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Which one do I get before the market recovers?

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I already have that, I need something else.

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Obviously snx or aave fren.

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It's a moonshot but YLD looks like a decent bet.. no one's talking about it yet but I think anything that connects retail to crypto will be the next class that pumps after defi. Think about it, how else are boomers going to get in on it? Make a metamask and send from cb or kraken? Hard to imagine that happening

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My laziness in setting up a VPN has cost me for the last time. Would TOR let me sign up for binance or do I gotta pay for a mainstream VPN?
checked and I was surprised how little talk of YLD there is here.

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Use Metamask wallet + Uniswap
Or Metamask + Sushi

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Gas is too damn high, out of 2-3 grand I'd be spending 1-200 on gas alone, just not worth.

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NordVPN, simple as
>t. I'm from Canada

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It's shilled so much on youtube I feel like it has to be a NSA operation. Do you actually use it yourself for crypto?

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SNX. Solid buy under $1000. Rumor that Tesla will be listed on their derivatives exchange.

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It's on coinbase

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NSA? lolwut
DYOR, it's the most reputable for a reason

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Checked. I confused it with AVAX
Checked, thread is blessed. And idk I'm suspicious of things shilled so much. It's why I stayed away from RBC.

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It will pump by .20 overnight.

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AAVE and SNX are on Coinbase

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Fuck Chinace. Just be direct and write a check to the Chinese Military instead.

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it's literally just advertising to compete in a highly competitive space... don't overthink it. Research the technical details and decide for yourself. restoreprivacy does pretty comprehensive VPN reviews, but there's plenty of other information out there. If you really want to be able to trade crypto freely as a burgerbro, you're going to need opsec. The irony that "muh freedom" burgers are the ones without the freedom.


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How would I pay taxes on binance sales though? I'm not trying capone myself here.

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Stay away from NU. It just had a gargantuan whale pump and a massive dump is expected soon.

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by reporting it?

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