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>anon i cant show you these tits unless you bought psychical silver

Wha/ do?

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Why would I ever do anything a woman tells me to? I can see tits anywhere.

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I ask her to write down psychical for me.

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Big tits only work for mommy waifus

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My mommy bought me a silver chain to neck myself with

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i've already seen enough already and i'll be keeping my silver coins thank you very much

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>not buying digital silver ticker LTC

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I bought $SLVR just to piss off /PMG/

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>That potato face

No thanks

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Took literally 10 seconds to find her, she is significantly better clothed

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>Tummy apparent
>No sternum
>No veins on neck
>barely veins in hands
She is fat, isn't she?

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what a shame it is,
i bought digital gold

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whatever beats tsundere cause the tits are already out

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>bought silver last week
>"shipping will take 15-20 days. Thank you for your understanding."
i-i'll get to see them soon, i guess...

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I fucking love big tits like those, she is in like the top 0.001% gene pool for those bad boys... not a fucking 26+ yo whale either

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I bought lead instead.
get on your knees, now.

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47oz I bought during rona. At least give me a sauce

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Just sold

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>not a fucking 26+ yo whale either
She got a reduction and her tits got mangled.

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Close my eyes and ask if I can do everything with my eyes closed then.
And then tell her that silver is for women.

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what is psychical silver

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Sodomize her with my 20 oz'r

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i hedge inflation with yugioh cards.

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This right here anons. Lead is the future. It'll turn into gold!

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you better have a nice ass bitch

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"Put em away sugar tits, I only buy Platinum and Palladium."

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the /biz/ version of uncle poster that's adorable

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show tits or gtfo

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Oh my god the thumbnail made me think that was a double ended dildo

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its in the mail bitch whip em out

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I would probably question what the fuck psychical silver is. Is it silver I bought using fucking ESP?

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where did you get the statue?

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seearch for "kek statue"

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I would show her my 2000oz stack

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Dig through my drawers and find some old European coins I've got. Women are fucking stupid she'll believe it.

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>dark skin
>fascinated with ass
shitskin alert

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Cute frog. Whats it's name?

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i dont have dark skin you fucking negro
>dosnt like a nice round ass
you must be a faggot then

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Madam *tips fedora*. I cannot ejaculate on you unless you're a crypto maximalist

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>oh anon do you like squishy things well haha enjoy
>oh anon you're kind of fat now and you're poor you'll have to work for the squishy now I guess hehhe
Does no one else see this (women) for the fucking scam that it is?

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Cringe lol

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a fatty

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Who knew that chick off of Dr Phil had tits like that!?

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find a girl who's cuter and not gonna have tragic sag for AAVE gibs

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Fucking faggot zoomer fuck off

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Dumb idiot, you fail to invest in the next currency backed by gold & silver when the USD economy standard is inevitably collapsed due to Nigeria welfare state inflation

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she is too weak to oppose me

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any idea what robot this is

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That's a man!

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I'd bet half my portfolio her tits look like absolute shit when she isn't grabbing onto them for dear life.

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The Iron Giant, retard