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dont miss out /biz/raelis

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i tried 3 different times, 3% slippage.
fuckin trash

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Got a 2x off this in 50min lol

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i had the same problem two times. Just be patient I wanted to punch a wall when I was watching it climb and my shit wouldn't confirm. But once I got in I was happy as hell. This shit's really gonna do a 10x from here.

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come along for the ride desu

I have a feeling the original thread will be full so I'm posting it here but if fud gets you just look at the proof of how quickly this is going up anons >>27965139

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punch a wall then faggot, you won't, pussy ass bitch boy.

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I'm coming maki just let me grab my podium

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nah i didn't but I was mad as hell ngl. This shits a gem.

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Ok faggot I bought it

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I knew you wouldn't let down best 2D girls anon

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tired to swap my 2 shakes at .009
im gonna sit this one out

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so comfy right now.

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Are you serious!? This shit just started. Keep trying.

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What's funny is that we're at the lowest gas prices will be for the next fucking week. If you can't afford to get in now you're fucked when things actually start rolling LOL https://ethereumprice.org/gas/

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this will be that anon when this goes to 0.03 to 0.05 cents. not even mentioning the price goal in the thread is 0.50!

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Seriously. It's such fucking garbage.
ETH has no future if this isn't addressed within the next year, max.

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Not missing another RBC

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Welp. I just bought 250k. I'm ready for the dump.

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We're doubling every hour. Get the fuck in here!

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logo looks good... im in for 100k

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exact reason I bought in. This is definitely going places. We need a meme team

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Should I sell my rubic for this?

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stupid shit went up from 0.008 to 0.015 while my shit was pending

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no dumping yet anon

anime girls will become real if this hits $10

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>he didnt put his gas swap priority from average to fast


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I just got it on bilaxy for no gas.

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good idea to help other anons save gas

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At this dip you should be buying more rbc. If you were gonna sell it would’ve been a few hours ago. Hold on to what you have it’s going right back up.

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how long till this dumps

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>be anon. think "it's hit 0.01 i missed it"
>be anon in 24 hours when it hits 0.05
>execute rope.exe

don't be that anon frens

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i was able to swap .5 shake, im in for almost 200k core

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200 new holders in minutes! What the fuhhhh!???

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im about to drop a couple grand more for the 2x from .02 to .04

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probably a week

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We've had an organic thread for the last few hours, theres no dump coming.
One anon found COR with DD and we're all jumping in because its a legit project and fucking early.

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30 minutes

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Glad you made it. Enjoy the ride

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I bought in and got dumped on and lost half in minutes :( time to $ROPE

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its not over

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How to buy COR?

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>shilling for this obvious pump and dump
fuck off

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why aren't you buying more? Just because two whales dumped doesnt mean it's over

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Post the etherscan page I can't find it

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so because one whale dumped its over? Are you retarded? People always say this on the first dump. I'm about to drop 2 more grand.

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>I buy at $0.015
>it instantly dumps on me
Why does this keep happening

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just bought more hehe

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No coinbase = no buy

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>one whale



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textbook pnd lol
when will bizlets learn?

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Less whales the better

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Thats not just any whale, that's the contract deployer aka the team themselves dumping on you lmao

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Just had a big dump

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it's literally pumping dumbass. It was one whale.

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Fastest PnD I've ever seen

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coming back up

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For real. Made mlney and lost it in 30 min lmao. Back to where I started

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>Fastest PnD I've ever seen
lmao OP's thread is still active in the catalog, holy shit >>27965139

He couldn't even wait a whole day, had to pull the rug in less than 4 hours

>a yes, the dev is a whale

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I am a poor fag.

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I literally watched this happen moments after I bought. Please end my life.

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It was so obvious with how much you faggots were shilling in the previous thread, especially with telling newfags STEP-BY-STEP how to buy this thing.
Trust yourselves and do the research, coinlets

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why can the dev not take profits? I respect his trade.. That isn't stopping people from buying. I'm about to drop a few more thousand.

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me too man. Better to just hold at this point

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It's goin back up.

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RD 2 begins....

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Hahaha Devs dumping already, wow biz I hope you guys didn't actually buy this

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holy shit the dip got bought up instantly. you vultures

>> No.27978231

Lol it's actually going up again, WTF?

>> No.27978232

Hell yeah brother, and the devs are about to be priced out on their own coin.

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Um... not really SDX is. But what do I know.

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rubic is the next rubic
Actually vuy swapdex retards easiest 10x of the week

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So the developer created the coin. Posts this bullshit on /biz/ reddit. Tells everyone to BUY IT QUICK. Then sells all their tokens and were left holding some useless crap.

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we told you silly anons!

falling for the FUD and devs naturally taking some profit for a legitimate project.

imagine selling before it hits at least 0.03. if not 0.05

stay poor faggots. how will you ever make money without risk?

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In record time, to be honest i'm not even mad since i didn't have enough time to do the DD and convince my self to buy in

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and he's about to regret selling desu because the dip was already bought. are you not watching the order books silly anon?

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aside from the trade histroy, is there a way I can view the buy orders similar to binance?

>> No.27978436

due diligence

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They only sold 1/4th, so it's not like they dumped all of it on us. Still, it feels really scummy.

>> No.27978462

Doesn't fucking matter. This shit will never be worth enough to even cover the gas fees swapping it.

>> No.27978481

on dextolls* is there a way I can view the buy orders on dextools that similar to binance.

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retard this is $11,000

if you're scared of a dev selling 10k, you missed RBC too

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it's very common in legitimate projects anon. the devs need to be paid and imagine their surprise when they saw the coin rocketing up.

their creation and the small market cap is what's going to make it for some of these anons. they deserve to get paid.

some anons will get priced out or panic sell if a dev or a whale sells but they shouldn't be in crypto if they can't handle their 4x turning to 3x for ... what was that... not even five minutes?

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Nope, that was just nr.1

>> No.27978536

What a motherfucking nigger
Anyone still holding this piece of shit is an idiot

>> No.27978571

Nothing wrong with taking a little profit, anon. This is a zero sum game after all. The important thing is that you take it back.

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>> No.27978610

some people are destined to be poor. Him and the dev.

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I guess we were bamboozled biz

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can romanians be trusted tho?

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bamboozled? i'm still in the green anon

jesus rubic pumps for months and dips constantly and this dips once from the devs in the first night and you guys freak out?

>> No.27978694

>tfw paper hands the dip and lost my x2

Enjoy my money hodlrs

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I got out in time, but still lost my fees.

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been holding since the beginning of the original thread i can't wait to make it

thanks for your money anon. ngmi though.

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yea people make no sense

>> No.27978746

>the devs need to be paid

This does play a factor. So sure, I expect some sells early on by any dev. They have to pay bills like the rest of us.

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Those fees

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Ah yes, because the Devs are monitoring Coretos price so closely in the middle of a Saturday Night when this piece of shit coin has been doing nothing for the past 2 months

>b-but the devs are in Europe, it's european time
So they were watching it closely to sell first thing sunday morning?


>> No.27978827

are you a poorfag? You should at least have $100 in reserve for gas

>> No.27978886


>imagine creating a volatile currency and not having alerts on your phone

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>> No.27978964

>Ah yes, because the Devs are monitoring Coretos price so closely in the middle of a Saturday Night when this piece of shit coin has been doing nothing for the past 2 months
Literally yes. You are.

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Another shitty rug pull when you could just use KLEROS. no thank you SIR

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are my boys about to get jeeted on...

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exactly. This is a biz gem, and he sees a massive pump. I see nothing wrong with putting it back into the company.

>> No.27979066

It’s fucking going back up!!!

>> No.27979113

we told you anon.

>> No.27979173

This is OUR coin. /biz/ got ahold of it first and we're all getting rich

>> No.27979191

this. we are so early

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In the time it took me to make this meme, COR dumped hard. But I'm still hodling.

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I've been scammed

>> No.27979238

The devs are confused as fuck as to why it randomly started pumping. The biggest downside of this project is that it's ran by a bunch of women.

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how can we profit from this?

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>tfw gas fees stopped me from buying right before the rugpull

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The Telegram says it's not the devs who dumped, just presale whales. Not sure what to believe.

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its fucking over
devs dumping lmfao

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>> No.27979508

>people buying 5 ETH, 3 ETH and 7 ETH worth
damn this has potential then

>> No.27979529

was fun while it lasted anons! could have lasted longer if the whales didn't want to go to bed. but my poorfag self got out with a little bit of profit after gas fees. cya!

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Noob here. When it pumps and I want to sell, how do I profit without getting fucked by miner fees

>> No.27979631


not on this anon, you are correct. I have the hype to bump a thread but not the capital to back it up and can't go to sleep and lose a huge chunk of money as a poorfag, have to take the profits I can get until I hit 5 figures. sorry!

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It's not the devs, dude. Imagine thinking selling $11K is a genuine rugpull.

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>> No.27979711

just a poorfag, if you go back to the previous thread I only had a 1k stack. never said I was HODLing for life, just said I could keep the thread going for the night. but the whales pulled out and I'm tired. zzzzzzz

>> No.27979798

They could've at least got a comm manager that's literate. The fuck is that grammar

>> No.27979803


>> No.27979835

solid project with a $3.8 million market cap

>> No.27979846


They sold the rumor

>> No.27979848


>> No.27979884

Welp, looks like it was just a pre-saler then


>> No.27979888

She's probably Romanian.

>> No.27979892

eww had no problem with female dev but can't tell the difference between their and there?

>> No.27979911

he sold a quarter of his stack.. he will regret this forever

>> No.27979925


I came for the gains but I stayed for Lustina

>> No.27979938

lmao you guys actually thought it was a rugpull. Who else buying more?

>> No.27980016

i'll be back in the morning if it's sub 2-3 cents. if it lasts a full 48 hours i'll truly be in. just a poorfag who can't really afford to lose it all in my sleep. like i could and i'd be okay, but i like to keep my crypto money to play around with. i don't stick in the risky stuff too long.

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Presale confirmed. Devs are still all in. Anyone who believed 11k was a dev rugpull is a dumbass.

>> No.27980239

i always buy the gotdamn top

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This, fucking FUDers panicking over a couple of ETH being sold. Just HODL for now and wait for it to go x10 again soon.

>> No.27980259

so not a rugpull, doxxed femanon dev and imminent launch.. clownworld anons I'm all in

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File: 39 KB, 450x258, cor_ruglmao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LOL. The absolute cope. Anyone still holding is accelerating to ruin.

>> No.27980444

Back up over a.01 now

>> No.27980515

this will pump to $0.12 sooner than you think

>> No.27980621

Sold rubic for this. WAGMI u fuckers

>> No.27980686

What's your goal here, anon?

>> No.27981254

https://coreto.io/team all on linked in all legit as fuck

>> No.27981331

We're currently making it, enjoy the FUD if you're NGMI.

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File: 1.03 MB, 2520x1080, acaf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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ngl I panic sold and I feel like I’m gonna wake up in the morning and will have missed serious gains

>> No.27981720

Where’s the product? All I see is a shitty site and no use cases

>> No.27981802

can't find it on dext?

>> No.27981861

here broski https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xde26d72fcf376a8a98560c8d57b1465715037851

>> No.27982080

We're back, thank fuck.

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File: 261 KB, 1375x1941, __mona_genshin_impact_drawn_by_kuno_runkunochan__4c8b366daa66be44bb52653543050fc6 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feels good. Riding this all the way to $1

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>there are people who sold ~10 worth of ETH when it was at one cent

>> No.27982442

They are using crypto/blockchain to vet influencers. I don't totally understand the tokenomics tho

>> No.27982569

Still in and still pumping and still sub. 2c

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>> No.27982679

Lol pumping again

>> No.27982799

>all that meaningless jargon on the site
what does this coin actually fucking do

>> No.27982942

do some research and dig into the team
serious fucking gem

>> No.27983176

that whole page is marketing jargon, it doesn't say a goddamn thing

>> No.27983659

3 threads on the board and they’re all completely organic! Good effort guys. Avoid. Unless you want to give your portfolio aids.

>> No.27984919

I don't know about this one guys if we shill SCAT instead we get to see more cat pics

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