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Someone feed me the daily copium please. I'm starting to lose hope with this project, what with seeing all the other shitcoins mooning.

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I sold my Link for ADA. I can't do this anymore. The oracle problem is a meme and apparently ADA doesn't even need Link. I am so demoralized regarding Link

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The top wallets are still accumulating. They want you to sell

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Next time ADA or GRT dump, consider the same OP

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Another accumulation phase ahead, we are unironically going to retest the meme resistances and supports a third and fourth time

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it will be minimum 80 dollars by july

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and by that time ADA will be liked 5 dollars. What's the point in holding Link

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Defi is the future and link will be the foundation upon which it is built. Top holders are accumulating, and github commits correlate with price drops, meaning they are spending the capital to increase the team. If you believe in any of these big defi coins, you believe in link.

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216 iykyk

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LINK is great, but its like the internet. The internet doesn't make money, internet hodlers don't turn profits. Companies who use the internet are the big money makers, and its just the same with these projects that are using LINK. LINK is essential but irrelevant to investors and will probably never break $30.

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You have this:
And this:
To look forward to in the short term. Arb is gonna go live right after they get their people back from Eth Denver. We will also have an unregulated derivatives market for US stock.
Longer term look into DTCC and their 2.2 quadrillion dollars in asset flow, they have a test report due soon.
That's all the hopium I can give you fren, you need to take the schwab pill before you go any deeper down the rabbit hole.

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a lot of places are coming out with link steaking, i bet the real thing is soon

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link doesn't scale

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That's also true. I live in a smart city and I hear more and more buzz about BAND Protocol, simply because of LINK's immense scaling issues.

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It's not a joke. Wanna get rich? Buy the Amazon of LINK users.

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I truly believe that the future of DeFi is on Cardano and so are Cardano oracles built using Wolfram Alpha. The future is most likely very grim for ETH and Link and I encourage you to see how little is actually being done on the Chainlink network

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top is in I'm afraid

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Clif High says Silver is going to go over $600 because there will be a new discovery regarding how it relates to electricity/magnetism and its use in electronics. This should happen by the end of March.

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>he doesn't know
I am all-in on Tellor, they scale POW

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>it's real

No wonder they're suppressing the price and fudding the shit out of this coin now lol

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>tfw my mom finally put $2k in LINK for my little nephew today

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I bought link in 2018 for .5 $ but finally sold a month ago after seeing it come to a standstill. Already made 5x with ASKO since Friday. Stop the emotional attachment and see the opportunities you have missed.

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Imagine believing this. Yikes. I will say it again, ADA is the future of crypto and Link will unfortunately lose its momentum and die out a long and slow death while ADA moons

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You go and buy more ghost chain token

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ADA will a do a XRP drop soon enough.

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>buy ADA!
>buy ADA!
>buy ADA!
>buy ADA!

holy shit, make your shilling less obvious. Can't even make a single post where you're not shilling your DOA platform

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How is it a ghost chain token when it will become the most used blockchain because it has scalability built in. People are already building on it but you are too emotionally attached to your current bags.

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If you held some of your portfolio and traded the other part of your portfolio, there'd be no need to cope...

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imagine the guys hodling through 2017-18. This is nothing.

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Cardano actually has a responsible founder Charles Hoskinson who clearly has a vision for the project and one would make a grave mistake not investing in his vision

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ETH already won you retard, none of these bitcoin,eth,link killers work

They are all scams going to 0

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>It will

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Then why are people buying ADA so much if that is the case and clearly its being developed if you look at their Github. People value the decentralized approach compared to Ethereum and you are probably too emotionally attached to the current status quo to not see that Cardano actually has a sustainable future

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Give me a rational argument for why it wont become used

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so you get payed in XCM. is this 2.5-5% annum based on their respective dollar amounts? Wondering if its worth it to switch them from binance to here to get some XCM now in case that rises in price over time until real staking comes out. What are your guys thoughts on this?

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because its a shilled to reddit?

Theres a sucker born every minute
A lot of redditors are still holding nano(kek) and XRP from the top

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Law of inertia

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I am a retard, how do I buy this? what do I use instead of coinbase? I’m in the US.

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If my ID starts with "1" and ends with "uv", then LINK will be $300 by the end of February 2021.

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Yeah I was thinking the same, and they did not mention how often will they distribute the staking rewards as well.

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holy shit is fuckignd realllll

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are you hacking?! What is this sorcery

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It was just at the all time high price the other day, wtf is wrong with you?

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yeah best I can do is $19 in the next few hours

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Howbout 17?

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kek this dude's batting 1000.
i'm in

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ETH is right there with you LINK Marines... hasnt done shit this entire bull run, for some reason dumps harder then every crypto on coinbase...FUCK.THIS.CRYPTO

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bros.... it's coming

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i moved on and literally already made great money.

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nolinkers are buying shitcoins because they want quick profits. Eventually this money will flow in to ETH, LINK etc

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the only thing thats coming is going to be me when i silently jerk off while my gf sleeps in the room next door while i burn the money she earns on trading crypto

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put me in the screencap

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I don't trust coinmetro enough to have my stuff there. I also want to wait for other platform to offer staking and compare rewards.

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ETH and BTC, yes. LINK, no. This is cope, the average crypto investor does not consider LINK in the same league as ETH/BTC

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binance.us or kraken

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sorry too late already on r/4chan

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if my id starts with C and ends with L for chainlink, and is chainlink blue, then this also confirms 300 end of february

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Mxcuse me? How is this possible???

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jesus fucking christ

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holy fuck...include me in the screencap

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you guys ar echeating this doesnt make any sense?!?!?!

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What kind if sorcery is this

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lower case c, doesn't count

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Very slick, but you won't fool me pal.

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how new are you? you make a post to see what your ID is going to be for the thread, then delete the post. Now that you know your ID, you can post again "predicting" it and retards like you think it's magic.

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this. how bout not buying till july

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fuck you pieces of shit honestly you are giving me legitimate schizophrenia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have never used it. Whats wrong with coinmetro?

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Its guaranteed to moon after you sell your links.

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How did you do this? Where did you attain such power?

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getting hungry without the link crumbs

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>/biz/ lurkers that still dont know about binance

Holy fuck we are so unbelievably early

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Pooo in loo

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why wouldn't someone trust coinmetro

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Something something 4th industrial revolution.
Also don't look at the vits price chart.

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I set my stop loss at $23

I swear if LINK breaks it I'm fucking out of this shitcoin

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God I hope it hits. Weak handed Link holders don't deserve to make it and are severely retarded. We will above $30 in a week or two you fucking turd.

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this but unironically

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I don't know seems like one of those dinosaur exchanges that didn't really keep updating their tech to be up to date, There's a reason why most volume goes through binance.

I used to really like poloniex back in the day, seemed just really comfy looking at the chat of people prediction market moves, but after some hack most people just switched.

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If my ID has 81 in it then LINK will be 81k EOY

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Your ID says jew. Are you jew?

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what website is that?

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Dumped all my LINK for AVAX hope I don’t rope myself down the road

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Smart! Best of luck to you and your little nephew. We're gonna make it.

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this is one of the copypastas link holders use for shits and gigs right? like its not an actual argument against link?

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Why the fuck would i buy $LINK or these mainstream coins when I can buy $NBT or wtv

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The amount of fucking newfags holy fucking shit, /biz/ is done.

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Every time I think of selling massive profits for BTC I cannot do it.
Why did you do this to me /biz/

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nah just OGs larping as newfags

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Jesus Christ this place is plagued with newfags. Holy shit I had no idea it was this bad. At least I will have my memories of the old /biz/ in my mind. I feel like such an old man now.

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Prove me wrong? Nobody could 'buy' internet stock, but they could buy Amazon. Amazon made more money than the internet did. Overall the internet as it is doesn't make money, the things built on top of it do.

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>1 post by this ID
What did he mean by this? Chainlink is self-aware?

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I hope you're not contagious

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Wolfram Alpha isn't an oracle network. Do you even watch Charles' videos?

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>m-muh charles hoskinson
lmao, imagine thinking that that smoothbrained psoi scammer is an actual argument for buying a shitcoin
go fuck off and make a containment thread so that we can ignore you retards like we ignore xrpaypigs

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blessed thread OP. LINK 300 United States of America dollars February 2021!!

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he said the same shit in 2017

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Link me to his jewtube video or Tweeter post.

>> No.27968374

it was his june or july 2017 newsletter

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checked and bought $100k more

>> No.27968652

did you get molested as a child anon?

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>price goes down
>multiply my link stack by $300
>whoa thats a lot of money ahah
>stop worrying

>> No.27968894

Gunna sell mine since I only have 8 and don’t feel like paying attention to this shit.

Should I trade for ETH or is ETH priced too high right now?

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>My Coin doesn't moon instantly to 600 dollars so i can retire in a month

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>checks for 42
>no 42
>summons 42

Are you still going to hold your dmg forever? Why didnt you see that coming? Keough = clownshow

>> No.27970348

If you’ve been in LINK long you’d know that LINK pumps when it feels like pumping and doesn’t follow the market.

>> No.27970425

the edging is getting painful anon.

>> No.27970473

BAND moon

>> No.27970474

Each month, the 16th.

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Crypto is fake and gay

>> No.27970731

EVERYTHING is fake and gay. this whole damn SOCIETY is fake and gay. the sooner you realize that, the better...

>> No.27970833

All I'm saying

>> No.27970885

Does anybody remember nulink?

>> No.27970977

Link not mooning along with all these pnd shitcoins is extremely bullish. I swung bao from 0.013, sold at 0.026.Now I am long LINK, STAKE, HNY.

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>its barely holding at 24


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imagine being shilled a coin since $0.11 and still not having enough to make it

>> No.27971104

you will see your stack decrease by 60% in a few months
Link will only go down 25%

>> No.27971122

You guys are like fucking coders for 4chan, right?

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>link has a general now
lmfao its over

>> No.27971311

Kek is with us

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>2.5% - 5% of their own token for rewards
Yeah I'm thinking LP was the right choice.

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You will never make any more money off of STINK.

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wtf can someone explain this? im shaking right now wtf...

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I think you need to meditate like based Charles

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>1 post by this ID
Is this a joke to you anon

>> No.27973095

if my post number is an integer than 1000 eoy

>> No.27973263

>just pay $150k for a lp token bro haha

>> No.27973787

Last february link was at less than 20k sats while its previous ath was 68k. Things didnt look good. Today link is at 65k sats and its ath is 170k sats. Link will make them same type gains in sats. Relax thatll hapoen this bullrun. All that happened with btc under 10k. What hapoens when link does that same gain against bitcoin with bitcoin at +100k. Theres your copium. Hope it helped.

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I still consider myself a newfag but I have the feeling now that I am the oldest newfag on this board.

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it just went from 8 to 26 in a month you dumb faggots!!!

>> No.27974560

Nope. Your still the newest of newfags there is.

>> No.27974735

I miss Nasim :(

>> No.27974910

Look at the LINK/BTC chart you stupid newfag. Then look at the AAVE/BTC chart.

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is now a good time to start accumulating LINK or should I wait for a dip?

>> No.27975797

This is the dip. Or do you want to wait for the next major correction?

>> No.27976031

I got into link TODAY after years of seeing the memes. Did I just ruin my life?

>> No.27976569

reeee defi is not the fucking future. In the future, blockchains will be for something more useful than fucking market speculation. DeFi will lead to the Great Depression level crash for crypto.

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why I did not buy LINK when the price was 0.000001 ETH?

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1000 link eoy

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Fake pic

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>its crashing again

None of your hopium is working /biz/, why dont you throw a few dollarium instead to prop the price up. I know some of you LINK tards are millionaires

>> No.27977085

If my id starts with Dp and ends in v then link is going to double penetrate the crypto market vaginally.

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have you even looked at the log chart? shit is bullish as fuck. zoom out and realize that half-way to 1000 isn't 500, it's 20.

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absolute chad

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