before I wake up or it’s only up from here. If I miss a few cents I’ll be okay. Good luck anons.

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Now go drink your juice box and don't break anything. And leave your sister alone

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lets go boys

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It did dump from .018 peak to back down now to .008 so make of that what you will. It is working up towards .01 again..a lot of fud goin on though...sooo yeah.

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OP of the original thread and I approve of this. We are going to make it

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Absolutely going to make it. Well done lads. To the moon we go.

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I was in the original thread. I only sold because poorfag is going to sleep and doesn’t know how to set stop losses or if they’re even a thing in Uniswap. I’ll buy back in if it’s still going in the morning. I stayed through the pump and got out early enough to leave with a little 30 percent or so gain after gas fees. Goodnight anons.

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I tried putting $100 in and its $70 in fees... cant wait for cardano to destroy eth and the credibility of crypto so we can start over fresh with just bitcoin and all new shitcoins.

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500k reporting in, see yall suckas at .15c

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if you can't afford more than $100 to put in a coin you're really not in the position to call pnd

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220k here. Fuck gas fees

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this... he's def ngmi

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159k stack here

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500k bro here as well

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back over 1c boys

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Indeed we are, back on the climb. .01 and slowly rising.Folks are accumulating.

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lmao, get rekt

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just bough 125 shares. what am I in for?

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Anons need to stop biting on the FUD, this is the same shit that kept us divided on Rubic. This is a decent low cap, with a doxxed team and a nice lil niche project (from my understanding, using crypto to vet influencers)

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Buckle up and put your mouth piece in and helmet on..oh and do you got kneepads..just in case.

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Congrats on your first coin. I hope it's good to you. Don't worry about the little dips as we climb up to $.10 and beyond.

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I use the coingecko as a portfolio tracker and it would be literally perfect if it updated prices more frequently

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Coingecko app*

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Aaaaand we're fucking back boys, fudders btfo, classic case of ngmi

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god damn it I want to ape in but I don’t want to go to sleep and wake up with nothing in the morning fuck

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This is a prime example of a coin that's going to get shilled by a YT influencer soon. They are usually all over these niche use cases.

This will unironically go places.

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Don't be a pussy, with those kind of balls you're ngmi

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2021 is going to be one hell of a year

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The coin giving benefits to influencers means it'll get promoted like crazy. We got really lucky with some early buy-in.

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just paid $30 fucking gas for an $820 order what am i in for anons?

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$30 is cheap gas for a ride to the moon.

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Plus with a woman as the CEO that will garner even more 'social' support as women in crypto are kinda rare and this could be a good marketing push point.

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>still under $0.02
>still only 738 holders
>still MC under $8 million

We are going to $0.20 this weekend. buckle up brethren

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god damn it anons I went in again

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fair enough, does anybody have a source on the mcap being 3.5m?

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don't wanna buy it now cause I saw it at 0.006 and didn't buy baka

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Watch all the fudders FOMO back in soon again kek.

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500,000,000 total tokens

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guys are romanians white?

this looks interesting

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What does the coin itself DO?

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they're gypsies

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How do I buy this anons, let me pump your bags

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Great question, wanna know this myself

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just bought

>> No.27982981

numbers go up in value

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any signs of PAJEET-ness about this ?

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When are we getting the normies onto this, have we all packed our bags and are we ready to go to fucking mars yet bizraelis

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I was the poorfag posting all the LoveLive photos. I wavered and got out earlier. But fuck it. I either lost what I have or I’ll be paid back for thinking this could be my moonshot. I’m gonna treat this like a lottery ticket anons. It could be nothing or I could wake up pleasantly surprised.

I’ve been burned before so I don’t know if I’ll be let down when I wake up but here’s hoping I’m not.

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ok guys you can dump it now
bought a bag at $0.15

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fuck it, whats $400 anyway

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shiiit how will I ever recover ohnonononono

>> No.27983063

1. Use the uniswap link...
2. Connect to uniswap with your metamask wallet
3. Swap eth for cor
4. Profit

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right on cue

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Tell me I’m gonna make it before I go to bed anons. Bao Zedong’s commie ass ran off with my money so I was scared to stay in this but I’m all in now.

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holy fuck its gonna be .03 when I wake up isn't it? this buy pressure is insane

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We need some solid memes to make it skyrocket.
On the contrary, the team is white as the driven snow and fully doxxed

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Is this not on dextools???

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cant believe i swapped my shake into this garbage, and then shake starts to pump. you fucking roach

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$0.10 now :^)
happens everytime
bog follow me everywhere I go

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70K stacklet here, almost sold at a huge loss because of the FUD. Guess I'm just gonna hold this until we hit $0.50 kek.

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it is manually add token contract:


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There you go

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nice. don't fuck me biz

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2 mil to sub 500k stacklet checking in here. Curse my weak hands

RIP 10k, just tryna break even now...

>> No.27983280

30k stack here aigmi?

>> No.27983282

I’m gonna end up taking off work tomorrow to watch this fuck all of you in the nicest way I hope we make it

>> No.27983307

500,000 bag holder am I going to make it? Just need this to hit .1-.2 and ASKO to keep booming and I made it.

>> No.27983423

A-anons? Are we making it?

>> No.27983478

i have 1 million tokens now after that dip and am not fucking selling until 1 dollar

>> No.27983488

>buy in
>immediately drops 30%

>> No.27983521

Fuck i wish you could set stop losses in crypto, I could wake up $2k poorer in 6 hours

>> No.27983579

also ffs stop getting ffront run by bots

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this is why I sold and then bought back in and I’m like fucking shit but this adrenaline is addicting and if it even goes up to 0.03 we have x3. I put in what I can afford to lose though. If I have to hold this shit for a few weeks to break even so be it. It’s literally only a cent right now.

>> No.27983613

how to stop getting frontrun by bots?

>> No.27983658

Can't you do that on 1inch?

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>> No.27983697

but it's kinda hard to decrease the slippage because the price swings wildly

>> No.27983709

no more than 1-5%

>> No.27983713

3.5 to 4% is good enough for most pumps

>> No.27983738


god damn conbase only allowing me half of what i put in ether to be traded

is 50000 COR decent enough for today?

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Get the fuck in here anons

>> No.27983805

Enjoy your $50k EOM

>> No.27983860

100k COR is the suicide stack. stack up gentlemen

>> No.27983948

at this price? 200k suicide stack

>> No.27984041

what an absolute shitcoin
where do i buyed

>> No.27984069

how much for make it?

>> No.27984145

however much you're fine with when it hits .50 cents probably

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has you used uniswap fren? forgive my comfy attire, I am so cozy rich thinking now

>> No.27984279

Why would I put money in this and not rubic

>> No.27984327


Look at the current chart and the buy orders vs sell orders

>> No.27984360

the better question is why would you not get a small marketcap coin at 0.01. one fucking cent. It only has to get to 0.10 for a very nice profit

>> No.27984423

Literally lets influencers pay with social media ass-pats in the form of said token.

>> No.27984447

>be me
>get scared and sell
>realize I will be far more angry if this coin 10x or 100x then I will be at losing the amount I put in
>buy back in
>know it will be fine because it’s still so early

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File: 3.57 MB, 2916x3946, 1608483446171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In with another 100k. I've got a good feeling about this one

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well like some kind anons pointed out to me earlier
>6 million cap
and rubic already had it's month long nonstop pump. this some new shit i haven't seen until today

>> No.27984538


shit my other half to make it 100k is still stuck at conbase

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are you the anon making our waifus real when you make it?

>> No.27984632

Pls make waifus real when we all make it from this super cheap social media whore coin

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File: 419 KB, 864x1400, __mona_genshin_impact_drawn_by_nuker_nukerdraws__f00789ca6777bddd1a96f52109bd6e7e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, that's me. Most of my investments are in stocks, and I'm especially interested in WIMI, which is developing hologram tech.
We will make anime real.

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how anons will feel when this gets to 0.50 and we shilled it at less than a penny

>> No.27984802

christ I'll have 142,719 if that happens

>> No.27984823

$COR to the moon

>> No.27984834

i'd make 500k at 0.50

>> No.27984880

gots 53000 cor
what's that in real murican money if this becomes 50-cent?

sry my brain is a bit smooth now cause it's late nite

>> No.27984901


>> No.27984961

wtf cor is fucking dippin

>> No.27984987

wow whales really were jumping ship the last few hours. I'm actually a top 100 wallet now, used to be way bay

>> No.27984989

rubic is at 0.57 thanks to biz and I believe it has a bigger market cap. you are very early anon. for me this is the earliest I’ve caught anything with potential.

>> No.27985004

Fucking chill. Couple eth worth got sold, that's it. It's not gonna be green all the way up.

>> No.27985102

Thanks bros just bought 55k cornettos

>> No.27985132

It will be okay. Scroll up and look at my posts. I bought into that shit and I sold and panicked and then realized my mistake as it started to climb again. Keep in what you can afford to lose and realize you potentially just bought golden tickets for literal pennies.

With it being a legit project it’s almost impossible that it doesn’t reach at least 0.10 to 0.15 cents, even if it takes some time. There’s also a small cap and there’s no farming or staking of this that I’ve heard of so we don’t have to worry about tons of tokens being created to dilute the price. What is there is there.

Just enjoy the easy gains. You are so early.

>> No.27985226

Glad to see you aboard anon. We will be the legends that bought for pennies. I hope you save your wallet screencaps to brag later.

>> No.27985305

>no staking

>> No.27985369

I said that I knew of in my defense. Still no ridiculous cap

>> No.27985372

It's over. Woo so lucky to get out with nearly x3. Made over 3k, thanks anons!

>> No.27985394

they are adding more pools join the telegram and actually stay up to date rather than thinking you've got some kind of gotcha fud

>> No.27985587

this guy is gonna rope once it breaks 2 cents
then 10 cents
then top around 30 cents

>> No.27985655

RBC hovered at around 1 cent range for 3 days before it broke out back then

>> No.27985704
File: 338 KB, 695x797, 1610573851781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i was just trying to give information about it
wasn't fud, i was trying to help anon out since he said he wasn't aware of it.

>> No.27985707

I hope they buy you a nice casket after you rope when you could’ve made 10x instead of 3x

>> No.27985786

I wasn't trying to be rude anon, was just saying I wasn’t being intentionally shitty and giving wrong information which is why I had just said what I’d heard of. This project actually looks legit enough to get to at least 0.10 in my opinion, so I’m gonna give it a chance simple because of them working with influencers. Those fags are desperate for anything they gives them a leg up.

>> No.27985922

>I’m gonna give it a chance simple because of them working with influencers.

Is this gonna 1 dollar easy?

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File: 87 KB, 408x603, coreto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why this coin will moon?
WOMEN IN CRYPTO! Normies will eat this up. The head bitch is going to make us all rich.

>> No.27986075

$1 would be great but that’s 100x right now.

Even 0.10 will be a 10x investment for anyone who gets on right now. It’s honestly pretty much not worth it to NOT take a chance on this for a couple hundred bucks or whatever you have. If it gets to 0.50 like Rubic and could’ve been a fucking 50x and you heard of it this early, are you going to be more pissed at that or losing whatever you could chip in? That’s what I had to ask myself and I realized I’d be more mad at not making the 10x-50x gains again than taking the chance and losing it.

I’m just another anon, I don’t know what the coin will do. But I have a feeling it’s going to at least ge to 0.10 minimum.

>> No.27986128

Experienced team, not Indian scammers, designed to encourage influencers to promote it, not a PnD meme. Also, yes, there's a woman

>> No.27986430

will the COR be in my metamask wallet then?

>> No.27986479

yes after you add the token manually to metamask

>> No.27986563

I just transferred some ETH from Exodus to Metamask. Now I'm gonna swap via the link.
Okay, all onboard the COR-train.

>> No.27986569

I like the way you think

>> No.27986676

It’s fucking pumping!!!!

>> No.27986706


>> No.27986727

So once I buy ETH on shakepay I can swap it on $UNI? I don't have to send the ETH anywhere else first right?

>> No.27986755
File: 18 KB, 400x469, 1475297298673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im a COR man now

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File: 2.48 MB, 1000x1409, __mona_genshin_impact_drawn_by_ozma__975d7004388b92fd2fd0f07da535e2df.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27986870

Kek, I'll have turned just 1K dollarydoos into 30K that way. Would be pretty phenomenal after I almost panic sold at a 50% loss.

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File: 113 KB, 1170x500, cum-corato.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.27987057

Someone has an idea whats the best way to get ETH to MetaMask? Wyre won't show me this 6-figure code in my bank account.
Maybe via Coinbase + Transfer? I'd like to avoid the gas.
Thanks anons

>> No.27987083

OP accumulated last week at $0.001

>> No.27987122

can't you just buy eth from metamask?

>> No.27987138


it charges you a dollar or so. look at the name/description of the charge and there's the number. if you don't see it then its not hitting your account

>> No.27987174

I use coinbase

>> No.27987189

Only via Wyre and my bank account won't show me the 6-digit credit card transaction code in my account. Always aborts the process.

>> No.27987393


it might be flagging it as possible fraud? did you get an email about a possible suspicious charge

>> No.27987507

Thought the same. Haven't received an email tho. Contacting the bank rn.

>> No.27987516

guys I am new to this, got around 102 ripples and 30 stellar on exodus wallet. should and can I conver them into COR?

>> No.27987676


You would need to convert them to ETH and then use that on uniswap.org to get to the COR.

You setup a metawallet(chrome browser extension) and send the ETH to that and link the metawallet to uniswap..sounds hard but is easy

>> No.27987767

thank you.

>> No.27987816

what should i expect in gas fees right now?

>> No.27987830

Gas is actually pretty cheap rn, I just did a transaction for $15

>> No.27987859

gasses are finally cheap.... thank god

>> No.27987897

The wallet you need is called MetaMask..mis-typed it. So get that and go to to uniswap.org after

>> No.27987902
File: 26 KB, 384x384, images-10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im in boys! Lets fucking go!

>> No.27988041
File: 669 KB, 1500x2122, download (8).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27988173

I would have to pay a $30 fee for a transaction of $60 eth. oO

>> No.27988184

What's a good entry buy for Coreto?

>> No.27988282

right now anon
do it

>> No.27988333

Just bumped my stack up to 100k hope this isn't a pnd

>> No.27988366

ust installed metamask on my phone and I dont see coreto there when I press "add tokens" so how am I gonna store it?

>> No.27988390

Why are these fools dumping their whole stack when its printing a bullish triangle? I know you gotta take profits if you got in early but jesus christ

>> No.27988401

add token
custom token
paste the addy

>> No.27988424

What are the official makeit and suicide stacks?

Do we have ranks yet?

>> No.27988474

yo, i just copped 237k coreto

>> No.27988498

would we be the marine cor

>> No.27988526

Hopefully presale whales stop bullying the pumps...

>> No.27988534

Some people want a guarantee. It's already pumped enough for some great gains, but we're just getting started. Early dumpers are going to regret it when this hits $.20

>> No.27988586

damn, just saw that metamask does not support transactions from my country so I cant buy ETH.
can I buy it somewere else, then transwer it to metamask and then buy coreto from uniswap?
sorry im new to this

>> No.27988689

When could we hit 0.20? I don't think this will have the same hype as rubic any time soon

>> No.27988836
File: 817 KB, 1728x2304, cor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.27988848

Would it also be possible to use coinbase wallet instead of metamask?

>> No.27988891

Right now fees are soo high...

>> No.27988898

Well done anon

hail marine cor

>> No.27988903
File: 992 KB, 500x278, ab31ca9cccc4932b30f1dbf59b6c871a.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27988905

yeah just go on the browser part and go on to uniswap

>> No.27989046

How does this work with metamask? I connect my metamask wallet and then what? Swap it and thats it? Where would it get stored?

>> No.27989165

Thanks man.

>> No.27989184

use the uniswap link in the OP, connect your metamask to it

>> No.27989205
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>> No.27989220

thanks picked up a bag

>> No.27989269
File: 3.00 MB, 640x360, 20210207_041743.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good stuff, soldier

>> No.27989307

buy in at .01 or wait and enter at .008?

>> No.27989339

bottom forming on the 30m I wouldn't wait

>> No.27989453


>> No.27989509


>> No.27989530


>> No.27989603

What exactly is gas? Why do I have to pay it and what causes the price to fluctuate so wildly?

>> No.27989611
File: 2.82 MB, 480x250, 20210207_042620.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pump pump pump pump

>> No.27989663


>> No.27989729


>> No.27989765

it was $100 in the middle of the week lmao

>> No.27989882

Is 57000 enough to make it

>> No.27989958

"dev" team have romanian looking names. Definitely a scam

>> No.27990038

Not sure how to add COR to my coinbase wallet. Any ideas sir? It sure looks easier with metamask

>> No.27990054
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My friends, you should seriously consider buying some COR right now before it goes crazy, project is launching in March and I don't want to see any "FUCK I MISSED IT" threads by then okay?

>> No.27990164

Bros, just checked out the official telegram. The devs are legit as fuck

>> No.27990224

>having a telegram makes you legit

>> No.27990486

It doesn't but it does help with transparency and helps get specific questions answered a lot faster and not second hand on biz

>> No.27990795
File: 1.46 MB, 314x166, 20210207_045648.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pump pump pump pump

>> No.27990974


>> No.27991063
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Green linue go up up up and away

>> No.27991152
File: 40 KB, 666x630, 1319338468265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aped in boys, see you on the other side :)

>> No.27991191

One of the devs name is Lustina and the other Vlad Pharon, is that some sort of Balkan name or is this the vampire's crypto choice?

>> No.27991201

presale whales keeping us below 2c...

>> No.27991204
File: 6 KB, 145x135, gcoin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

circulating supply and corresponding mcap????

>> No.27991262

200 million is the circulating supply max 500 million the team burned some tokens the MC is still low like 2 million usd maybe?

>> No.27991289

Gypsy scammer names is what they are

>> No.27991325

the ceo is a fucking tranny

>> No.27991346

Yeah, the presale whales are fucking idiots, blowing their whole stacks whenever they see a pump

>> No.27991347

ask them in telegram but i think they are in romania and some london not sure though

>> No.27991406

There's no trannies in the Balkans dummy
Also you guys may wanna hurry up, price is being suppressed but volume is skyrocketing

>> No.27991425

this has the most globohomo cringe website I've ever seen in crypto. Their "manifest" is a half page bullet pointed list with 6 entries. (above, and illustration in the globohomo style)
somehow I managed to look at their website for 30 minutes and read their entire manifesto and I have no fucking clue what they are even working on.

>> No.27991439
File: 125 KB, 396x293, coronotettoto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

biz are we really gonna make it from cornettos?? :)

>> No.27991483

Because it's a scam

>> No.27991657

it's whales buying and selling

>> No.27992074

could it be that you're just really stupid?

>> No.27992155
File: 59 KB, 1080x608, FB_IMG_1612697798799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hell yeah, brother. We're all gonna make it.

>> No.27992183

whats this Q1 realistically?

>> No.27992196

why don't you give me the 30 second pitch then smart guy?

>> No.27992636

I'm in cunts

>> No.27992690

10 minutes later not a single QRD of this project/token.
Just look at their fucking website, it's dogshit made to look like an ice cream sunday. not even fudding you can verify that yourself right now.

>> No.27992961

it's a pnd scam, free money baby

>> No.27993035

The coins are monetized "likes". People love that shit. Look at how eager people are to spend cash on R*ddit Gold and Twitch bullshit. It's a solid idea.

>> No.27993271

They're finding a way to give money to creators that's not as retarded and Brave-exclusive as BAT. See >>27993035

>> No.27993302

any1 know the current marketcap?

>> No.27993350

>The coins are monetized "likes"
their website says this in no places. Their "manifesto" is a bullet pointed list! come the fuck on bruv. This is either a highly skilled webdeveloper scamming /biz/lets or it's a corporate slag funding it with her money not spent on children. (point being you are buying a coin dreamed up by some stale ass corporate bitch)
LOOK AT THE WEBSITE! it's cringe corporate lingo either imitated by a scammer or a legit retarded corporate manager. either way this is not a good project.

>> No.27993353

7M fully diluted

>> No.27993594

This shits a scam the presale whales are going to keep the price down. We are gonna be buying their bags by the thousands to pump this even past .02

>> No.27993662


>> No.27993712

yes, these people will be selling to us. That does not sound profitable

>> No.27993715

okay FUDS
see you at $0.20

>> No.27993732
File: 82 KB, 1080x1078, 01923f3ae3363556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok for me

>> No.27993827

please don't samefag in our based COR thread thanks

>> No.27993881

tell me why their website looks like that

>> No.27993986

I was buying this shit last night. Until the devs scammed us. Then I got out. The price is being fucked with by the pre sale whales and the devs. If we spend 100k they just take it and we are forced to put in another 100k just to get back to where we were. Why would I want my brethren at biz to lose money to these randoms?

>> No.27994045

>Why would I want my brethren at biz to lose money to these randoms?
they are getting milked and not a single one of them has taken a discerning look at the website.

>> No.27994300

Yea whoever picked this for the pump didn’t do the best job looking at the product. This shits trash as fuck. I took the 2x and dipped after I seen the whales just stealing our money and still having 3/4s of their stack

>> No.27994600

woke up and checked price still looks ok
no rugpull just a presale whale


>> No.27994718

this project is a social platform because "having a good reputation is more valuable than money"
this shit is 1/10 in terms of crypto cred or usefulness and buying into makes you a retarded faggot.

>> No.27994721

FUD incoming because it just hit 0.0167

>> No.27994744

>buy the presale on bounce
>price tanks to like 10% of the presale price
>shitstorm on telegram because the first uniswap liquidity was added before the specified time during an ama on another telegram channel
>decide to hold my bag anyway
I sold the top, made x4. Sometimes it pays to baghold for a few months.

>> No.27994748

lol weak fud

>> No.27994789

I bought cor early. When I seen how many whales can dump it back to .003 again I realized it’s not worth it for us to sit there and buy their bags. Someone pick a new PnD that’s not trash

>> No.27994811

looks fine to me except a couple grammatical errors

I’m not even opposed to contacting the devs and helping them fix the errors. For 1c this is a steal

>> No.27994848
File: 216 KB, 822x1111, we believe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine shilling this piece of shit on 4channel because newfaggots are everywhere and they will chase anything they see here that seems popular.

>> No.27994892

Why should I buy besides FOMO? Advantages, disadvantages?

>> No.27994916
File: 142 KB, 1530x724, oh i see.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>looks fine to me except a couple grammatical errors
the website looks great, that is what the redflag is. Look great with no information.
literally the front page gives a QRD on blockchains. really this is innovative shit for you?

>> No.27995001

lol go back to /pol/. This coin has pumped all day in /biz/ because it's going to make money. Normies will love it. Nothing else matters. If anything, the company's positive marketing is a huge bull sign.

>> No.27995107

>Normies will love it
>Nothing else matters
go back to plebbit faggot. This project is the lamest shit I've seen in weeks and there are better projects on fucking coinbase right now than this. unironically coinbase.

>> No.27995208

I don’t give a fuck about truly innovative I care that it’s going to make me money, not a complete rugpull (yes whales can move the price but are you in fucking crypto or fiat? is this not every fucking currency?) to the point that I will have nothing left. It’s literally brand fucking new.

they just left presale and it’s a brand new project.

not every project has to an invent a new wheel. I’m not gonna sit here and do anything but bump the thread at this point because if you can’t look at the 24 hour low and see that the price has gone up within one day of biz shilling it and not think it could go 10x easily, you’ve lost your mind

>> No.27995246
File: 291 KB, 1920x3887, coretoStaking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


way better than bao , bao had no face for the team, it had staking as it's main attraction
.. look where it reached .. $500K to $100 million in 15 days

At least coreto has staking and a public team

>> No.27995271

you are the faggot trying to get anons to give money to a project that:
>Believes in equal opportunity
>Believes in the power of the community
>Believes in ethics!
>Believes the best way to earn is to learn!
>Believes everyone deserves a chance
>Believes your time is important
the best part?
>litepaper behind an email capture.
you can bet I did not need to continue my research that far anyway!

>> No.27995310


>normie funding “doesn’t matter”
>biggest projects in existence are the biggest because they drew normie attention


>> No.27995366

stay poor

>> No.27995372

Guys. Pick a better project next time. Seriously, this isn’t a good look.

>> No.27995435

woman CEO. feed it to reddit, let them do the heavy lifting

>> No.27995442

I'm here to make money. Lame shit makes money. I understand and agree with every criticism you've got, but that doesn't change the market. Your /pol/ rhetoric doesn't change profitability. I'm not going to sport a CORETO shirt in public, but I'm definitely going to make money from this.

>> No.27995446


>> No.27995456

Just sold my bag I'm done this will dump some time in a few hours

>> No.27995468

wow you are telling me its better than a project with a over 100 billion in supply and worth 0.0001 USD?
wow really! even better than that!?
>27 posts by this id
and this is the best anon can do. tell me at least you can screen cap their lite paper and show us?

>> No.27995478

>Guys. Pick a better project next time. Seriously, this isn’t a good look.

neither was bao or rbc initially

>> No.27995503

weak paperhands gtfo

>> No.27995531


>only has posts claiming it’s a scam
>”has a bag”

shut the fuck up anon lmao

>> No.27995554

give us screen caps of their litepaper or you are a 28 pbtid faggot who is only here to get anons to buy his bags.
I want screen caps.

>> No.27995566

Fuck off faggot I'm not holding a bag because I had to get some sleep

>> No.27995596

I fucking hate myself.

I had a 2.5mil stack at 0.04 and panick sold the dip losing 15k

>> No.27995605


No idea how you calculate the project's worth

I just look at mcap growth and power of biz shilling

This project has room to grow compared to bao and it's definitely not a rugpull with public faces behind it

At worst , it's a 2x from now
At best, a 30x from now

bao was more risky compared to this, it could have been a rugpull. if you don't like money, say so. Stop fudding free money, it doesn't work

>> No.27995608

oh and I want screen caps of the teams public linkedin pages, I can't get them as I don't have it.
1. Screen caps of the litepaper
2. Screen caps of the linkdin profiles of the top three members.

>> No.27995670

can you not navigate a website dumb fuck? I’m just an anon who wants to make money and if you don’t go elsewhere. I was in the other thread and this one saying I’m bumping it. if you don’t want to buy then don’t buy but I’m not going to sit here and screencap a website you can go to and obviously haven’t and aren’t impressed.

you’re spending so much time trying to FUD it that it’s almost weird. I want to make money which is why I’m hanging out in the thread. you want to.... not buy..... so why are you still here desu?

>> No.27995687

>public faces behind it
i want screen caps of linkdin otherwise these people are not publicly known.
If this project is legit these screen caps are not hard to get. I already mentioned why I'm not going to get them myself (email and linkedin gate)

>> No.27995698

same. We really need a better one next time.

>> No.27995724

this anon is a faggot who doesn’t know how to use the internet. I’m taking a nap. I just woke up and wanted to see how my money was doing.

>> No.27995740


>> No.27995776

>30 posts by this id and still has no screen caps of the projects litepaper.
the reason i'm going HAM on this is because I want this shit to stop. I want tg faggots coming in here thinking they can spam p&ds all week long. It stops with anons doing good research and asking good questions.
If it works the way it's supposed to we all do better for the rigorousness.

>> No.27995803

You sold didn't you faggot?

>> No.27995811

you’re better than me I’m not spending an ounce of energy on FUD fag

>> No.27995888

show me them on linkedin you tg faggot

>> No.27996016
File: 304 KB, 1080x963, Screenshot_20210207-065623_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Took me a few seconds to find the CEO's LinkedIn.
What's wrong with you?

>> No.27996040

who wouldn't after what has happened?

>> No.27996093

they’re literally retarded anon I don’t know why you bothered to do this for them. I’ll find information for someone who isn’t being a dick or even engage in conversation but this anon is hopeless and will stay poor.

their mother was most likely smoking crack while they were in the womb. ngmi

>> No.27996163

>What's wrong with you?
I don't use that godawful platform. I can't see whether or not these are real people. I told you.

>> No.27996215

you have over 30 posts and you haven't read their litepaper or care about what they are doing.
this project is aids level cringe.

>> No.27996305
File: 178 KB, 828x1792, 3BD33324-D7BC-4497-9A82-C4B87F20D483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

as if anything but this matters when we have actual McDonald’s coins pumping in biz

>> No.27996373
File: 1.86 MB, 2516x3516, justina faraon I LinkedIn' - www_linkedin_com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27996434

helping lurking whales make up their mind

>> No.27996484

I will when I’m actually awake I really was asleep. You’re gonna make it anon

(I also don’t used LinkedIn and that anon is annoying at)

>> No.27996648
File: 26 KB, 504x117, about.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

finally the husband of the project tell is simply, something I haven't found anywhere ITT.
Thanks for linking all of that. BTW only the one girl has her photo but whatever.
solves the problem of trust by providing a decentralized reputation-based social platform that bridges the trust gap between blockchain investors, influencers, pools and project teams. (WOW! HYPE!!!!!)
you are still a huge fag trying to take advantage of anons.

>> No.27996665


>> No.27996698

>solves the problem of trust by providing a decentralized reputation-based social platform that bridges the trust gap between blockchain investors, influencers, pools and project teams.
I just can't believe you guys have stumbled upon this gem

>> No.27996845

>samefag fudniggers


>> No.27997043

>hyping a woman's crypto social platform solving the trust gap

>> No.27997053

>21 posts by this ID
what is your point
why are you trying so hard to FUD a decent project that came after a long time of shitcoin shills like BAO, MCMD or SCAT?
are they paying you?
buy or stay poor

>> No.27997147
File: 228 KB, 1336x860, coretoUse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>solves the problem of trust by providing a decentralized reputation-based social platform that bridges the trust gap between blockchain investors, influencers, pools and project teams. (WOW! HYPE!!!!!)

they are building a cryptospace social network with some functions like staking lending .. something something

I am sure they will find some use for it in the extended world of crypto

price increase is guaranteed

>> No.27997163

>a decent project
>manifesto is bulletpoints
>lite paper is behind email capture
>corporate globohomo shit all over the website
>social platform
>woman and her husband
No, anon, I am laughing at (You)

>> No.27997223

>price increase is guaranteed
these are literally the statements LEOs are going to start looking for in their P&D investigations.

>> No.27997226

why do you hate money?

let the woman make you money, hopefully other women will buy into it and increase price

you know why most commercial product ads are directed at women nowadays and not men? Because women buy and can easily be manipulated into buying

>> No.27997300

>24 posts by this ID
>soon to be 25


>> No.27997301

>unironic reddit spacing
>femoid simp
>there's a lotta upside wif dis!

>> No.27997364

Jesus the faggotry is strong in this one.

Why don't you go watch sunday morning cartoons and eat your fruity pebbles. No one fucking cares about your 4 hour, 40 post long self-chat fud. Get a fucking life my dude

Waiting to buy in at .010

>> No.27997375

HAHAHAHA you fud faggits have nothing better to do!! Attention all niggers its going to 5ents eow

>> No.27997388

or buy at a cex like bilaxy

on metamask, it is stored into your ethereum address

look up how to create eth address and connect metamask to it

but be warned, uniswap fees are very high

try bilaxy for low fees


>> No.27997398

This. What a fucking sperg lmao

>> No.27997445

>ERC-20 for a social platform with no user base
all I'm trying to point out is that there are much better projects, even on coinbase, than this shity "reputation" token.
more unironic plebbit spacing.

>> No.27997456

apparently anon doesn’t like to make money. probably a poor who can’t afford gas fees or hold the coin for a few days

>> No.27997551

>all I'm trying to point out is that there are much better projects, even on coinbase, than this shity "reputation" token.

not at this level of mcap
and everyone of them started this shitty before reaching coinbase

>> No.27997642

>not at this level of mcap
>and everyone of them started this shitty before reaching coinbase
99% of this board would be better off sticking to the shit coin coinbase, not this.

>> No.27997659
File: 16 KB, 300x233, thumb_naw-shes-good-been-scissoring-with-yours-179019560-added-51568243.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27997737

and none of them came to /biz/ this early. COR is going to skyrocket when word spreads out, and right now we've got it all to ourselves

>> No.27997792

Just bought 20K, fuck it.

>> No.27997874

Why the fuck do you care about COR so much mate? Be honest, you sold early and regretting the decision so you're FUD'ing to make yourself feel better, right? Fuck off like you're some white knight trying to help people on biz

>> No.27998025

>Why the fuck do you care about COR so much mate?
I said this earlier. I don't care about COR, I care about the anons here, even the newfaggots who fomo into shit pumped by coordinated telegram channels.
It ruins the board and it makes people lose money. That's why I care. But remember I do not care about COR.

>> No.27998039

“BuT wE nEeD ThE AnONs To StAy SaFe On CoiNbAsE” -HHGCM

I really do need to nap but that anon is fucking weird. I’m starting to think their calling out supposed redditards is their way of trying to mask where they came from

>> No.27998082

why don't you just @ me instead faggot?

>> No.27998141

New thread

>> No.27998155

It looks like the entire team is from Estonia

>> No.27998354

romania and england

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