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i just bought more this shit better moon. im already fucking priced out for eternity its literally impossible to get a big stack now FUCK!!!!!! cost 400 dollars for 3k fantom

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guess they are scamming the entire country of afghanistan

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FTM - The official tranny coin

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Fantom - a well known pump and pump coin

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I love fantom and cute shemales

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How to invest in traps? Can someone make trap coin?

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if one of your fuckass devs can mathematically prove to me how it solves the ETH gas problem i'll dump 1m into this garbage as it's my only doubt

t.2011 113 BTC holder

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check out their wallet and anyswap. you can do a little bit with it right now with almost no fees and instant transactions

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stop selling :(

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I'll sell and transition all my FTM if someone creates MTF

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>proofless whitepaper

if any of you bought into this, you're legit retarded and this is another coin that will fall off the radar in a handful of years.

Guess i just keep jerking off in binance savings, btw if you guys want a real pump, look into TURTLECOIN, it's going to btfo monero as the drug money coin, untraceable and how i'll dodge the IRS

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Oldfag here. Great game I'd play on the commodore 64 as a chap. That one Andre wizard type meme always gave me Ultimate Wizard vibes

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Do you think this is the same person as Fantom schizo from 2019?

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are you fucking serious? i finally just bought more. i hate this coin so fucking much

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Lol you can go and try it on anyswap for example fast and cheap fees so fuck off turk avax shill

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i have 1mil, been holding for 2 years
i just want to make it already

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soon brother. the fire rises.

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im a 35k poorfag. im literally just hoping every day for lunch money getting closer to suicide every day

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don't think like that, buddy
you'll be ok
i'm fucked up and in a wheelchair, so even if I make it, i still have to be me
if you have your health, don't take it for granted

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cheers i hope you make it

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thank you
you too, man

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hookers wont care if youre in a wheel chair brah we're all gonna make it

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I'm in a similar boat. Can't decide if I'll hold it until the dollars range or sell for BTC once it's around $0.50 then just wait for BTC to moon again in a couple years. I figure if FTM hits $0.50 though it's probably go to above $1 someday.

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You had 3 years.

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no i didnt im poor. its the first and basically only coin ive bought

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You chose to wait until this year to jump in. You had 3 years but you were lazy. Cope.

Enjoy your 3M though lol

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C'mon schizo, you said $100 eoy, FTM to be the top coin, (((they designed the coin after god))), Mark of the beast, hunger games, devs are secret jews.

Don't tell me the coin of the chosen people can be so fragile when king btc pumps, FTM dumps, when btc dumps, FTM also dumps. No FUD shit either schizo
>4.7m stack of FTM (crabtom)

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What the fuck are you murmuring about?

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pls vishnu

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not something difficult to do

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>ftm dumps
I buy more
>ftm pumps
I buy more

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King shitcoin strikes again.

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