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Pux only at 700k just passed 500k today. Price of .018 right now. You're still really early

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fucking mcdc can your retarded ass not see the memes $1 is fud

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no meme or finance shit please. I want public teams and at least vaguely real usecase. I want the next prq or rubic, if you will.

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This right here

Look at The roadmap, 10c incoming

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AXIA just passed $600k, but worth a look

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>Look at The roadmap
on website roadmap tab says "roadmap in the whitepaper", then theres no fucking roadmap in the whitepaper. where is it? and is the team anon?

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>Social Media
>Create Missions to get paid

Ravencoin is the next big thing. It's BTC3.0

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Heres a spoon

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Their website does not work.