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Why is $1 inevitable?

37m supply

Same shill team as rubic

Locked supply (rug impossible)

Super active team and hodlers

1000 wallets incoming

10 cents EOW is fud

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Wow these memes are actually so funny. I’ll grab a bag just because of that.

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YGMI anon

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kek we were at .01 yesterday.

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>anonymous team
>no actual product

All you have is a bunch of mcdonalds theme "memes". Fuck your shitcoin

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don't neck when we're at 10 cents eow

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No one bought rubic just because of a shill team.
I bought it because the shills were lying and it was a good product.
This is donut 2.... go make some fake elon screenshots.
Still salty over getting priced out of rbc?

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kek ngmi.

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Check the wallets of top holders of MCDC for rubic. Fuck off schizo, stay poor

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Hello, first time posting here. I have one million dollars to invest into McDonalds, one of Americas most beloved franchises. Forgive me for asking but this website is very confusing. Can anybody even read what I am writing?
Sincerely, David M Goldberg III

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This coin will be a lot of normies first exposure to crypto. They will all be told it’s a scam and that only a few early buyers actually made serious money. You’re still early.

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sirs go to uniswap

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have you been red (and yellow) pilled?

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We can't stop winning, can we?

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want a monster with ur big mac anon

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Fuck off Ana you nigger

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Based Ronald McDonald poster

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kek how'd you know it was me

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holy shit bros its pumping again

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Okay, you fucking shitposters, you got me interested. Is there going to be an airdrop?

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sirs airdrop wen

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Yeah I’m gonna airdrop my nuts on your face

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fuck off, nigger
you got aids

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Where can I check this???