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The Big Kahoona

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they're trying to pump my investments

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I lost $500 on an obvious scam shitcoin and I don't even care because I get more gibs next week.

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20% gains on your investment but 50% loss of the value through inflated dude.

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It's crazy how much more useless USD feels than it did just five years ago. Maybe I'm just older IDK

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Not when the dollar completely collapses and crypto takes its place in every day use

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its over. plan accordingly

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Remeber when you could buy a McChicken for $1 a couple years ago? Now it's 1.27. Sad :(

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Inflation is a feature. Read a book please.

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The United States Dollar will collapse entirely before the year 2030.

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Literally nothing. Go back to bed mongoloid

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yet USD is still going up

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3% is.

30% isn't.

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>cashing out into usd

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>Thinking that all that money is in circulation and doesn't just sit around in liquidity traps

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>he thinks he will be able to cash out
>he thinks they won't garnish his crypto

Anon, I-

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Velocity can't just stay low forever.

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I've lived through a couple crashes. 87, 00, but the most impacting was the 07-09 collapse.
One thing I remember the most about 07-09 was walking to the gym and seeing more and more houses going up for sale.
One day it was 2 houses on a street. 1 month later it was 10.
It was maybe 3 months later the economy imploded.
I am seeing not only more houses for sale, but business buildings for sale and even more business offices for rent in my city.
Checking online all prices are about level to what there were a year ago.
Doesn't mean much because beginning 08 the prices around here stayed steady until it all collapsed.
After 07-09 I became a bit more sensitive to this observational metric and I live in mid west fly over state

What are you guys visually seeing in your area's as far as homes/businesses for sale?
Not what the price Zillow gives, but what do you visually see?

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If anything, corona gibs show how people would really act if there was UBI. We wouldn't become productive and creative. We'd be lazy careless welfare niggers.

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I'll add to this for anyone interested.

Here is the number of Nonbusiness bankruptcies filed in US from 2008 - 2020 per judicial data:

>2008 - 1117771
>2009 - 1473675
>2010 - 1593081
>2011 - 1410653
>2012 - 1221091
>2013 - 1071932
>2014 - 936795
>2015 - 844495
>2016 - 794960
>2017 - 789020
>2018 - 751186
>2019 - 752160
>2020 - 522808

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I literally do not know because I haven't been outside in a week :(. Government is making me stay inside. I will take a walk around my neighborhood tomorrow and nearby ones and check out the situation.

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That has always been my permanent argument about UBI.
We already have UBI in the form of welfare and SS. It's not created this boom of industry and creativity.
People adapt with a higher moral hazard.and more dependent on handouts.

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I lost 1k trying to see the Hedgies collapse

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Thank you. I appreciate it.

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Is land the only thing that maintains value through inflation?

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Fucking kikes ruined everyone's lives and they got money because of it. But what happened to small business owners and home owners who got fucked? Did they get a bail out?

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>We wouldn't become productive and creative
we could if our parents werent entitled shits and if their parents werent entitled shits and if we werent whining shits

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>Did they get a bail out?
why would they? they obviously dont have enough money to bribe politicians

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Texas goes through a booming period during a crisis.

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Gold, TIPs and Commodities.

Here is an bit from Investopedia:


I've seen people lose small fortunes with REITs though so take caution.

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Interesting. Any idea why?

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Because it’s a far right State with people who aren’t complete lazy fucks

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are you investing in boomer etfs and bonds? this is /biz/. we make at least 10000% a year here

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Kek. You are beholden to what the government says inflation is with TIPs

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I'm amazed that most people still don't see how hyperinflation led by QE and UBI "stimulus" is part of the plan to move everything mostly to digital currency.
There will be a financial crisis but the solution to it will be to force people onto CBDCs. Most people won't even feel the economic pain just like in 08.

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I have become productive and creative, and I have started investing.

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You're going to be using euros in a few years

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3 for free

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Yet Doge inflates at a rate of less than 5% a year and dropping.

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>Did they get a bail out?
No they didn't. Many people started over from scratch in a worse position than when they were 18.

The Great Recession was a depression. It was fucking brutal to everyone and I was dirt poor then.

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Not really. I've invested some of my gibs and now have more money.

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"Well I could stay in my cold shithole state with too many regulations and rusting economy or I could move south to texas where it is warm with less regulation, less taxes, and more opportunity. Hmmmm......"

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Low/no regulation and taxes. It’s a business and gun friendly state with hardworking, family-oriented God fearing people anon.

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tfw I got half a Bitcoin before the dollar collapses

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Makes sense. Seeing how many businesses are moving there I can see Texas becoming a beacon of success in the next 4 years. Florida too.

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In my city a McChicken costs like $2.79 now and it got about 10-15% smaller. I can basically fit one into my palm now. Shits fucked.

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People are buying houses left and right in Arizona

>this sucks because I still do not own a home

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TIPs are good if inflation is normal but would it even be honored if a hyperinflation event occurred? Or if the dollar was ditched?

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Anyone with a brain knows this. The backbone of our economy is truck drivers, janitors, construction workers and electricians. None of that shit is just fun to do, no one would do it for free.
Corona shows that all the yuppie make-work business admin and urban millennial jobs are totally worthless and they don’t even have to show up to pretend anymore.

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Shits going to be so fucking insane once the post-covid world hits and people start spending again. Inflation is going to be 1970's tier.

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Australian here, we also have an over-inflated housing market. A tonne of country stuff has gone up for sale at ridiculous prices. A few things sold straight away but more stuff is for sale and just sitting there for weeks.

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He said pumping his investments, the money being created is going to boomer securities in the stock market.

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This whole
>they printed all the money this year
thing isn't really accurate. You need to look at the details not just surface level. Part of those numbers you see in total cash is the record level of cash households are holding because
>Economy was amazing before they shut it down
>Households were already well off therefore they could take the economic hit
>People were still getting paid
>Low income wagies were actually getting paid more to do nothing
>Consumer spending dropped
Everyone had cash already, then people pulled capital from illiquid assets and holdings into cash. Then they printed cash for everyone. No one spent the cash.

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>backed by USD

Ya no lmao, the YUAN is going to be the new reserve currency sadly.

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wait, why did it go down from 2016-2020?
It seems like it was spiking from 08-16.

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>Government is making me stay inside.
lol wut? What are you some sort of a faggot?

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I dont even know what time period to compare what is about to happen. It's giving me goosebumps.

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Gold does not protect against inflation. Its the same price that it was 10 years ago despite the monetary base increasing like fucking tenfold. Literally worthless boomer rocks. BTC is the future. Don't take my word for it either - just watch the markets.

>inb4 seething PM rockholders

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The jobs report that was released today was concerning. It didn't meet expectations, but wasn't too bad.
The real story though was the revision for December.
From the report:
The Bureau of Labor Statistics also revised its figures for December to show a net loss of 227,000 jobs, rather than the 140,000 originally reported.

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$1.89 here

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My bank started charging me fees because I had taken so much out and put it elsewhere (crypto). I hate their entitlement: they can fine me for whatever reason, and every transaction through them takes like a week. Looking forward to the day where I can pay for everything with a decentralized coin from a decentralized exchange.

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>I was dirt poor then
ok rothschild or rockerfeller

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it likely wont last forever. once the administration legalizes ~30mil illegals (a big chunk of which is likely in texas), they will turn to helping to use these to flip texas blue and shove through bullshit legislation to turn texas into california. its good there now I just dont see it lasting forever with the liberals hate-boner for texas

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This was how it was in 08 here in my area. It's starting to look the same now.
Back then I didn't have the available data to look into it like we do today.
The business aspect is something I noticed now where I didn't care before.

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Don’t hold your breath. They have some issues to address if they want to continue that story. Immigration for gibs, HOAs popping up everywhere, a growing neoliberal base, the energy sector, not very crypto friendly, etc...

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Adjusted for inflation. Gold is worth the same it was 10 years ago, which is the whole point. Also, you can have PM and Crypto and just hedge your bets.

>t. Silver, BTC, and XMR holder.

>> No.27882422

based great reset

>> No.27882449

they are like $4.50 here...

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I cannot wait for /biz/ to brag about buying up the latest junk bond after the Fed corrects interest rates to reduce inflation.

>> No.27882470

I agree with you. I never understood the value of gold since it was taken off the standard. If you'd invest in a metal why not platinum or a mineral that is used in everyday devices like cobalt or platinum. Might be because it's cheaper and easier to purchase.

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I lost $2000 on GME.

>> No.27882552

Gold is used in all sorts of electronics as well. It has a lot of practical use.

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Also cannot wait until institutions flee the bond market into crypto and PMs. Bond market implodes, crypto and PMs soar, and the Fed can safely print money again.

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They pump assets like housing first so people think they've made "smart" investments. We are so fucked, USD is worthless, I'm not even sceptical of the 20 - 30% inflation predictions for 2021 anymore. this is endgame brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Silver is the ultimate value play in the PM market.

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>real estate
>stock market
yield curve inversion
yeeted 2022

i hope my canadian dollars are safe

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Trumps Economy.
The data will come out eventually that we really did have the best economy ever in the history of the US. The policies his administration put in place will be studied in economics classes for years.
He actually didn't do anything new either. He just did it more so to one nation.
It's going to take time for people to get over the butt hurt, but it'll eventually quietly come out.

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You're probably talking about a different sandwich. McChicken here is called the Junior Chicken abroad.

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>backed by USD

No lmao.

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More like a quarter of all circulating money, but lets go with 50%

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S-so what does this mean for inflation? When will this all start crashing down?

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forgot about that shit

... god damn it cypro is pumped to wtf do i do

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ok in that case they’re like 70cents lol

>> No.27882992

I'm holding my crypto with diamond hands

>> No.27883081

Kek, the data "will come out." What data? Go with the rest of your sheep while everyone else realizes how bad Trump fucked us.

>> No.27883136

Jesus, I just snorted laughing. What does this even mean?

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I should probably correct this statement.
His tariff policies were nothing new and had been done before, but not as much as he did it to China or one nation.
The energy net exporter is something we've not achieved since 1952.
The trade deal we were forging with China would have taken us even further.
Our manufacturing jobs were coming back and factories were opening up again employing thousand more.
The deals for agricultural purchases with China would have had a ripple effect through our economy and coupled with our energy exports we would be in a position that we've not seen since the Boomer days.

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Well I just posted the personal bankruptcy data for 08 - 20.
Looks like the data backs up the claim.
I won't argue with you over the black and white data you refuse to accept.
If you didn't get any further ahead in the first three years under Trump you only have yourself to blame.

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Well he was mean on Twitter so he had to go.

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Stock up on rice and beans to sell during the Giga Recession. You would literally be buying at the bottom. $100-$200 worth of rice and beans is a smart investment because if the market doesn't crash, you can just eat it. And if the recession starts, you can buy people's assets like land and PM off of them with it so you can be rich in the next financial system after fiat. I would also buy crypto just in case, even though it's pumped.

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golden parachute. normies will be left holding the bag.

>> No.27883608

People are fleeing major cities because of city leaders across the US embracing pro-criminal policies under the guise of social justice. Urban liberals are too polite to say anything about it so they just move.

>> No.27883692

Yeah I was fooled by B. Clinton and his saxophone on late night TV.
Voted for him and watched my state get decimated in real time.
I really hope it doesn't happen again, but it's looking like it will.

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I like this timeframe

>> No.27883778

Sounds like white flight of Detroit that happened in the 60s and carried on through to today

>> No.27883797

yet there is no inflation... Gotta show the value of money is all made up. They also pumped the market again and again throughout the year and the economy didn't collapse.

>> No.27883860

The country is done, son. They made Americans too weak to do what's necessary. It's just the decline from here. All we can do is create enough wealth to last several generations and teach our children how to grow it.

>> No.27883877

They're trying as hard as they can to keep the system still running, meanwhile corona has absolutely crashed the economy. Markets being completely divorced from reality. Fuck why am I still on this board I need to cut my time I spend here.

>> No.27883897

>not buying Bic lighters

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Extremely accurate post. US libs are the most brainwashed faggots to have ever walked the earth. Modern day social justice is fucking USSR tier brainwashing. My friend has a libcuck gf who gets so triggered by the word nigger but laughs if he just substitutes it for the word nogger or something. So if he sees a black person and whispers "nugget" in her ear, she laughs. But its the same fucking denotation in the end. And these idiots are going to be teaching my children someday soon.

>> No.27883941

Don't ask questions kid just buy USD and get out of crypto

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Based, cash truly is trash

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They're getting ready to pay my GME blank check

>> No.27883975

That is actually what I'm doing now.
I hope you are as well.
Hope all is well with you in your area of the world.

>> No.27884056

Manufacturing jobs are never coming back because it will be will be all automated soon. And far more than that will be automated. Trumps worst offense was his poor diplomatic approach.

>> No.27884084

Who says I cant buy both? I would also sell cigs for blowjobs from boomer dads hot daughters.

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Markets were this way in 08 too. That was kind of why I was asking what it looks like real estate wise in other peoples area.
There are many variables and observational metrics that match exactly to what happened in 07-09.
I try not to have a myopic view of things or live in an echo chamber. Can be easy to do these days.

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>My friend has a libcuck gf who gets so triggered by the word nigger but laughs if he just substitutes it for the word nogger or something. So if he sees a black person and whispers "nugget" in her ear, she laughs.
lmoa, grils really are like this

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pic related

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>the supply of money can never increase

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True but also wouldn't be as bad if things were open and normal. People would be out and about spending. Now everyone is locked in and totally demoralized, isolated, and depressed generally speaking. NPCs were only a few steps away from cattle anyway, now they are that much closer.
>wear your muzzle
>eat your slop
>here's your $600 check now shut the fuck up and watch your shows
We are living in complete chaos desu

>> No.27884582

This isn't happening in our lifetimes. Or maybe ever. Crypto is getting restricted in every country on earth the second this becomes a remote possibility. No government will give up their greatest power over the people so easily.

>> No.27884637

I live in Illinois so it's going very poorly. Moving to South Dakota in the next year.

>> No.27884716

>No government will give up their greatest power over the people so easily.
You're assuming they have a choice.

>> No.27884721

How long did you have for warning signs to pull investments? If it's a matter of hours, I'm probably fucked.

>> No.27884738

Yeah I was pretty young in 08 but it makes sense. Some really odd times we're living in right now, I just want covid to fuck off but it seems like it will never happen.

>> No.27884747

Hope you find success and stability in SD Anon.

>> No.27884838

They never give back control.

>> No.27884904

>He thinks crypto has pumped...

>> No.27884908

Since USD is worthless but the government will still force everyone to use it, what is a nice stable coin i can use to cash out my gains into?

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I used to subsist on $5 foot longs.
I hadn't been in a while but now its $6 for a 6 inch sandwichlette

140% inflation in less than 10 years.

>> No.27885275

2 for 2 retard.
why would you ever buy one mcchicken?

>> No.27885306


>> No.27885352

easily vulnerable to FUD-related dumps

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>What are you guys visually seeing in your area's as far as homes/businesses for sale?

I'm visually seeing FOMO at the highest possible levels. Pic related, note that its in escrow meaning some guy potentially doubled his money in less than 9 months. Aside from that, record amount of houses getting sold without the buyer even seeing them. I went to a few open house viewings and they were full of panicked normies. I casually blurt out maybe thinking about offering 20% over asking price,; need to accelerate the bubble!

>> No.27885478

I wish there was a commodity-backed stablecoin available on my exchange.

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MMMM this is a tasty burger

>> No.27885539

Not to disagree with greater trends. But every house within 20 miles of austin sells immediately. Fucking cali fags and Elon and joe rogan turning it into next LA

>> No.27885697

That's fucked up. What country are you in?
In case you didn't need more reasons to remove your money from banks ASAP, look up "bank bail ins" and read about how they happened in Argentina, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, and the UK by 2022.

>> No.27885760

Good question.
Looking back all the signs were there though like a month or two before with all the homes going up for sale.
When it came to the market it was like 3 minutes into market open and it was already over.
Nobody that had a pension, 401k, or retirement fund of any type survived that.

Here's a personal story.
I was wanting to buy some cheap no income producing land for 10K. I was also dirt poor and needed a loan.
The bank said they'd give me an ARM and I was eligible for up to 310K. The loan lady was looking at me almost salivating wanting me to take the offer. I had maybe $750 to my name and a very low paying job. I knew I wasn't eligible for 310K that I'd never be able to pay back. I declined and went home. She called me the next day trying to convince me to take the loan. I told her I did the math and there was no way I could do it. Then came the sales pitch and everything in my mind was telling me something is really wrong here. I didn't take the loan and started researching a bit and talked to some friends who all were as poor as me, but living in a big house with new trunks and boats.
They said all they had to do was pay the interest and would sell all of it for a profit in the future.
I knew right then this was all a joke, because Ford trucks are not going to sell for more than you drove it off the lot for.
Had no idea it would turn into what it did though and I'm always on the look out now for it. With the unemployment numbers along with the QE that is happening I can't but help to think this is going to end badly.
One thing you can do is look at short interest in the indexes.
Once that starts getting out of whack it's time to start hedging.

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you people are cringe as fuck. can't see past your hate. you've been brainwashed pal.

>> No.27885950

he made peace with North Korea and put Iran and China in his place. what are you cucks on about with this

>> No.27885967

This happened in 08 too.
The movie The Big Short when the woman is in the car driving around showing houses and she is talking about how the prices just kept going up and up, but now they were in a little gully. That was true and looks to be the same now.
Thanks for sharing I had no idea it was this banana's out there.

>> No.27886107

Politics aside I have a feeling that Texas is going to weather any downturn that is going to happen in the US. They have energy, tech, agriculture, industry and shipping ports.

>> No.27886469

So what you're saying is that buying a house in 2021 is a bad move? I was hoping to become a homeowner this year

>> No.27886541

What positions have you been taking to protect yourself? Have you completely pulled out of investments or are you entering different asset classes?

>> No.27886675

Nah buy housing only goes up

>> No.27886756

It’s still $1 here in NY

>> No.27886825

If you can get a house close to the same price as listed maybe 2 years back I'd go for it, but the increase like in OP picture. I'd just wait. If there comes a collapse you'll be able to get the house for 75% less than asked. I work with people that are still underwater in the mortgages from 08.

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Yup once volicity corrects back up we'll be in qeimar germany again and I will be getting gassed because I'm a Jew.

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Yup once velocity corrects back up we'll be in weimar germany again and I will be getting gassed because I'm a Jew.

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I'm just wondering WHO is buying at these levels. My instinct is that its normies falling for the "GET YOUR LOW RATES NOW" commercials, and speculators buying and selling for double. On the other side I'm sure those with the M2 are just waiting for foreclosures to begin again. That would put a cash bid back under prices, and they'd still go higher...
At the same time, if we see inflation, rates go back up and price out the middle class, leaving only the current cash holders to gobble up all the assets.

Before the pandemic, real estate companies were buying foreclosed places and renting them back out to the former ownercucks. Maybe thats the way to the Great Reset, who knows.

>> No.27887277

I hedge my stocks with buy orders and selling short.
Sell puts.
Sell covered calls
Buy puts
I also am invested in a rental that is pure profit.
I have one plot of non income producing land.
Ladder of municipal bonds.
Standard bank bonds
Money Market account
Seems like there is more, but I can't remember.
Had silver, but found out a family member stole it like two days ago. So that's all gone.

I diversify. My 401k is just a boat in the ocean and I leave alone. I put stop loss on my stock purchases and move them when necessary.

Above all I invest in my education of the financial systems as best as I can.

>> No.27887336

Houses go immediately contingent as soon as they’re listed on Zillow. Try living in a desirable metropolis

>> No.27887339
File: 58 KB, 480x330, 1455760076037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Crashing the world economy.

>> No.27887404

That graph is not nearly as dramatic as the US stock index, which people are still buying. SPY peaked at 150 in 2007 and it's at almost 400 now. Gotta have a place to live, and renting for 40 years trying to time the bubble doesn't seem nice

>> No.27887542

Tell me wise anon, what should I cash out in?

>> No.27887567

Hmmmmm long the VIX or short the SPY

>> No.27887644

When purchasing stocks I try to diversify my holdings as well. Big Tech, Health Care, Oil, Weed, old Pharma. I stay out of auto, biotech, REITs among others. I sell weed stocks for profit or use options spreads to cover for any perceived losses.

>> No.27887657
File: 206 KB, 968x733, 1607149352980.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doomsday preppers are delusion as fuck

>> No.27887717

Both. Arbitrage.

>> No.27887743

dHEDGE fixes whatever you think is happening

>> No.27887776

Money doesn't matter anymore. We about to be /credits/ her

>> No.27887834

>Had silver, but found out a family member stole it like two days ago. So that's all gone.


>> No.27887942

I was mostly joking but this would work in a hyperinflation situation. It's not that their would be no food to buy, it's just no one would be able to afford it. Doomsday does not need to happen for this to occur.

>> No.27887975

The cuckbucks will be the first to go. Get ready for the Day of the Rake baby!

>> No.27888194

Real question at that point, is when will the affects of this shit come into place

>> No.27888231
File: 135 KB, 1423x688, ojapoa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know man. I'm stuck with the same decisions in this clown market. I could give you millions of reasons of why prices will keep going up and I'd continue to get more and more outpriced. At the same time, there is an equal case of getting bogged at the top. Think of Japan, 1991. If you bought, then your property would be losing value for 20 years, and still not break even 30 years later.

Right now, the optionality of renting seems like a better deal. That, and buying a house in my area would take 10x my networth. So I'd be 10x exposed to the downside. Compare it to buying GME with 10x margin. I don't really have the balls (or the luck) to do it

>> No.27888263

Don't worry guys a guy with dementia surrounded by actual communists is in control

>> No.27888371

Yeah. I won't go into details, but at the end of the day I know who did it and honestly their life is so bad right now prison would be better. I just called em out on it and told them to stay away from me. I won't turn in a family member unless they hurt a child. I'll recover the money they'll never receive any kindness from me.

>> No.27889096

With the inevitable hyper inflation, does that mean I FOMO into a house now since they'll be 5x their price this time next year?

>> No.27889134

If you keep playing the market as if it’s logical you’re going to lose

We live in clown world, not logical world

>> No.27889226

>da gubmint will stop it

a bunch of inbred retards aren't going to do shit

>> No.27889443

Bro what, in canada its like $6 for just the sandwich

>> No.27889572


A one time 600 USD payment isn't the equivalent of UBI.

Welfare and SS discourage any form of work, as any income, or activity in terms of research, or physical activity will disqualify you from benefits.

>> No.27889617

Dollar smile theory. The U.S. economy is not the only one falling off a cliff, thus it will always remain the most stable of all the other currencies. We are the worlds bank, we'll be fine.

We are backed by the U.S. military. Nothing will change, as far as USD inflation is concerned.

>> No.27889689
File: 11 KB, 340x340, 1610906078828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Us boomers remember 39 cent tacos on Wednesdays from taco bell in the 90's, you goddamn kids dont know shit! Get off my motherfucking lawn!!!!!!!!!1

>> No.27889749

>No one would do it for free.

Trucking, and Janitorial work pay lower than working at Mcdonalds.

Construction workers / electricians can earn more if they are unionized, but if you arn't in a union you make jackshit as well as you compete with every one else to sip the shit out of the bottom of the barrel.

I agree with you though that lots of the Business Admin jobs contribute nothing of value to the economy.

>> No.27889752

You think the Fed can raise rates? That would bankrupt the US govt. Fed will print more to buy long term bonds to suppress rates which increases inflation more.
I'm thinking if real estate investing because of greater leverage and you relay the bank with worthless USD. Rents rise with inflation unless you buy in a far left state/city (don't).

>> No.27890035
File: 55 KB, 960x645, 16091345131966036643506783896854.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The normies with low rates are right/smart. You're dumb.
Rather than a deflationary collapse as after 2008 the next step is high inflation. Get your quadrant right.
Energy is the best performing sector this year. Not tech. We are moving from the lower right to upper right and many people on this board are too young or have not studied history to believe inflation is possible.

>> No.27890099

In Hawaii people on unemployment received $634 per week PLUS the $600 federal gibs between March and July. That's more than $5k per month, or almost $30k for just 5 months of neeting. That doesn't include the extras for keeeds. Also the state and city & county began rent and mortgage assistance retroactive from March up to $2k per family. Also free food giveaways every weekend. Not to mention the requirement to seek employment was waived. They also got $300 extra per week as of August.

Funny thing is, now they are getting letters from the state asking for the money back, AND getting noticed that they owe taxes on the gibs. Panic stories all over the news.

>> No.27890168

Subway cookies have also gotten smaller in recent years. People think I'm crazy when I tell them that.

>> No.27890202

Can't tell if you're mening or serious but there are many forces bringing higher inflation not far away.
-Reduction in globalization and reorientation of supply chains away from lowest cost with focus on redundancy
-Massive fiscal spend putting funds into the hands of people with high marginal propensity to spend it
-Fed committed to staying at 0% and buying billions of Treasury and MBS every month. They discussed YCC so printing even more
-Massive drop in rig count so oil prices heading higher than pre pandemic

>> No.27890294

Im honestly tired of typing "faggot"

>> No.27890320

even instant ramen is more expensive now in my cunt

>> No.27890478

Living in one of the hottest housing markets in the US, an area everyone's moving to. Housing are listed for sale on a Friday and go 5k over asking price by Monday. Some people are even paying cash for 300k+ homes.

>> No.27890499


>> No.27890570

86% of all TETHER was printed in the last 12 months. Let that one sink in.

>> No.27890626


fiat needs to burn tho

>> No.27891049

> I stay out of biotech and REIT

>> No.27891172

I live in a small suburban city in West Virginia (they do exist) and the market is booming. As soon as a house hits the market, it goes, and often higher than asking price. There has been an abundance of commercial space for years but residential real estate does not stay on the market long at all.

>> No.27891176
File: 203 KB, 1040x849, covid relief missles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>-Reduction in globalization and reorientation of supply chains away from lowest cost with focus on redundancy
Cost-Push inflation - affecting consumer goods. Your house is not a consumer good (unless you scrap it for the cardboard and copper). You could even argue that housing demand would decrease due to the higher percentage of income going towards cost of commodities.
>-Massive fiscal spend putting funds into the hands of people with high marginal propensity to spend it
Could argue that the gibs given to plebs does nothing but fill the void left by their losses over the past year. Other gibs, well... pic related.
>-Fed committed to staying at 0% and buying billions of Treasury and MBS every month. They discussed YCC so printing even more
Can see empirically in Japan and Europe that these policies don't lead to high inflation. Why would it be different in the US?
>-Massive drop in rig count so oil prices heading higher than pre pandemic
This is again cost-push. They are also letting go of employees and closing departments. Why would they do this if they were expecting a high demand for oil? If prices remain high this will put a ceiling on growth, thus limit velocity and limit monetary inflation.

>> No.27891285

gf's parents are literally from Soviet Russia and for the past year have not stopped comparing SJW culture to government propaganda in 70s-90s Russia.

>> No.27891313

I can’t even find a 15 year old camper van for less than 30k. I can’t even afford to live in a fucking van.

>> No.27891349

trips = truth

>> No.27891534

Don't worry it's all being absorbed by shitcoins and debt.

>> No.27891645

muh pops does mortgages for a living and said the past 6 months have been a fucking frenzy of purchases and refinances like each processor is doing 70-80/mo (previous all-time highs were like 30 and that was in the pre-08 predatory loan days)

>> No.27891716

I literally have this fear. Trump era US is moving from ironic anti-semitism to genuine anti-semitism

>> No.27891974

Go away trump, no one cares about your fat useless ass

>> No.27891988

yeah, we live in a communist country now
but it's extremely fucking gay

>> No.27892080
File: 47 KB, 300x300, 40f011879ab6c84f9bc0a13fa551fff5da576d12-300x300.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27892082

Dude the money isn't burnt if it's spent. It is still in circulation.

>> No.27892109

Well our wages have been 50% too low for 30 years. So it makes sense, like when the doctor realizes he was giving you too little medicine so he makes sure to overdose you next time.

>> No.27892206

The Fed will be forced to or else the dollar dies.

>> No.27892212
File: 109 KB, 1004x557, 1594844741592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All we wanted was a gold back currency
Keynesians will get the rope

>> No.27892228

You fucking retard, trump is by far the worst politician at diplomacy in our lifetime. You /pol/ fags are dumb as shit. Stay poor

>> No.27892390

But velocity is just a ratio.
Velocity = GDP / Money supply.

So since you can't directly measure velocity, what you're saying is:
>once GDP goes way back up
>Once money supply goes way down.

How are either of those things going to happen any time soon?

>> No.27892720

who cares its the world reserve currency, it can print as much as it wants and shitholes will line up to invest using it and store it in their banks

>> No.27893161
File: 1.88 MB, 1080x450, short.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27893529

There is no such thing as too big to fail you moron
Name one time in financial history this jas ever been true

>> No.27893634


When the US military has a carrier or two sunk in the Taiwan strait USD is gonna drop like a rock

>> No.27893650

>Name one time in financial history this jas ever been true

>> No.27893714

It wasn't, cope harder

>> No.27893805
File: 236 KB, 2771x1618, toobigtofail.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

use complete sentences to explain why I'm wrong and maybe I'll agree with you, but pic related proves me right

>> No.27893813

shit Im old enough to remember when big macs were the size of whoppers and honey buns were 3 times the size they are now

>> No.27893867

We deserve $2000 a month stimulus checks per citizen.
Hey /biz/ how FOREX?

>> No.27893879

watch the greatest story never told and you will know

>> No.27893933

I dont think zoomers can even think in compete sentences. It is more like flash cards; impressions

>> No.27893974

You mean when tech companies have congress ban every crypto they don't control and then try to take over banking?
We are living in the second age of megamonopolies. It will end poorly, just like the first, probably with world war.

>> No.27894059
File: 778 KB, 1125x771, A4E532D2-907F-4983-9EB6-310362FD1C64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine my shock

>> No.27894086

ameritards, what's the thing with the 2008 crisis? why the fuck y'all fuckers talking about parents losing houses, grandparents losing houses. how the fuck can you lose a house that has no mortgage on it? hell, if you're retired AND your house still has a mortgage on it, you've spent your life living beyond your means. explain it to me

>> No.27894131

Based. I grew up there and left for the city. Going to go back once I have money

>> No.27894134

>but business buildings for sale and even more business offices for rent in my city.
A ton of businesses all over the world are moving away from office space, since corona has demonstrated that people can work from home. It will cut down on a lot of expenses (equipment, heating, office space).

>> No.27894220

>probably with world war
reminder the non-whites in the US military rape the fuck out of the women wherever it gets deployed, thus acting as a bioweapon
>The backbone of our economy is truck drivers, janitors, construction workers and electricians.
also machinists
a machinist is to steel as a carpenter is to oak
living in an industrial world makes those fuckers very very important

>> No.27894322

You knew it was coming. You saw all the signs.

Apollo fixes this soon, so be ready for that.

>> No.27894341

This, unironically.

>> No.27894350

The one upside to clown world

>> No.27894372

Trust me there's a reason countries like Russia and China have been stacking PMs, they'll dump the USD when the time is right

>> No.27894394
File: 1.14 MB, 1024x819, resim_2021-02-06_103001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why gold and silver drops while stocks and crypto skyrocketing?

>inb4 I just got schiffed

>> No.27894436

>backbone of american economy is truckniggers
Lmao fucking kys

>> No.27894486

no evidence in statement. ngmi

>> No.27894510

I know. America just completely collapsing and being contained would be best for humanity.
Be sure to support us in the states trying to mop up the globohomo mess when that happens. I am not running.

>> No.27894544

I don’t know if they just hated it because it went to shit but that’s exactly what some older people in my family that came to the US from Eastern Europe made it sound like under communism

>> No.27894573

Bots are dizzy

>> No.27894577

all the poornigs have a couple of k instead of 8 dollars for once in their lives

>> No.27894648

Spot prices too high

>> No.27894683

It sure is, but it's the objective of the whole program that needs to be questioned.

>> No.27894737
File: 514 KB, 607x609, 1612596593871.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27894757
File: 526 KB, 644x800, 3C27CE41-30AB-419F-8EA2-7EF55F9E3228.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Fed can print ad infinitum. Just to make this clear: The Fed is not going bust. The world will keep buying U.S. debt. The U.S. is not going to default on its debt. Global trade will not abandon the U.S. dollar.

>> No.27894766

>doesn't know about Weimar Germany

>> No.27894785

not fiat just a more stable crypto. If you want to spend fiat you can already get a credit card linked to some crypto holding account where they just cash you out when you make a transaction. If you specifically need cash fiat for some reason I don't know maybe the swiss franc or something? either way I'd rather switch to fiat and immediately buy gold than rely on some other countries currency.

>> No.27894793

nigger the US government is dead within the next 20 years
by 10 years maybe less even, we'll have a one-world govt ruled by globohomo elite
nothing you do can stop it, nothing anyone does can stop it, it was prophesied and is bound to happen no matter what
take the true redpill and stop believing what paid liars tell you

>> No.27894797

1000000% this. Looked online earlier and the cheapest I could find ANYTHING was $7-$8 over spot for secondary 10 oz bars. Fuck that, wait for things to cool a bit and try to buy before the stimulus hits. I don't think we'll see sub-$20 silver ever again.

>> No.27894837

TIPS are subject to the CPI fakery. Look into hedonics and substitution. If we calculated CPI as we did in the 1980’s it would already be at about 10%.

>> No.27894838

God this level of fuckery gets me hard

>> No.27894843

Speak for yourself fag. I started taking singing lessons and drum lessons. I already play guitar and bass and have a good understanding of music but I want to be a damn good fucking artist at least.

>> No.27894888

Gee I wonder why
Just move to Israel

>> No.27894994

Maybe if jews stopped jewing they wouldn't have to be worried about the consequences.

>> No.27894998

Prophesied by the people working to bring it about, self fulfilling
Jesus is king

>> No.27895081

>Prophesied by the people working to bring it about,
wrong(it was prophesied long before the Roman Jews) but
>Jesus is king
Yes, Jesus is King of Kings

>> No.27895115
File: 938 KB, 800x1000, 1611972702709.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27895126
File: 13 KB, 251x201, investigating.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There are many variables and observational metrics that match exactly to what happened in 07-09.
No, it's the exact opposite. Interest rates were peaking leading up to the subprime lending crash. Interest rates went to all time historic lows from 2020.

>> No.27895143

>see black man
>Fucking nugget


>> No.27895181

wow, who told you about these alts? This is trash man, don’t believe these niggers

>> No.27895272

Everyone who has tried to rule the world from a room has failed.
They will drag us down with them.

>> No.27895303


>> No.27895369

1933 again please

>> No.27895399

in my city that's the price of a junior chicken.

>> No.27895449

>what is happening you ask?
Boomer bailout on your expenses. You'll pay decades for the debt accumulated to not have this market correct. At the same time your rightful opportunity to buy into a consolidated market was taken away from you. Monetary politics are making you buy into boomer's heavily inflated assets so they can retire peacefully.

>> No.27895492

sweetheart, President Joseph Biden cured racism, we won't have any Weiner Germany problems

>> No.27895497
File: 136 KB, 719x719, 595AD9C7-3654-4D28-A26E-60C4434E56C9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feeling good silverbros

>> No.27895587

based and Big Kahoona-pilled

>> No.27895644

The future.

>> No.27895720

I will nitpick as it is GNP, but stil...thank you anon

>> No.27895736

Candy land bucks are fucking worthless, do you not live in Canada?

>> No.27895793

>US libs are the most brainwashed faggots to have ever walked the earth
americans are the most brainwashed faggots to have ever walked the earth*
t. burger

>> No.27895999
File: 149 KB, 800x670, DT8t3J1X0AAdLKC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cope, red flags are coming, and the heads of the rich are going to fly off their necks.

>> No.27896065

Well extra unemployment is basically UBI

>> No.27896107

Honestly I live in a city hit the worst by 08 (Vegas) and I live on a street that was virtually half empty 4 years ago. I haven't seen a single person move out since then and every house is occupied. For now.

>> No.27896262

Because the oil price moons. Same thing will happen in north dakota

>> No.27896374

I lost $2000 on DOGE.

>> No.27896593
File: 70 KB, 1448x888, ARS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all these burgers itt crying about a little inflation
you dont know pain

>> No.27896678
File: 103 KB, 700x595, GandalfCorona.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Absolutely BASED and Big Kahoonapilled.

>> No.27896741
File: 8 KB, 250x218, 1612503899314.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The fuck? Ausfag here. A McChicken is $6.60AUD (bout $5). No such thing as buy 1 get 1 free.

>> No.27897262

I hope this is some sorta joke post...

>> No.27897282
File: 150 KB, 768x1149, 74675b112a624a13f30cd8dce6f200ae-imagejpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can you have this understanding of the housing market and still support a market society? Boom and bust are just part of the natural cycle. We need an economy planned by and for working people.

>> No.27897304
File: 526 KB, 2048x2048, 1610677198810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Miami wants to move towards embracing bitcoin and even offering it as payment to city employees
>mfw a tourist trap shithole port city that'll be underwater in 40 years is gonna not only survive but thrive in the economic collapse of the US

>> No.27897560
File: 48 KB, 550x535, pepefrog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All these people assessing the value of the dollar by comparing it to McDonald's™ menu items
The Big Mac index was a mistake.

>> No.27897659

>be 2025
>Doge bitcoin chain link and rubic skyrocket

we the elite now.

>> No.27897706

I was in Miami last week and BTC is huge

It’s also open for business and thriving in ways NYC can only dream of.

>> No.27897713
File: 80 KB, 559x989, biz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the business and finance board

>> No.27897841

Anon, the dollar will obviously die, this is our whole thesis here.

>> No.27898034

I live in this shithole and I've only seen bitcoin being accepted in the jewelry district, but that's definitely gonna change in the coming years.
And yeah the total lack of fucks given about Covid magnificent, I just fucking wish they lifted the midnight curfew so bars can stop limping along

>> No.27898036

Literally no one wants China or Europe (not a country, and as a conglomerate, is falling apart this decade) to become the world reserve currency. Yuan is insanely artificially manipulated by the state, half of the EU don’t even want the Euro anymore. Pax Americana may be coming to an end, but the dollar reserve will not. At least not in our lifetimes. It will inflate and become degenerate and we will get on with it despite this.

>> No.27898150

The midnight curfew is total bullshit but compare that to NYC where you’re not even allowed to have a beer inside of a bar.

The underground party scene is absolutely thriving though, it is reminiscent of speakeasies in the 20’s. I had a blast while there and want to buy some property.

Do you know anything about North Bay Village?

>> No.27898427

I know that area has Benihana's but that's about it, though I don't think I'd buy property that close to the beach, place is an absolute shithole.

>> No.27898472
File: 536 KB, 828x804, 1611099457593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel you bro, these lockdowns are soley poltical now, I wouldn't care so much ofnit weren't for my partner who has a much highet profile career than me so rather not get arressted over BS laws regarding COVID. Still can't believe we continue to rek the world economy over something we now know isn't as deadly as we first thought. I say we, because so many of our fellow sapiens decided against their best interests and voted the same polticians back into office, oof. I'm still keeping faith bros, we're all gonna make it, have faith.

>> No.27898656

Where would you look to buy? I’m not trying to live there year round, I’d rather Airbnb the place and spend maybe 2-3 months a year there from December to feb

>> No.27898794
File: 143 KB, 775x1024, 1566176033857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he bought silver

>> No.27898850

Delusional. The yuan represents ownership in a booming, ascendant economy, and the dollar and the euro represent decaying trust and collapsing institutions.

>> No.27898955
File: 306 KB, 847x562, 1566670429914.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.27898970

If you're looking for a vacation home its probably good, since most people you'd be airbnbing it to won't stay long enough to start hating certain areas and its just close enough to the beach to be attractive but not close or far enough away to be a ghetto.
Not sure how maintenance in that situation works though, but do not expect any Miami maintenance people to speak english well or be on time (the exception to this seems to be hvac)

>> No.27899039

Real talk

>> No.27899112
File: 121 KB, 1000x812, +_be57f9228e91b9988d31fca8e459e8ef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.27899163
File: 520 KB, 608x957, 1597916014408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ONE (1) literally fucking nothing virus happens that only kills fat fucks and super sick old people
>have the print Trillions to stop you're country from fucking entering the event horizon an instead enter inflationary hell
>don't even have any safely fund or governmental infrastructure to keep your countries head above the water
what the fuck is going to happen when something serious actually happens??

>> No.27899188
File: 1.00 MB, 2039x2893, 1612226560317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They're mean to me FOR NO REASON
I'll hide you, but I'm going to lecture you

>> No.27899245

whats the big deal, just adjust everything accordingly
ok I pay $50,000,000 for a loaf of bread. Does it matter when I'm getting paid $50,000,000,000,000,000? Oh no big number!
Inflation doesn't matter because all other currencies will be forced to adjust to us. Nothing changes. Actual money literally doesn't matter when you have to strongest military and navy in the world keeping the entire system under your thumb

>> No.27899321

>what the fuck is going to happen when something serious actually happens??
the media will lie and say nothing is happening
everyone will believe
lie, lie, lie again

>> No.27899349

is this actually accurate ?
if yes we all are fucked and my boomer parents (i imagine most of them) have no fucking idea how hard everything will crash

>> No.27899383

Are you so fucking stupid. If it's restricted in USA doesn't mean it's restricted everywhere.
EU is promised land for crypto, more and more crypto companies are founded in EU and even silicon valley type of crypto valley has been starting to form in Switzerland

>> No.27899420
File: 56 KB, 960x826, off world.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checked and if you made this anon you're an incredible artist
Never has photo keked me so hard

>> No.27899439

This is going to end very badly.

>> No.27899461
File: 49 KB, 708x528, 555886_556296041056956_369102556_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't wake the sleeper

>> No.27899511

That's really all I ask. I don't expect a goybrain to understand why collective punishment for something I had nothing to do with is a bad idea.

>> No.27899533
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>almost 300 relies.

money is a meme at this level.
Banks won't let people default on debt because it means they lose their power over the flow of money. Those in debt are in the hands of the debtor.
They can't 'pay the debt' by robbing the country because they don't have the means (military might/guns) nor the escape route.

Therefore the Banks will continue allowing more and more debt to be piled up. American would have to lose a war to China before the banks will think of looting the country.

Inflation is an issue, but it is managed, most money goes into the stock market and this is wiped when it crashes (deflation).
Inflation of common good prices is an issue that gets worse over time, it's the one destabilizing factor here.

>> No.27899566

sorry not people, I mean
>Banks won't let a country (the USA) default.

>> No.27899582
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Fixed it for you fren

>> No.27899602
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>Does it matter when I'm getting paid $50,000,000,000,000,000?
The point is you won't be getting paid that much.

median income of full time employed men in 2020 dollars
>1955 - $41,287
>1960 - $47,623
>1965 - $52,665
>1970 - $60,134
>1975 - $61,710
>1980 - $58,778
>1985 - $58,515
>1990 - $55,108
the actual median income of full time employed men in 2019 dollars was $57,456
vs this for women
>1955 - $26,401
>1960 - $28,950
>1965 - $31,582
>1970 - $35,701
>1975 - $36,296
>1980 - $35,361
>1985 - $37,786
>1990 - $39,466
the actual median income of full time employed women in 2019 dollars was $47,299

>> No.27899606

Businesses should fail to allow innovation to prevail.

>> No.27899683

Should I change all my money into yuros or japanese yen before it turns into paper?

>> No.27899686
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The EU is falling appear tho.

>> No.27899754

Inflation is slow motion default. We're going to see inflation rates above 3.5% within 2-4 years. Assets will probablye deflate in value but short term we're going to keep pumping. The issue is we need realwages to increase not assets. The rich dont spend money that's why the velocity of money is so fucking low at this point. Rich people save and invest their marginal dollar earned poor people dont. They pay for that $500 auto fix or that credit card bill.

>> No.27899760

So we need to genocide "muh free market" fags force legislation onto companies to uphold wages proportional to their revenues

>> No.27899781
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Yeah these guys will taser themselves in the balls to death all over you.

>> No.27899809

Wasn't that because of the March crash when stocks were sold en masse, creating an unprecedented demand for USD?

>> No.27899825

Do you think the EU or Japan will be doing ok in 20 years?
What about China?

>> No.27899839

This. Let the trees fall and let new ones compete for the canopy.

>> No.27899964

>we need to genocide "muh free market" fags force legislation onto companies to uphold wages proportional to their revenues
this will collapse the economy
the only reason the US still stands is because certain areas have been economically suppressed in a fashion that allows low income families to survive as if they're middle class
if every business was forced to compete with silicon valley tier wage mandates, then literally everything would crumble
the only reason this shit survives is because said economically suppressed areas have never grown accustomed to living with the luxuries of the coastal elite
paying a 6 figure salary to a factory worker in nebraska will literally collapse the economy
economic stratification and blidn faith are the only things holding our fucked system up out of the dirt

>> No.27899991

>A McChicken is $6.60AUD (bout $5). No such thing as buy 1 get 1 free.
Here, in the land of rapidly diminishing freedom, there is an excellent economics fragment to meditate on ad get smarter...
Fast food businesses (serve food to your car while you drive up to a window) will accept government handout money that poor people receive. Some people argue that the worst thing for a poor person, and the economy as a whole, is to take money from hard-working people and give it to people who may not actually deserve it, or may not be responsible with it.
Now, if you go to various fast-food places, you will notice that each will have a different level of speed, efficiency, and prices. Often for equivalent products. For example, McDonalds will sell you a bag of 6 cheeseburgers for about $7.50 (USD), and that bag will be ready about as fast as you can complete the financial transaction. This is with a 2-lane line. Chicken nuggets, and other forms of baby food, will be much more expensive calorie per calorie.
I went to Wendies yesterday, and ordered a large Dave's Double meal, with two of the burgers. It was $16. It took so long that I timed the orders at 3-4 minutes each. Wendy's isn't really any better than McDonalds in my area, when you account for the filth and food freshness.
KFC (serves chicken, and is a stereotype among poorfags) in my area will generally require a 4+ minute wait for each order, and has no products for reasonable prices. Buying chicken strips in bulk, they cost around $2 PER STRIP! 25oz (a pound and a half!) of frozen chicken strips at the store is $5, and you can cook them at home in less time than the wait if you were already at the drive-thru.
The main factor in play here is that people who work for their money associate the amount of work with each thing they buy, and time is precious. These people go to McDonalds, pay little, and get their food fast. (their coffee is also excellent quality, and tiny price, compared to 'botique coffee')

>> No.27900592

But the stereotype for people who dine at KFC are lazy folks that pay for food with government food stamps. Time is unimportant to them, and they have money that they don't appreciate the value of. It is illegal for a place to charge more for people paying with foodstamps, so working people are priced-out of the drive-thru fried chicken market, and they stay in business with absolutely horrible Speed, Price, Food quality (you often get a mixture of last-night's food, and just fucked up shit in general), and trustworthiness (the workers are shady there).
It is an industry that has been shaped to specifically take advantage of government hand-out money, which they convert to real money for their upper management, while hiring bad employees with poor retention, that will get supplemental food income from the government. Without the handouts, those retards that "work" there now would be replaced by people who compete for those jobs, and get paid more for their better work, while the retards wash your car while you're zooming through the drive-thru, and the whole thing would cost so much less that you could be married, with 4 kids, and only one person in the family would need to work. This is due to fewer taxes taking your income, fewer handouts to people who would work if you didn't incentivize them not to, fewer make-work jobs cutting into the available money for your check, like your ex-wife's "sensitivity and diversity counselor" position, etc..
In summary, the reason your chicken sandwitch cost too much, is because every dollar you earn is paying for so many things you didn't want, that the overview of the unnecessary economics policy, as a whole, would describe the willful and deliberate destruction of the country and its people, via its economy. Now shut up and pay for that sandwich, or quit your job, if you don't like the price. Someone will always make another sandwich, even if the government has to force you to... Which is the goal.

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