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What an absolute piece of shit

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>doesn’t follow the market

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It's being manipulated dumb fuck. If you had an ounce of intellectual prowess you wouldn't be massively throwing a hissy fit like a chick

Leave the actual big boy discussions about crypto to those who aren't sub Iq rejects you know what I'm sayin

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Chainlink pumps whenever you guys are done throwing your money into scams.

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I understand your frustrations fren but please understand that the high IQ and the low IQ are allies against the midwits and the normalfag blight.

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Ha, even Stellar is doing better.

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I was fine with the manipulation during the bear market when every dump was just a chance to accumulate before the bull run. But now we're knee-deep in the bull run. Time is running out. This shit is probably going to pop by EOY. If I don't get to make it in 2021, I'll have to wait until the next 4 year cycle, 2025. Timing is everything during a bull run.