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Can anyone tell me what this thing does?

And why is it shilled so much?

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Backbone of DeFi

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turns fat slavic autists into mega millionaires, turns fat mystery meat autists into hundred thousandaires, meme factory, template for shitskin PnD scams, the image of 21st century vaporware

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t. salty bird-shitskin
Stay mad you missed out retard
3 years.

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Promises alot but delivers nothing. CEO is steady dumping coins (1.5mil A WEEK I kid you not) so it won't go up cause of the constantly increasing supply. I'd look at something else if I were you. Try aave

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>Delivers nothing
Partnerships everyday on Twitter, fuck off shit skin

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it’s a good token that you honestly should buy

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it does nothing other than make you poor
now go back

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I'm happy for all the link marines, I feel no malice towards anyone on this board for getting rich off of scheming and deception.

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