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My V2 rocket is fueled with parsnip juice.
Its destination? The moon.

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I'll use PRQ to travel back to 2019, to break up with my gf who cheated on me, fucking bitch

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What a bitch, i bet she tried to tokenize herself.
No worries, i got you covered.

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thanks anon
I'm 18 right now, glad i got into /fit/ and the based version of /biz/
turned 200 into 10,000 thanks to parsnip, and another 200 into 4000 thanks to kevin

fuck girls, fuck relationships, fuck drama, just lift and hug your homies

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>fuck girls, fuck relationships, fuck drama, just lift and hug your homies
Based. 20yo here and trying to get /fit/ too. Been depressed over the same girl since 2016. Recently took up running and lifting. It makes the pain go away

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tf you gay or what?

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Please post skin color, nazi memes do not make you white

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>announce they have quantum mechanics and time travel
>lose a cent

I laughed pretty hard

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There was only 300 people watching that shit. I'm starting to realize that the only thing that matters is memes. Fuckin RBC is pumping like a motherfucker for no reason than the insane amount of shilling.

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Fucking kek once this explodes I'm gonna laugh so hard.

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You need to come up with new FUB, bro.

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it's fucking over. elon goldstein could tweet "Parsiq." and this piece of shit will remain crabbing at $1.10 because no one knows what the fuck he's talking about. no news, no partnership, no time machine quantum physics nonsense can save this coin.

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you're in your own bubble fren
it took prq almost a year to go to 0.05, well be fine

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I've spent 2 prq to get this message to the past; all of my life savings. Past me I know you're in this thread. If you're reading this please all in prq right now. This acausal action will allow us to be kings. You are literally damning us to poverty if you ignore this message.

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Fucking drama queens. We're retesting breakout. If it holds we're mooning over the weekend. Screen cap this.

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I hope it doesn’t I was gonna buy more next paycheck. I only have 600 PRQ...

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>Down to $1.14
Back to $1.05 tomorrow

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The thing is that the PRQ is being monitored and stabilized by its team. Once it hit .80 they said it will never hit .40 and it did just once for an hour or less. Same now, hit $.1.70, they said it won't fall below $1... guess what, IT WON'T. The next stop is probably $3, hopefully in a month or two.

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