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Until people are bankrupt killing themselves en masse, this is not over for either side.

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Remember that the long hedgies will carry us to victory

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Never thought i would root for a jew, but the enemy of my enemy is someone to die by my hand last.

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we'll ride the jew wave and cuck reddit who will hold out forever

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I am down 3k, I bought 9 shares at 360
for the 1% chance that this goes somewhere, I'm holding. Also retardedly got my brother to buy in aswell, 4 at 300

All we wanted to do was pay the mortgage on our parents house...
Guess I'll be going back to my weedstocks after this

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>Every shady shit by the HF's were btfo for our holding
At this point with my one share want every piece of shit burning to the groun

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set your limit to 777 and let fortune carry you

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Yeah if it hits near even 600-700 i'm out. I know my limits.
Bought in at a lower amount, in the hundreds.
I'm hoping to get a tidy sum so i can deal with the perpetual homelessness over my head i've been fighting for near a decade now.
I'm tired of being poor, from poor stock, in a poor state.
I want to be able to live. If i have to walk over the graves of Wallstreet shortsellers to do it, then i will wear spiked cleats.

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I have a 27 dollar avg price and i've been in since october I'm ready to get out and make other plays

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Imagine being me and up 250k and believing unironically it will go up to 1k+ while every other WSBer was only in with 500~1000$ chanting DIAMOND HANDS DONT PUT A STOP LOSS TO THE MOON

I want to kill myself LMAO

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make it one more week

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Just hold, there is a high chance of a spike on the 9th, a massive one as they have to pay out their shorts.
They've been fighting an uphill battle to shake all the minnows off, and all it did was attract the sharks and shit to the feeding frenzy.
For every minnow killed, the shares get gobbled up by Long hedgies.
They are actively trying to ruin one another, this war has gone beyond reddit or 4chan, beyond the people.
This is Jew vs Jew, and we got played by the Talmud yet again to make jews rich.
It's just the smart holding onto heavy bags will get the scraps they leave us.
From one goblin to another, when you see a hefty, life changing profit in the next coming days, FUCK a message, FUCK trying to "Crash the system."
Get out ahead, and get out WEALTHY. Then you can put those funds into some good longterm stock and stop being poor.

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>$27 since October

Now I’m a poltard and I’m new to this but why didn’t you sell at almost 500, even any of the 400’s... I’ll admit I fell for retarded redditors too, but you would’ve had to already had knowledge of this long before at that price

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did you think fighting kikes was gonna be this easy? Only retards who hodle will win this fight because stupidity beats lies. They want you to be logical and sell and treat this like any regular stock. This is not a regular stock though, this has never happened in the history of the exchange, more stocks shorted than exist...

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You’re in the exact same situation as me, except I sold today for a small profit. Maybe I’ll buy if there’s a dip on Monday to see where this whole short interest thing goes.

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>A dip
Man, i wish. You fucked up selling.
It's likely going to take off the /MOMENT/ the market opens from people going to eat up this 60 dollar dip.

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I thought we'd go higher and I didn't predict the jewish tricks, this time I'm using a limit sell

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I had to pull out to cover my initial investment because I was playing with my life savings, now that I'm not at risk for losing everything I'm buying in small amounts in pieces.

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Post your price predictions
5K here

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This is sad. Are you guys literally retarded or something?

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Lost $2k on GME, thinking I can use money to fight the jew. top kek. Bought @ $250, sold @$105. Good thing crypto saved my ass and I ended up with -20% for January

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Is there a chance that if GME would really spike again that AMC will at least somewhat follow suit. Maybe to 25$ or something?

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each and every time it "spikes" a plebbitor sells their bags

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big possibility

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you should use your money to make more money, if you want to stop the jews you're going to have to look to a certain author, Adolf Hitler for starting ideas. He wrote a book on the subject.

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You can screenshot this, but i'll bet my asshole, tight and puckered that it will get around 1k before shady shit starts happening with the stock and suddenly the government has to "Get involved".
Mark my words, we've yet to see every play from the Jewish playbook, get ready for Kveching the likes of which has not been heard since ww2.

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Maybe you’re right, but I’m still glad I sold. The cognitive dissonance surrounding this whole thing is bad for me. Any logical person would have sold their $25 shares at $400 in a heartbeat, but I ended up holding a bag because I was certain le epic squeeze hadn’t happened yet. Looking back on it, there were PLENTY of sell flags that I ignored.

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1488 sale limit fuck the jews

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6,000,000$ per GME share peak pepe honk world

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Sweaty get it right, it's up to 11,000,000 jews that died during the holocaust

11,000,000$ per GME it is

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where are all the demoralization shills? did they take the weekend off?

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10:26 AM
Saturday, February 6, 2021 (GMT+2)
Time in Israel

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They coulda been fired.
Think about it.
All the shilling, all the demoralization. Failed.
Only the truely weak sold, and all of their sales were eaten up by counter-jews in other hedgies.
In other words, they have absolutely nothing but the coming slaughter to look forward too.
Would you be wasting MORE money on a losing tactic?

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Anon those weren't shills, those were concerned onlookers trying to save you from ruining your life!

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fuck bros after this crazy ass week i can't wait to see the lines move again on monday

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>concerned onlookers trying to save you from ruining your life!
On 4chan, at this time of the year...
In this time of the country.
All localized entirely on these two heavily shorted stocks and people involved with them.

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/biz/ loves pink wojacks though

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idk who is jewing who anymore. im holding but ill never buy into a meme again without rigorous research and im treating any 'consensus' on biz as a shill raid from now on

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niggers who care about my life on a mongolian gore enthusiast board.... this place is known for cheering on suicide

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That's what gets me the most.
This site is /known/, this place in particular for trying to bankrupt you on PURPOSE, just to get a cheap laugh from your tears for no reason other than "Lol fuck you."
Suddenly, there is a /surge/ of worrying nannies who care about our wallets.
Please, i'm not buying that shit for a second.
But i'll tell you what i'm GONNA buy.
More GME.

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Ya desu ive watched enough people suck start a shotgun for a lifetime on here; still boggles my mind how someone gives you financial advice and expects you to think its in your best interest.

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Because GME HODLers are now the bottom of the barrel. Even the village idiots here recognize that GME is over.. Also a lot of you are probably dumb redditors.

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Even more so when it goes against literally all the information being put out, including what your own eyes are witnessing play out in real time with the stock.
>Up up up up.
>Halt is ordered
>Goes down
>Halt goes away
>Repeat whole cycle.
What do they expect people to do, just glass over and start hooting like a fucking pic related the moment it goes down and sell en masse?

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take a shower
hit the weights
get a clue

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There is shit tons of Anons just like him, we truly don't believe the squeeze was squoze so we didn't sell, just large amounts of kikery

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There will not be more demand like there was last week. Last week I was hanging out with my financial advisor slash weed dealer slash amphetamine buyer and 6 people came by to buy weed from him and asked him if they should buy GME. Now the normgroids have moved on. GME isn't in the news anymore except as a joke and it's only a sad cargo cult of redditors and fourchanners who don't understand that the bubble popped. It's over. Just eat the loss and buy BILI or PLTR or just KYS or something..

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We can also stay dumber, longer, than the banks can stay solvent... so get fucked, nigga.
Today proved beyond a shadow of a doubt it's coming and they are doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN to stop it.
All you have is insults with no real evidence or proof to the contrary, and that's ok.
You can either be a paid shill or just willfully malicious because you want to see people suffer because you missed the train.
Either way, i'm buying more and you are just going to still be here, with GME and us living rent free in your head.
See you in your dreams, babe.

>> No.27897553

>Source: Dude just trust me.
Lol, still holding.

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When is the squeeze bros,2 more weeks?

>> No.27897628

Tuesday or never.
the 9th is the day the shorts are called and they have to pay.
It's either massively overshorted or not.
We find out then, and all the insults in the world don't trump actual data.
So, hop on or get popcorn. Someone's gonna lose and it's Longs v Shorts, with us just holding bags watching titans fight.

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>2 weeks
This as well since when did Q have anything to do with this?

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>this entire post
Reminder that this is what GMEtards who didn't sell on Friday are celebrating as "mooning"

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It's your funeral anon...

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The shills are still high on cheating biden into office, so they have yet to adapt to /biz/ and learn to hide in our memes.
Literally no difference in their shitposts than the /pol/posts with nearly the same content, just replace "Evidence fraud proof" with "Squeeze squoze".
Lazy ass shit bro.

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no thats when the reports of the shorts this week gets out. it will gives us all the info we need to figure out what happened this week and why the price dip. So on the 9th we will know if this is a golden goose, or its time to dip. expect alot of fud

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>putting it to 5 years and not 1 year
>Using the Google ticker
Lazy no effort FUD.

>> No.27897776

These things can drag on awhile, I wouldnt say with certainty it would happen on any one particular day. You would expect upwards pressure based on that general assumption tho

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>putting it to 5 years and not 1 year
Reminder that this is what GMEtards who didn't sell on Friday are celebrating as "mooning"

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Fuck off postponer,last weekend you faggots were saying its was going to be feb 4th

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It's my funeral, or my pyre of ascension.
People must burn for me to ascend to godhood, and if i must die to even attempt to see my dream than so be it, i will burn gladly.
But you? You will still be a bitter, joyless harpy of a human being who does nothing but stick their nose in the wallets of others as if it's your business.
In a week or so i'm going to be back to where i was financially, or i'm going to be better than you, and the thought of the potentiality of the latter just FILLS people like you with so much seething rage.
I love it. Please, keep me in your thoughts as you watch the green needle raise. I'll think of you the next time i'm taking a shit.

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First it was Friday, then it was Monday, now it's the 9th, then it'll be next month. These subhumans are genetically destined to be bagholders

>> No.27897970

Alot of the rhetoric WSB faggots are saying are similiar to what Q did post election
>Hold the line!
>2 more weeks
>I am not fucking selling/Never conceding
>placing their hopes on a few higher-ups(Elon,Cuban/Giuliani,Powell)

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What if they covered their shorts by doing small increments of buying them? Maybe thats why it shot up yesterday?

Then they waited for it to halt to just have it crab up and down all the time? Would it be possible to just start covering the shorts in increments instead of EVERYTHING in a single buy order?

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>Acually buying the >two weeks FUD
That's on you dudes, i've been on the "9th is the day we find shit out for 100%" train since the short data was released last time.
It's literally Longs V shorts right now, and more and more longs are hopping on.
If insiders are joining the table, then something spicy is about to happen.
I think financially, the term one would use, is "Fucking Metal" for what's to come, regardless of who wins. Longs or shorts are looking at a rope.

>> No.27898040


Reminder the short interest report only gets published out after trading hours. So don't get your hopes up on a tuesday bump, if the report still shows heavy shorting then we're more likely to see a rally on wed.

That being said, it'll be out of SSR circuit breaker on Monday, so jews can fuck with it again but will trigger it again for Tuesday.

All this bullshittery is really making me reconsider putting money into stocks in the future. Imagine getting trading halts whenever it goes up but nothing when it crashes, having brokerages say "NO YOU CAN'T BUY!", allowing people to hide their hands for almost two fucking weeks all the why trying to make you fold saying they've already won.

Fuck jew games.

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at this point, its a random slot machine, dont care about the squeeze if your are really smart you could make this turn into your favor.

GME will now swinging around 50 / 80, basically. Make your cards and bet and then profit

>> No.27898086

The GME movement transcends political lines,you fucking brainlet,why do think both /biz/ and WSB together acted as if they were allies when it pumped last week

>> No.27898105

the stock market can be gamed, the post election stuff was mostly just sitting and watching

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as if any of us listen to those niggers, im going off data available to the public and going off my own assumptions and intuition. There is just too much fud and shilling over this fucking thing and the data available suggests they are still fucked. only a fool would take fear fud at face value.
I dont expect shills and paid actors to know that i know how to DOYR

>> No.27898170

they can't short too low to the actual floor for actual GME news from the corp itself, they'll start it again when it starts mooning while they prepare to exit

>> No.27898192

How many GME stocks have you bought and at what price? Post position

The "picking up pennies in front of a steamroller" approach. Might work, might also lose you like 40% of everything as GME crashes back down again to fuckall

>> No.27898240

This better be good,because only disasters/nothingburgers happen every time WSB tries setting a date for le squeeze

Fine,I’ll be patient,in the mean time enjoy your bags lmao

>> No.27898268

In it since $9. Not selling. What we saw was just a classic FOMO spike when the whole world wanted to buy in on free money. The shorters were able to use that to take out new shorts at the top, that they could then cover for profit at the way down, buying them some more time on their original shorts. But the short squeeze hasn't happened yet. That's just what I think though, not advice.

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That's where i feel they fucked up.
The people had no control for what happened before, it was in the hands of the politicians.
This is in the hands of the /MARKET/ and if you think jews will miss a chance to fuck other jews over to be top smallhat, you are fucking /crazy/. They are even more ruthless to one another when they see an exposed Jewish back.
They Stab it without thinking, and take his money. They turned on that Weinstein dude and divvied up his fortune. This is that but on a larger scale.
You may not like it, and it may be disgusting to consider, but this fight is literally out of our hands.
As >>27898068 said it's gambling.
We are watching whales fight to the death with money and stocks, and we are the rats waiting to eat the corpse of whatever is left.
Either Long Rats (GME Holders) or Short Rats (GME non hedge shorters) are walking out of this fat and fed for the winter.
The Question right now is which side are you on?

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I'm doing just fine. I'm just a concerned onlooker trying to keep you from throwing money into an open fire...

>> No.27898423

>I'm just a concerned onlooker trying to keep you from throwing money into an open fire...
Thank you but no thank you, worry about your own funds. Hows the paid shill job going? How much do you guys even make?
Non shills, you think they get per state minimum? Or you think they get a little extra per hour to keep hush hush on it?

>> No.27898470

thats exactly whats happening right now, other institutions are the actual sharks here and they smelt blood, the gme hodlers are just scavengers waiting for the big ones to feast while we take the scraps. everyone wins here except the og shorters who got absolutely wrecked.

>> No.27898493


>> No.27898508

>he still thinks its shills
When trump lost the election,the entire board changed its rhetoric overnight,pretending they never supported trump in any way,that’s how boards work faggot,when something bad happens on the other side,people on the winning side starts to mock the losing side and bully them to leave the board

Oh wait all im saying doesnt matter because you probably think all those post election mockers are biden shills

>> No.27898589
File: 159 KB, 1920x1080, [Erai-raws] Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka - 06 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_07.03_[2019.08.16_03.16.11].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please try to fit in better if you are going to linger here until your fund goes under and you lose your job

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Can I see your Portfolio then, since you got out ahead on GME?

>> No.27898593
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I'm not a paid shill. I'm a grad student waiting for my Coomassie stain to wash out. Investing is just a side gig...

>> No.27898625

>"X happened so its just like Y!!!!1"
go be fucking retarded somewhere else

>> No.27898627

Please learn to set realistic sell points..

>> No.27898636

is gamburu something to pay attention to in legacy finance like BOND is in crypto?

>> No.27898669

I'm going to cum in your butt if you speak to me like that again

>> No.27898670
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People forgot GME is still HIGH VOLATILE, the best example was the diference between thursday and friday, people theorized all would crash on friday but THAT DIDNT HAPENNED, that shit doesnt fucking made sense even all the pumped after hours was random as shit..one day could everything goes to shit and the next one your money is back and of course profit

So yea,this is now a gamble against a slot machine

>> No.27898687

On a high risk stock, it's always a Gamble. GME is a gamble of a lifetime, with about a 50/50% chance at this point.
The Whales are fighting, lad. Get ready for the shitstorm.

>> No.27898774

Yes,hasnt seen this much delusion since post election thedonald.win or the mueller “bombshell” on reddit

>> No.27898818
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>Realistic sell points
That's lil dick thinkin' bro.
You gotta have big dick thinkin'.
Big Dick Thinkin' says put 5 grand on GME when it's low and if it pops up MASSIVELY monday-tues-wens then you fucking sell.
If you lose it, you lose it. Money is not everything, after all. Sometimes you make a gamble and lose.

>> No.27898829

You have no idea. Apart from some idiots who took out loans, normies bought just a few shares each, on the theory that if it becomes worth infinite money they wouldn't really need more than one. They are holding, they can't be bothered to sell for $60, I wouldn't say they are aware enough to hope for another squeeze, but they sense the entertainment isn't quite over and they still hold a ticket to the show. Which is exactly the right move, because we don't want another FOMO bubble, we want the short squeeze, and we want holders who are ready to basically hold and forget about it until the squeeze comes, at which point we all sell to shorters rather than to each other. Not advice. Fuck stonks, I hate securities, with crypto I don't have to go "not advise" all the time. such bs.

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>get ready for a shitstorm
Lads, get off /biz/ for the weekend and get some much needed sleep and relaxation. Its going to be a wild ride and sleeping in could get you fucked over. prepare for long nights and days.

>> No.27898895

please go back to /pol/ if you want to discuss politics k thank you bye

>> No.27898909

>I don't have to go "Not Advise"
Fuck that noise, i'm advising you RIGHT NOW to take that gamble, just take it reasonably.
Let other people commit financial Darwinism.
We rats gonna gorge as soon as we get a sizeable cheese pile.

>> No.27898980

Not him but i bought a share after hours on 62 dolars, im waiting for the green light on monday

>> No.27899075

Put your balls in the bog lad, we are gonna topple this machine on sheer tenacity.

>> No.27899095

Daily reminder that all the cunts that are asking you to buy are exit scammers looking to get their money back because the greedy cunts bought at the top or hedgies looking for a quick short.

Don't buy trash meme stocks you're better off spending your money on hookers and blow.

>> No.27899096

>Tuesday or never.
>the 9th is the day the shorts are called and they have to pay.
>It's either massively overshorted or not.
This is not the case at all.
On Tuesday we get the real numbers for amount of short % of float. They are, however, about a week old at that time. Nevertheless, it will be our first true indication on if the shorts have somehow managed to cover during the tumult or if they are still uncovered, in which case the squeeze is still on.
They are not, however, forced to cover on Tuesday, they are not forced to cover until they run out of money to pay interest on their shorts, and nobody can know exactly when that might happen. So don't think it is going to happen on Tuesday, and don't think it's over when it doesn't happen Tuesday. However, if we do get numbers showing that most shorts have covered, then it could indeed be over. A short squeeze is a long, drawn-out play, I've been in it for half a year by now. It's not like a gamma squeeze where you'll have reason to believe it will happen on some particular date.

>> No.27899197

Then patience is the virtue of the day, not that the jews follow normal virtues.

>> No.27899287

retail only owns 15 percent of GME, its new funds going long on it and the speculation that they didn't cover shorts and just naked covered down to 50 that is going to make it moon. don't fucking buy it you seem gay and its bad enough redditstreetbets is holding this too.

>> No.27899308
File: 85 KB, 913x702, 1612199436664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Prove i'm an exit scammer.
Do it, i fucking dare you.
How would 1-4 anon getting 10 stocks IF THAT cover my losses?
You are being paranoid anon... are you ok?

>> No.27899414

You know what is the point of waiting until Tuesday if you faggots are just gonna call it manipulation if it doesnt go your way

>> No.27899469

Because it was manipulation, but like i've said 3 times and you ignore EVERY TIME, it's not about us manipulating it. Stocks is LITERALLY manipulation at all levels in some way shape or form.
You are fucking retarded and if you don't grasp the basics of finance go back to being braindead elsewhere.

>> No.27899488

> Q
> 2 more weeks
2 more weeks comes from the time it took from being infected with covid to showing symptoms, and the average time from being hospitalized to dying, according to early data. It became a meme that people hoping for a doomsday happening would go "just you wait 2 more weeks!" (and the climbing curve of "infected" would translate into a climbing curve of dead).
Then it became a meme to shout "2 more weeks" at people waiting for happenings, people mocked Q anons and XRP baggies with it, and here we now are, mocking us GME baggies who believe the squeeze is still to come with it. So, not saying it isn't fitting, just that it's not a Q meme.

>> No.27899497
File: 106 KB, 700x700, 1612367167955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we are not /pol/ you fucking nigger, we operate of hard data. if its over, its over we walk. none of us plebs are insiders so we have to go on 1 week old data.

>> No.27899554

>Because it was manipulation
What was actually manipulated?

>> No.27899631
File: 40 KB, 656x343, 1611953491304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Again, if people like /you/ as well and others can't grasp literally how stocks work, then get out, /b/ trolling is a globo no no.

>> No.27899653
File: 153 KB, 700x700, 1571851274343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the fact almost every broker stopped letting buys on gme and only allowed sell. I wouldnt call foul if they stopped selling as well but they didnt, they wanted to make people fearful and it worked to a certain extent. The disable of buy allowed the elites to still buy shit but locked retail out of the mix.

>> No.27899742

That's not what "manipulation" means in the context of stocks, market manipulation has an ultra specific definition lol.

>the fact almost every broker stopped letting buys on gme and only allowed sell
Because of liquidity issues relating to their clearinghouses, had nothing to do with them manipulating the market.
>I wouldnt call foul if they stopped selling as well but they didnt
That would have been infinitely worse, imagine Robinhood locking all the people who bought into the GME hype at like 350+ dollars into their positions and not letting them sell as it tanked.

>> No.27899812

It is very possible and it is exactly what they should do if they wanted to capitulate in an orderly fashion, take their losses in a managed way and perhaps survive to fight another day.
But probably they haven't, because they are crazy, cocaine-fueled, arrogant elites who think nobody but them can win.
The reason it would spike would be if it has gone so far that one or more of the shorters become liquidated due to not being able to pay interest or put up additional collateral, then they could be forced to sell in one big spike. And I think they are playing with that fire. But we'll see. Either way, nothing I say has ever been advice, you hear. It is very important, apparently, that I say that, because securities are very serious business and therefor all discussion of them must be as well, unless explicitly stated otherwise, or so I'm led to believe by idiot Internet lawyers who stand to gain from me misunderstanding that aspect of law in a way that makes me more likely to consult them for exorbitant fees. Shower of fucking bastards, the lot of them.

>> No.27899816
File: 1.23 MB, 500x360, 1612298493691.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lol imagine them being fair in the free market where restrictions are supposed to not be the norm.

>> No.27899932
File: 2.56 MB, 319x239, 1610587533206.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>because they are crazy, cocaine-fueled, arrogant elites who think nobody but them can win.
That to me is the only thing other than data keeping me on.
They think they are better than me, in their eyes they /KNOW/ it to be so, so obviously they would bet AGAINST ME and not try to save themselves.
Hubris is one hell of a drug.

>> No.27899958
File: 1.56 MB, 540x501, 1598948385025.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This wasn't a restriction of the free market, this was brokers having issues with their clearinghouses and literally not being able to front the capital required to execute trades of highly volatile meme stocks. There were still brokers who weren't having these issues and were letting people buy in on GME and other stocks like Vanguard, or Euro brokers like FreeTrade, and the very next day the brokers that were having issues raised enough money to start trading again.

>> No.27900031

Yeah. It doesn't upset me though, I just see it as a weakness in them for me to exploit.

>> No.27900033

You uh forgetting alot of the brokers that DID stop stocks have lots of funds in Melvin, so them not having enough money is in itself, proof of the sheer amount of bleedout the wallstreet is going through.

>> No.27900134

That's not even tangentially related, Robinhood not having enough money to put up collateral doesn't have anything to do with Melvin it has to do with their clearinghouses asking for more collateral because these stocks were massively volatile. Also, it's not even true lmao. Massive trillion/billion dollar corporations like BlackRock and Vanguard and Fidelity were all in on the GameStop shit, Wall Street isn't bleeding anything. They're on both sides of this.

>> No.27900223
File: 308 KB, 725x436, 1610935213643.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Has nothing to do with
>Melvin own's 40% of Robinhood
yeah i'm just gonna stop replying to you.
Least we can agree that both sides are fighting on this, and that the hedgies bleeding out have to either patch the bleeding and get out of the water, or be torn to pieces.
All of your explinations in the world don't change the GAMBURU.
You either pull the slot or you don't. And you either come out substancially richer or don't.
There is really no more to it than that bro.

>> No.27900308
File: 126 KB, 650x650, 1592133567986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Melvin own's 40% of Robinhood
That's literally not true in anyway lmfao what the fuck? Is this what holding GME does to your brain?

>> No.27900380
File: 368 KB, 687x675, 1610913270420.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was tossed around heavily when Robinhood went down, and there was shit to back it up.
Did you pay attention during the whole thing, or are you just another person who got in late just to "Help people not waste their money"?

>> No.27900432

>prove I'm an exit scammer
You're goading people into buying trash stocks.
There's no further proof needed.

It's like a market grocer peddling rotten apples as fresh and shiny if you hold it long enough it's going to be better!

>> No.27900455
File: 19 KB, 456x384, 1611272975442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, you hold apples long enough you get apple vinegar, so you just played yourself, fag.

>> No.27900462

There is no shit to back it up retard lol, you're literally just parroting stuff you've vaguely heard from the internet. Show me ANYTHING, anywhere, that even remotely hints that Melvin has a 40% ownership over Robinhood?

>> No.27900542
File: 1.23 MB, 1294x543, 1611791338330.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got my credential right here, all i need for someone like you.

>> No.27900591

Nah you just get fermented rotten apples, you need to press and filter that shit to get apple cider and to make vinegar you need to let that alcohol turn into vinegar.

This is a really labor and capital intensive process that you're probably not going to want to undertake based on your $200 worth of trash stock.

>> No.27900630
File: 19 KB, 567x405, 1592238341661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is basically all the evidence you need that GME is dead, the people who are still riding it are complete fucking morons like this guy who don't have any evidence or do any research into it and just believe whatever narrative is shoved down their throat and aligns with their world-view.

>> No.27900708
File: 32 KB, 640x480, 1610941811769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, it's labor to hold these heavy ass bags and listen to people like you and >>27900462 bitch about how i choose to spend my money, you come to this thread to argue with the only man in here right now other than you two. I think all my fellow burgs are asleep.
Speaking of i should join them soon, ha ha.
But it's fun shooting the shit with people who care too much about my finances.
Welcome to /biz/ fags, here's to more arguments to come about the cost effectiveness of putting my coins in a lottery machine.

>> No.27900720

it's shabbat goy

>> No.27900726

Based, this is how I'm coping as well

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